Trumpgate Latest News

Trumpgate Latest News

Trumpgate latest news from the Scottish kings of spin International Scotland, we told you Trump was not all there years ago but did you guys listen?

Trumpgate latest news, includes firing Comey for what?

Comey said no am not your man so trump the numpty fired him because he was getting to close to the Russia thing that will end up in jail time no doubt.

Now we at Trumpgate latest news can report that on FOX NEWS Trumps press team can’t keep up with him, so hes going to fire them aswell, what a guy eh!

Heres the thing when you tell a porkie (lie) one has to make lots of them to keep the story going then it all falls apart.

We keep telling you he’s not all there, he reads this site because he knows we tell the truth about his antics and tactics hes employed in Scotland before the Whitehouse.

When he does not get his way or is ever over-shadowed by someone of lesser statue than him (in his mind) look out that person is in trouble.

He only got rid of Comey because Jim stated he might have handed the election victory to Trump instead of Trumpy doing it all on his own.

Now he is thinking of stopping daily press releases, that wont work, everyone will stop talking about him and his mighty ego will just explode, he says I will do it myself, he won’t as he will get ripped to shreads, so please do it big man, we can’t wait to see you fail Donny.

He is full of it as usual, if he can’t win he cries like a little baby and throws his dummy out of the pram, if your bad to me in the press I will ban you lot from the Westwing, its total rubbish he is bluffing?

Just remember Molly Forbes was at the time around 83 years-old from Balmedie he cut off her water supply because he could, that worked really well, not!

I have tapes, well I might have some! Bet my tapes are better than yours Jim! If you say I am lying I will show you mine??? WATERGATE 1973 all over again? Who spoke about tapes first? You Guessed it…..

More to the point where did they dig up those machines? Ebay as we all ditigal now?

And he wonders why his press team can’t keep up with him…haha.

Trumpgate Latest News – MORE INFO HERE

If its news to you, you read it here first!





Is KODI Boxes Legal yes it is and furthermore there is no such thing as a KODI Box its a myth generated as the new project fear by the broadcasters.

There is no such thing as a KODI BOX, KODI dont make Media Boxes persay they only make the opensource software that can be used on all types of media streaming devices.

All the press are doing is making millions of people aware that these devices have been around since 2003-on and are clueless how to combat it and the truth is they can’t which is not the same as trying to!

What the press is failing to report is even more worrying these devices cant be banned as they are not only streaming devices they do much, much more.

Every Google Andriod type box produced in the last 2 years will play every Google playstore android game in high details all for around £30 purchase price.

There is not much difference between there CPU performances either, for £30 users can buy a Kodi box (android device) from Amazon, Ebay or GEARBEST and get a quad core A53 with a Mali-T450 GPU now for people that does not know its spec thats about as much performance as say an Apple 5 phone or a Samsung S4 or ipad 4, so really powerful.

For 40 to 50 quid users should search for “S912” on Amazon and the rest as this gives you a octa-core thats 8 cores its called a LITTLE big CPU because 4 cores run at 2GHz and 4 at say 1GHz that kind of performance is equal in an Android device to say an intel i5 cpu and these chips comes with a mali-T820MP3 GPU which means it will play any android game for the next 5 years no problem.

For educational purposes only potential buyers needs to know the devices to look for are called things like S812, S905, S905X these all have fast quadcore processors at around 1.5 to 2.0 GHz and are made by Amlogic there are also devices with Rockchip cores these are good alternatives with good graphic chips for gaming and browsing.

S912 is the new octa-core 8 cores that should last a very long time also made by Amlogic, the Rockchip version is the RK3369 running at 1.5GHz which has a GPU of the same quality as the one found samsung S5 phone, these chips can play any android game as can the ones above.

All a parent needs to keep any child happy is get a box with at least 1mb of ram and 8gb of storage 2mb and 16gb would be better and a 10 quid bluetooth controller and you may never see them again as most games are free from the Google playstore….and the games are getting better and better all the time.

