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Chump Donald Trump

Chump Donald Trump


Chump Donald Trump, we told he was nuts we also told you this was going to be a disaster for America now he claims on his watch he is going to let Obama Care fail.


Chump Donald Trump could be the biggest American chump of all time and this website told you he was long ago, now he wants Obama Care to fail because he failed in the promises he made to the American people he was going to repeal and replace it in a health care bill.

He stated three key measures it was going to cover all Americans (liar) it was going to be cheaper (liar) it was going to cover pre-existing conditions (liar) there was a fourth but what’s the point of mentioning that if the first three can’t be done.

Letting millions of Americans suffer the fate of a failed health care policy on his watch while he and his family can easily afford privat health care at any cost proves hes not the guy for the job after all!

Americans thought they were getting a business guy running the show but as we keep saying he’s no politician but he is without doubt a bully you only have to have heard his rhetoric yesterday when he invited Senator’s for a bite to eat they were only there so he could bully a senator that stood up for his constituents and voted down an unworkable health bill and rightly so.

Then he decides to publicly go after the special prosecutor by warning him don’t go after my family’s financial records in an official enquiry of course he will and he will be fired just like Comey, Chump Donald Trump just can’t help himself.

This Russian meeting in Trump tower just beggar’s belief these multi-millionaires are so up their own arses they think they are untouchable, first they said it was only a little meeting with a few people there now there’s loads of people and none of them would have turned up to speak about adoption that was just a cover story in case this happened, people found out the real reason for the meeting.

Whatever the Russians have on the Chump Trumps they forgot to add to the dossiers they were as daft as brushes to boot.

Don’t forget before these chumps ever got near the Whitehouse they build a golf course in Aberdeenshire where the father and sons did all they could to bully an 80 year-old woman off her land and others in close proximity to his development including digging a massive hole and cutting of this poor woman’s water supply just to get her to sell her land to him shows how despicable of a human being he and his sons really are!

When that never worked he took the woman to the court of session and tried to bankrupt her but the Scottish judge called a halt to that.

Trump the Chump has spent 21 of the last 26 weeks at his own properties what does that say about keeping his business interests separate from his national duties as president of the United States and he wonders why no countries love him apart from Israel and his beloved Russian Federation.

Finally Trump Junior stated in 2008 that they (TRUMP INC) made more money in Russia than all other business interests put together was that a lie, wishful thinking or the truth that is yet to surface, you know what we think, yes Chump Donald Trump might not be good for the health of American society but Trump INC is and will be strong long after he is gone and booted out of high office.

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Trump asks speaker to pull health bill at first hurdle and the man who claims he is the art of the deal fails because he does not have a clue how the Hill works.

Trump asks speaker to pull health bill because Trump’s ego could not take defeat so rather than deferring the entire vote like any other sane politician he and his team of halfwits decides to push on and in effect crash Trump-Care.

Trump Care Fails pushing millions of Americans into a very dark and bleak future with ever rising insurance premiums that only the super-rich can afford.

Others outside America or even inside will be calling Trump a chicken-shit because the numbers was looking really bleak and he would have been better if the vote went ahead and save what face he had left!

Yet Trump told the American People “NO-ONE WILL BE LEFT OUT” international Scotland has told its readers for year’s he’s full of crap and the biggest liar in the world.

His only interest is his owns self-interest and what makes him money will American’s ever learn this simple truth.

Trump Care Failed because it was not him who had to sell this plan locally in the states all he had to do was jump on the republican bandwagon pre-election with operation fear now that’s a real possibility and its mostly Trumps fault.

Going forward for all Americans to be covered you will need to do it the British way, Nationalise Health care and charge everyone that earns to charge them National insurance which is very fair as its based on ability to pay something mega rich Trump would never do!

So you have to ask yourself why, that’s easy NO-PROFIT in that so the poor is stuffed again

Trump Care Fails because of mega-greed and for no other Trump Care, Trump Health reasons.

This was his first defeat get ready for lots of others because the art of the deal does not work in political circles or in real life politics even we know that lesson.



Businessman Donald Trump is fighting with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel over a sign affixed to Mr Trump’s downtown skyscraper.

The 20ft (6m) tall T-R-U-M-P sign was placed 200ft above the Chicago river and is backlit by bright lights.

Mr Emanuel’s office said the mayor believed the “architecturally tasteful building” was “scarred” by the sign.

But Mr Trump has said the sign is “magnificent” and “popular” and argued the city previously signed off on it.

It enhances the building, he told NBC News, and said the building itself was “a great piece of architecture, great for Chicago”.

“Cities love the Trump brand and we are getting tweets, letters and phone calls from people who just love it [the sign].”

The real estate magnate and prolific tweeter blamed Blair Kamin, