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Anti-Gay Church of Scotland News

Anti-Gay Church of Scotland News

An Aberdeen minister and his congregation who quit the church of Scotland over the ordination of gay ministers are to be temporarily allowed back into their former church.

The Reverend Dominic Smart left his ministry at the Church of Scotland earlier this month.

Much of the congregation of Gilcomston South went with him.

On Thursday night the Aberdeen presbytery agreed to let them use the church on an interim basis.

Remaining members of the Gilcomston congregation will temporarily worship with the congregation of South Holburn Church.

A special committee of the presbytery said that while it considered the future of the Church of Scotland congregation, it would allow the new congregation of Gilcomston Church to make use of the church premises.

A good move all around!





Source, bbc news




Well folks here we go again this case of misrepresentation goes further than a group trying to pass themselves of as a charity trust now tries to frame someone else for the deed!

But they left trails oh boy did they leave a footprint, last week the inchgarth tribe descended on this crying wolf we were behind it all in regards to OSCR taking down a site, we apologise this was incorrect it now turns out inchgarth inadvertently took down the said website themselves without them knowing about it!

INCHGARTH was listed on that site before they said they were a charitable association on a BAA press release back in November last year in fact they had been claiming they were a charity on that portal site for over 2 years and it had an email they were using to set it up with from day one that leads directly to the door of inchgarth its self namely *co***** ,

The people behind this portal entry tried to change the email of whatever it was who set it up to start with to  Which is completely bogus and does not exist but the biggest problem for the would be agent provocateur was at the same time of trying to change the email address to my name the b99 server was logging there IP as **.206.37.3 ip and at the same time logging on here trying to tell the people of Scotland that we were the folk behind it all.

Of Course it raised our suspicions even higher and although this poster claimed to have contacted the webmaster at b99 this was also bogus and the reason the said charity advert was taking down was because of Multy-use of IP address with different email addresses attempted to have this advert removed.

The offender also did us a favour in regards to the email address they tried to use and only they will know what we mean???

The offender wrote to this blog and said, (none of these posts have been published YET!)

Brian Hunter caught red handed, inserting false adverts proclaiming to be Inchgarth lol lol lol The Clown has no idea, He realy has lost the plot lol lol lol


100% Proof, e-mail from b99 directory, states, User name & password was used to access and remove said bogus Advert, all by Brian Hunter, the —— Clown has proven once more how low he is willing to go, in his quest to harass Inchgarth again, The Clown could not stop a bus, i tell you the man is a complete Clown lol lol lol To —— easy to —— easy Hunter lol.



There you have it Folks, What more proof is needed, Brian Hunter places a bogus Advert in a charity section of b99 directory making out it was Inchgarth, all so he can take a snap shot of the advert, then make claims that Inchgarth have and are listing themselves as a charity, you just could not make this —— stuff up i tell you lol lol lol….Hunter you are not only A CLOWN but a fraudster, you are one piece of dirt Hunter…


Where are you , you —— Coward, get your backside on here & make an appology right now…What a —— Clown , Hunter has nothing, so he invents cheap silly adverts to pin on Inchgarth , What a —— Clown & caught red handed, User name & password entered to remove said bogus Advert…lollololololol

as you can clearly see they thought they would never be caught because they thought their IP was not being logged by the b99 server and that I would not contact the webmaster their which was more helpful then I had hoped!

Inchgarth knows who the would be offender is and how much damage this will cause them, what will they do about it?

For information to the person or persons who committed this string of compounded criminal offences, it should be enough to know that these I.P’s and all information and historical screen captures have been sent by the offending webmaster and website owner to the users internet host on my instructions as we have nothing to hide.


Inchgarth Flooring Costs Revealed

Inchgarth Flooring Costs Revealed.

Inchgarth supporters has over the last few days been plucking up the courage of coming clean over the true nature of the works carried out last year, tonight they have claimed the old inchgarth wooden flooring was ripped up and renewed like for like, before we go any further is the correct, yes or no?

Only it was not wooden flooring was it?

Yet again the truth kills them here’s a flavour of shorty at 7.51pm on another thread/topic “So yes folks, Hunter the Clown once more, goes down the path of claiming once again, that inchgarth have not renewed thier hall floor, can anyone believe this Clown lol lol”

Here’s the link to that posting.

Come on inchgarth release the paperwork?

If you cant tell us that how about how many square metres was re-laid?


***UPDATE*** It had to happen sooner or later the main culprit for the abuse on this site has just admitted that an we quote, full text published below “seems all funding came from  thier own Funding concert & Asda”.

So there we have folks incharth Supporter admits that the floor was paid for using a combination of Asda, concert and their own funding which means asda lied the purpose of their funding was not for the full cost of the 10,000 Clair bush was telling the truth after all just like we said she was £6000 went to pay for the floor £4000 into GENERAL FUNDING!

We used to say polly was a liability now his brother is as well!




Welcome to todays Asda competition where we ask readers if they can spot the glaring differences between two huge Asda stores that are only 4 miles apart from each other the one on the LEFT serves around 50,000 the one on the RIGHT about 10,000 and when conjoined something just does not add up!

We want our readers if they can spot the differences, there will be a prize, the winner will receive an complimentary session at a local martial arts class.

The rules are that no member of staff of either Asda or inchgarth community centre or their family and friends or said volunteers may enter as they may know the answer?

Admins decision is final!

asda supporting charities pictureportlethen asda community notice board picture




International Scotland can confirm today that the inchgarth community centre commercial posters have been removed by the bridge of dee staff from the Asda supporting Charities due to the fact that inchgarth is not a Scottish Registered charity as they have claimed after getting 50,000 pounds from BAA!

We think the people of Aberdeen who have a feasted interest in all things charity, will want to thank Asda for getting its house in order at the bridge of dee store, Aberdeen.

Hopefully there will be no repeat of this type of incident involving not charitable status groups claiming otherwise.

We are sorry for the poor quality of the picture!


Shocking New Asda Story

Shocking New Asda Story.

If your interested in what is happening at Aberdeen’s Flagship store yet another alleged incident of bad practices concerning registered charities in the south of Aberdeen where this store resides and serves several local communities not just one as appears to be the case.

It must be said that as far as the admin of this site is concerned it appears that its only in this one store that gives exclusive rights to just one non-charity to advertise their commercial services, in other Asda stores across Aberdeen the community notice boards are full of different adverts from groups to registered charities, just why there is only one group allowed to takeover the entire board prior to last Monday morning 4-3-2013, only ASDA head office can answer but it must be a very unusual case and perhaps the only place in the entire UK that this has perhaps happened?

We are unaware at this time if the said notice board had changed after this date but the premise of the article started on the 21st of February 2012

Please read the full article here;

If your aware of this happening in other parts of the country can you either report your issues to Asda head office in Leeds or your local stores ask to speak to the local Asda community champion or here?






~~~Please remember the web is full of untruths and stories please decipher with care, if this is news to you, then you read it here first.~~~



We have been accused today if stealing inchgarth key words so our site gets more traffic than there’s, this is rubbish our site only tells the the truth the other sites just lie that’s why no-one outs in inchgarth and come here instead of that other less popular, under visited, etc, etc.

As you can see from out latest search quires every visitor is looking for our site because they know what we offer in terms of reporting the truth, as you can clearly see inchgarth is not high on the bill of searches to this site as much as their inflated eggo’s perhaps suggest?

As you can clearly see our visitors know how to find us international scotland, internationalscotland, international,













This is a strange one passed to us from one of our readers, we are as puzzled as them maybe our inchgarth friends can tell us all why inchgarth is listed amongst all these other registered charities and the only one that is the odd one out is inchgarth as they are the only ones in the list that is not a registered charity or a registered charitable trust.

Looks like tomorrow will be a busy day getting all these sites to amend their records?

Would not want others to get the wrong impression would we?–A12DC/

Asda Supporting Charities

Asda Supporting Charities

how come townson never spotted inchgarth were calling themselves a register charity again picture

how come townson never spotted inchgarth were calling themselves a register charity again picture

What a fantastic Champion Asda are at supporting local charities all over the country and with over £1.9m already given to good causes Yet again inchgarth community centre pops out of the woodwork and muddies the water of OSCR by yet again proclaiming we are a registered charity, YES WE ARE!

This time ASDA is in the frame for supporting an very none registered Scottish charity, here I was sitting waiting to get my bloods taken looking through my phones photos and spots a photo taken 2 months ago already posted on this site on the 24 January here and totally missed the significance of what the evidence was before us.

Asda Bridge of Dee where inchgarth community centre is at the centre of an probe by the Asda foundation has today been photographed telling the customers of that store that inchgarth community centre is one of their Asda supported charities when they are not a register charity at all!

We are left gobsmacked inchgarth stated in November last year they were an charitable Association then claimed they never meant say they were indeed a charity, now this asda’s community notice board now says they support local charities and inchgarth is listed as one today and two months ago at least, no much wonder people think they are they must be if Asda’s flagship store says it it must be true!

Who at bridge of dee is responsible for checking adverts placed on the board are genuine, we said in another post we had heard inchgarth people were comming in at the end of the night changing their posters so only they were showing, we even alerted the local store and was told its not true.

Now if that was not bad enough check the advert by clicking on it does that look commercial to you nothing to do with the registered charity inchgarth, when will they learn?


This picture above should ring alarm bells for everyone including the councillor?

UPDATE: We had 1301 visitors today, this story is growing legs wont be long before it goes viral!

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