The only other bit of advice is legal live streaming really needs around 2-3mb of broadband speed at least and 1mb or more for other kodi add-ons so if your slow-at-home try and look for a device that has dual-wifi for the 5GHz band to get the most out of the router.

if this is not an option then you can get a broadband pass-through this uses at least 2 plugs and transfers your broadband through your homes electrical services and works 100% just goodle search or youtube and get your kodi info there to.

These devices and theres thousands on run on googles android platform and the software to run these devices are completely free and open source, you cant ban open source software yet the press wont tell or report the truth.

The boxes or lets call them andriod devices also support 4k gaming and streaming so if you own a newish 4k TV your good to go, now most sky boxes can only do 720p not even 2k or full HD so they are out of the market and their SKY Q boxes have been slammed for not being very good not my words but the BBC watchdog program.

You can also playback your photos and personal media files on the big screen by either the SD card slot or the USB 2.0 that everyone of these boxes has.

Dont forget all these boxes can do everything a pc can do and most of the time even better like youtube in 4k, very fast web browsing, free microsoft office apps, device printing, skype, facebook, twitter, netflix and amazon prime.

The only limits on the above seems to be Netflix as it will only run in 576 but its still OK amazon streams well in 4k and I prefer this to my TV app as the box has the latest 8 core cpu and 2mb of onboard ram where my Samsung TV has only a 1.3 GHz Quad-core.

OK so what devices can get Kodi?

Basically everything and it will run on every type of operating system including windows and Apple although on Apple devices is a little harder to install.

All boxes comes with basic kodi built in and to get up and running just search for kodi builds on the search engines, never pay for the builds as they are all free and easy to install once you follow the instructions from other users online, its simple!

Of course the more the providers push the more users will simply take up VPN services which are free nut the paid ones are a lot faster like VPN Ghost for example which will make users turn even greener with envy as Ghost can give you 4 times faster broadband than say BT as it bypasses their servers and speeds up showing you your max line speed is a lie and can go much faster…..haha…dont believe us click on this free link below.

CyberGhost is a 1-click solution for your all your privacy needs.


How does anyone ban a device that does more than just streams, you can’t its that simple, what does the providers do, only one thing they can make it more afforable but they are also missing a trick, advertisers wont be happy they are losing 20 million viewers either and will pay much less, it does not matter to them what providers calls them they are still potential viewers/customers?

If the advertisers or providers are reading this article and learning as they go along stop and think is the effort worth it and dont forget the only reason a judge granted the injuction in the first place was because NO-ONE defended the action or even knew about it which was not reported by anyone in the press?

How come Amazon still allows device sellers to advertise “FULLY LOADED KODI BOXES FOR SALE”

Why, because no matter if they never any buyer of a bog standard box can turn it into a fully loaded box for free in under 90 seconds themselves for FREE!

By taking out the FULLY LOADED part its game over and not a thing has changed, so all they are doing is telling the world how stupid they are for not having such a cheap device or putting it on their computers, phones or tablets FOR FREE perhaps they know they cant win and only sending the right messages to their shareholders and its all a big bluff?

Another reason they cant ban it is simple logic and the courts needs to understand that the kodi software is part and parcel of the Google andriod system and kodi just like andriod is open source and means millions of developers can fork it meaning its impossible to block, ban or delete it from current devices or computers because all one has to do is keep a copy of the current softwares and reinstall it later as it will always be found in their download folders!

The providers also needs to remember that theres countless other providers using the very same software for them to stream their perfectly legal streaming on the very same devices so how can the courts ban these boxes the simple truth is they cant and they know it.

The only thing they can stop is from a commercial point of view, pubs and clubs which is fine by us but it will soon come to pass these businesses will be empty of customers as they will all be tucked up in their cosy homes watching only legal cached streaming using VPN’s and every provider is then utterly clueless of who is watching what and from where?

Just because someone has say the pulse CCM build app on their device does not mean they are using it at the end of the day its just another App, my phone has over 300 apps including kodi and have never once used it…lol (screen is to little).

I dont watch English football either am Scottish, English football is boring as feck, period!

GOOD LUCK banning open-source software or firmware, this is where this whole excercise in operation fear starts to get very silly, all European kodi builds are free built on open source so the press should tell us how they are going to ban it but they cant because no-one has even tried to not even the North Koreans who are also known to build these andriod based devices very well!

Where would one start or a court for that matter trying to ban an open source download on a website anywhere in the world, all kodi users worldwide can use all kodi versions and unofficial forks that also works for most kodi builds and theres now over 1500+ builds to chose from, yes that many and most dont have BT or SKY Sports on them, so another hurdle to ban these devices.

Lastly this is a Google baby KODI is run on around 90% of Google owned andriod firmware and the Google playstore has the latest and older versions freely available there, to ban kodi is to stop all thats good for Googles andriod platform so I say goodluck to SKY and BT because they simply cant win against Googles might, period but goodluck trying oh and very deep pockets will be required that the shareholders will pay for no doubt???

Any questions just ask below?


Here’s the legal part the UK press does not want to share with any of its readers either because they are only doing what their advertisers are telling them (SKY or BT) to write or they are to lazy to do the proper research, I think its both?

Streaming by Pubs, Clubs etc may be illegal purely based on the public broadcasting rights. Streaming itself is NOT illegal. Deemed by the EU not to be illegal. Streaming involves no permanent copy of material being made therefore no Copyright infringement. Streaming is no different whether you click on a Kodi Sky sports stream or click on a Video on a DE page. The mechanism is identical and only temporary files are created in the Cache. The EU stated that creation of  temporary or transient files does not contravene any Copyright law as no permanent copy has been made. Court case already brought a few years ago by some media outlets and they lost.

 “Article 5 of Directive 2001/29/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 22 May 2001 on the harmonisation of certain aspects of copyright and related rights in the information society must be interpreted as meaning that the copies on the user’s computer screen and the copies in the internet ‘cache’ of that computer’s hard disk, made by an end-user in the course of viewing a website, satisfy the conditions that those copies must be temporary, that they must be transient or incidental in nature and that they must constitute an integral and essential part of a technological process, as well as the conditions laid down in Article 5(5) of that directive, and that they may therefore be made without the authorisation of the copyright holders.”[5]


What do you think?




Aberdeen FC Westhill move is a disaster waiting to happen, its all about greed and a promise of getting millions if Pitt was sold off.

Aberdeen FC Westhill move, was the dreamchild of the current board, it always has been and that’s why there is no plan B.

It must be worth a lot more than that now and that’s why there will never be a plan B.

The plan was always going to involve moving away from the city on to land that could not be used for hardly any other purpose?

The local rag will never say a bad word about the home team and Charlie Allan their beloved Milne and Co devotee is as biased as they come, all his local drinking buddies can confirm.

What a great idea lets build a £40 million football ground on land that cant be used for almost any-other purpose and sell our current ground on prime real-estate worth a lot more and get others to pay for it, whatever the real reasons are the fans were not even thought about!

Only true property magnets and international investment bankers and accountants can come up with that massive corker, can there be any of those types on the current Aberdeen FC board we wonder?

The local rag has known of these facts as long as International Scotland yet has stayed silent, you have to ask why?

Aberdeen FC Westhill move is a disaster because as all of Scotland knows its travel links from inside the City won’t cope on big match days, there is no parking as such on the new site, and no-train links planned.

Jush how a development like this can get planning permission in the first place must be of  a grave concern to others?

Just how you can get 30,000+ supporters there and home is going to be a nightmare and that’s in good weather, Westhill gets 4 times more snow fall in the winter than the current ground next to Aberdeen’s beach front and no-one has even had the thought of mentioning it?

There is virtually no-where for fans to have a drink or eat before the match if it’s at Westhill which means 5000 plus fans have little reason to go there.

Visiting fans traveling by trains how will they get there traveling on the same public buses as Aberdeen fans is asking for big trouble, yet Police Scotland says nothing, time to get real guys?

Mr Yule claims its only 6 miles away from the city centre but most City bound fans are only 3 miles away in all directions to the current ground so most will have to travel at least 8-10 miles by public transport 1 way.

Aberdeen has the most costly public transport of any place in the UK so any return fare is going to cost at least £5 plus other fares getting to the pickup points, if you travel by taxi and caught up in lots of traffic not much change out of £25 one way and no guarantee of getting one back home.

Where will all the taxi’s park for the return journey beggar’s belief it has not been thought about?

Who is going to cover these high travel costs to get there, hardly anyone will go there so it’s a massive white elephant before it’s even built.

On the last question of who gains, will the usual suspect be behind this latest build like the disaster of the Richard Donald Stand built on rubbish heap land again.

The fans don’t want it but the board does not care and the local rag is too scared to ask the hard and difficult questions about how fans are to get there and back as per usual.

Yes there is a bypass but the internal single lane westend city roads will never cope with 15,000 never mind 30,000 plus and no-one has uttered a word of this makes one think there’s lots of greedy fingers in a lot of very many pies (who ate all the pies).

The ones that don’t care are the ones that already has a private car space booked and waiting, stuff the rest of us and yet there’s no plan B and the destruction of Aberdeen FC as we know is complete!

£40 – £100 for a ticket each plus travel and refreshments per match is not everyones idea of fun but the people making plan A, basically gets it for free!

Car parking charges, wow does anyone know the cost on match days yet, it would be cheaper booking a return flight to London to see our yids and come back the next day then traveling 16 miles to see your home team play and at least its proper football being played and getting entertained in the process without frezzing our bits off in the winter months?

Aberdeen FC really knows how to sell this plan, not!

Aberdeen is not as cash rich as it once was so this is a no-brainer really, yet the masters of the universe at Aberdeen FC are so rich anyway what do they really care about its supporters needs or wants?

There is another story behind the above about values of each seat then and early power struggles that brought this plan forward and this website knows it all as per usual.

ABERDEEN FC WESTHILL MOVE will happen as there is NO PLAN B.




Trump asks speaker to pull health bill at first hurdle and the man who claims he is the art of the deal fails because he does not have a clue how the Hill works.

Trump asks speaker to pull health bill because Trump’s ego could not take defeat so rather than deferring the entire vote like any other sane politician he and his team of halfwits decides to push on and in effect crash Trump-Care.

Trump Care Fails pushing millions of Americans into a very dark and bleak future with ever rising insurance premiums that only the super-rich can afford.

Others outside America or even inside will be calling Trump a chicken-shit because the numbers was looking really bleak and he would have been better if the vote went ahead and save what face he had left!

Yet Trump told the American People “NO-ONE WILL BE LEFT OUT” international Scotland has told its readers for year’s he’s full of crap and the biggest liar in the world.

His only interest is his owns self-interest and what makes him money will American’s ever learn this simple truth.

Trump Care Failed because it was not him who had to sell this plan locally in the states all he had to do was jump on the republican bandwagon pre-election with operation fear now that’s a real possibility and its mostly Trumps fault.

Going forward for all Americans to be covered you will need to do it the British way, Nationalise Health care and charge everyone that earns to charge them National insurance which is very fair as its based on ability to pay something mega rich Trump would never do!

So you have to ask yourself why, that’s easy NO-PROFIT in that so the poor is stuffed again

Trump Care Fails because of mega-greed and for no other Trump Care, Trump Health reasons.

This was his first defeat get ready for lots of others because the art of the deal does not work in political circles or in real life politics even we know that lesson.

Best Kodi VPN

Best Kodi VPN.


Best Kodi VPN

Best UK Kodi VPN Addon.

Best Kodi VPN, Cyberghost is the best Kodi VPN program worldwide to protect your personal and your families online privacy.

Kodi users worldwide are being attacked by Governments and TV providers everywhere not because they are using perfectly legal Kodi software within Google Andriod devices such as Andriod TV’s, smart TV boxes, Tablets and Phones.

Kodi Boxes maybe banned in the future because everyone of them is capable of using third party addons that can access paid for TV channels of upto 4k standards.

These devices can also be used for perfectly legitimate reasons as well including gaming that is so good that it will play any game on the Google Playstore on very high settings makes this a very cheap gaming solution.

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One aspect of buying the Best Kodi VPN on the market is its online speed even its free services have the best web servers on the internet.

There are lots and lots of reasons for wanting to use a paid VPN “virtual private network” software, but the two main ones are to hide who you are, or to hide where you are connecting to the internet from.

What reasons would you want to do either of these things?

Depending on what you’re up to online and the sites you are visiting, it is very possible that you do not want your online activities to be traceable – particularly in parts of the world where internet surveillance is a serious issue like America and Europe.

As for wanting to hide where you are logging on from, this has the advantage of opening up websites that might otherwise be inaccessible.

There are a large number of websites – using video or television sites – that use geo-locking to try to block visitors from certain countries, and paid VPN software can be used to get around these restrictions.

It can also be used to bypass site block put in place by governments and ISPs, and secure your wireless connection.

In other words although the Best Kodi VPN can do the obvious it can also protect you fully against malicous hackers and some well known exploit virses!

Best Kodi VPN can also protect any other devices including windows and Mac computers so its applications are not at all limited.

Using the Best Kodi VPN hides your IP from everyone and makes tracking your activity almost impossible.

What price do you value your online privacy, dont delay get the Best Kodi VPN on the market and secure your ditital lifestyle today!




Trump Makes Fake News all the time, he accuses others like CNN and the Washington Post of doing what he has done all own his own.

In the last few weeks what the people of Scotland has known since 2006 and now the American people have discovered the so-called leader of the free world and the great white hope is the biggest pork pier LIAR in the land.

First Obama hacked my phones ans stated over and over yet so far everyone says thats bogus crap yet yesterday they claimed it was the Britts, yes GCHQ.

Last night GCHQ came out of the shadows and stated no way Trumpty the Numpty did will bug Trump Tower next he will be telling us it was the Greys (ET) that was all behind it!

Trump is now desperate to blame someone perhaps 90 yearold Molly Forbes from Balmedie Scotland will get a mention.

Then we have Obama Care, remember he said all in inverted quotes incase you never knew that means to trump (LIES) anyway he said “eveyone in America will get health care, no one will be left out) more Trump Makes Fake News, after 2 months the guys a laughing stock.

His friends worries for his mental health as its said he wants everyone to love him our advice to him is get out now before what real friends he has still will be!

Trump knows bad news thats real is coming down the line his plan is to try and make everything fake news that way no-one will know if its really fake or not or even cares by that stage, watch this space?

Sound bites are great for downtrodden yanks but soon everyone learns that everything he does is for his personal fortune and not for the American people.

His cabinet is full of billionaires, hes scraping countless public boddies making it even easier for all his rich mates to become even richer.

He wont release his tax returns when he stated he would, his son stated in 2008 that they got more in revenue from Russia than all other assets put together, kind of tells its own story.

TRUMP MAKES FAKE NEWS – he sure does.



Scotlands National Prayer

Scotlands National Prayer


Scotland’s National Prayer taken from a good friend via his personal Facebook page and should be given official devine rights!


The Scottish National Daily Prayer

Our leader,
Who art in Holyrood,
Nicola be thy name.
Our independence come,
In Scotland, as in all other normal countries.
Give us this day our daily sustenance.
Forgive us our trespasses on ignorant unionists,
As we struggle to forgive their trespasses against us.
Lead us into the temptation of independence,
And deliver us from Westminster.
For thine is the leadership,
The power and the glory of a free Scotland,
For ever and ever.




Donald is the true Trump King of Spin for example even Scottish people knows the leader of the free world can’t order a wire tap.

Trump King Of Spin

Someone might have but then again given the amount of contact with the russians that we we are learning about now on a daily basis then it proves if it was not done it should have been.

Trump is way smarter then this blog writer gave him credit for, although hes not political in the real sense hes spotted if he was the king of spin he could forewarn his supporters of trouble long before it becomes the real story.

Thats a very clever use of Trump King Of Spin line plus we loved his line to congress as I speak we are getting rid of the bad guys, really, he only fills 1 plane a week full of bad guys yet Obama got rid of 2 planes a week if true that means hard ass trump is more of a pussy of aleged crime then him yet another Trump King Of Spin.

Trump King Of Spin will only get worse remember the Molly Forbes incident when trump and his sons decided the best way to get rid of an 83 yearold lady who lived in a mobile home on land she owned was two fold.

Trump King of Spin claims it was not him so heres a link to the the actual film explaining it all to all you Trump can do no wrong mob.

Trump ordered a 50 foot hole to be dug on his golf course at Balmedie, Scotland and order her water supply to be cut off, when it was reported Trump said not me GUF but we had insiders in the administration we knew the truth about what they were planning before they began digging just another example of Trump King Of Spin




Trumpgate 2017 could be much bigger than Watergate ever was when did Trump know what Flynn was upto or was he the one that ordered the sanctions fix?

Trumpgate 2017 has the potential to kill off the presidency before its even begun and the reason is someone must have told Flynn what to discuss with the Russians, its obvious he was not acting alone and one thing is for sure VP Pence knew nothing about it so that only leaves one suspect unless your thick!

The Hill smells blood and lots of it, tonight we are told it was a trust issue, whatever that means?

Lets face it Trumpgate 2017 is here to stay, why would any new adminastration be so keen to get off and running offering the ruskies a sanctions deal.

Just like Watergate the real story behind it just grew legs and arms and as the Whitehouse Leaks like a sive Trumpgate 2017 will likely follow the same way.

Like this little corker of a newssnip from the Washington Post in 2016

“Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets,” Trump’s son, Donald Jr., told a real estate conference in 2008, according to an account posted on the website of eTurboNews, a trade publication. “We see a lot of money pouring in from Russia.” REALLY!

It does not add up and Trump waited nearly 3 weeks to kick Flynn into the long grass at Menie Estate no doubt Flynn will get a retirement pass if he manages to keep his former boss from following him.

Its obvious to any reasonable person they are all in this together and now Flynn can’t rely on his employment to keep him safe from the law that Trump screams about and fully supports or so he says will make him swear on oath what his boss told him to pass on to their Russian friends.

This NSA guy must have known every word he said would be recorded by other security personnel and if not deserves to be sacked.

Yesterday Trump looked like he was out of his depth along side his Canadian counterpart and looked at times as though he was going to throw-up and be sick but none of us plebs knew what was going through his mind at the time and he did well not to be sick.

Perhaps it was the VP that set this Trumpgate 2017 all up as he knows Trump knows nothing about politics and besides if Trump goes the VP takes over, genius!

You cant say we never told you, like cutting off the water supply of an 83 yearold Scottish Lady just google Molly Forbes Balmedie here? (what a great guy)

Things will only get worse any political friends he has now will run a mile and this potential scandal will perhaps be called Trumpgate 2017.

Footnote someone has just rented

Word of warning Trump protects his name and he will be to WIPO in a flash as he thinks hes the only person that could use a domain with the word TRUMP in it, he should change his trademark to GOD because thats what he thinks he is.




Get Jarvis 16.1 APK

Get Kodi Jarvis 16.1 back on your android device the easy way.

How to get Jarvis 16.1 back onto your Android Devices after Google pushed an update thats still in Beta form has dismayed users of the open source app


How to get Jarvis 16.1 back, all Jarvis 16.1 users that has had this update forced on their devices because users got it from the play store and because the app asked for your permissions to update the app thats what happened!

But not all is lost the same play store is there to save the day.

We can all argue why Google was faced to do this, one reason could have to do with pending court action.

The genie is now out of the bottle and it will never come back as the source code is out there now and to stay.

CyberGhost is a 1-click solution for your all your privacy needs.


For educational purposes only


Point your Kodi 17.0 App towards the official Kodi app in the Google Play Store, once there click the uninstall tab, this will delete Kodi 17 from your device all together.

2/ Open your devices browsers and do a manual search for Jarvis 16.1 APK or simply click this link.

3/ Once downloaded go to your devices file manager and look for the last download which will be the above file.

4/ You may have to go into your settings and tell your device to allow other sources.

5/ Click on this file and install it.

6/ Open 16.1 as you could have done before and install your addons as before.

7/ Normal service has been resumed and because its a stand alone app only you can update its source and Kodi cant access it or anyone else for that matter!

Because this is an open source file anyone can distrubute it from now on so its pointless to try and stop or even block it as others will simply upload it for others to openly source it from other websites.

Google might even approve in its usual silent way as Kodi is the reason Andriod has such appeal over Apple IOS.

Any questions on How to get Jarvis 16.1 back just ask here?

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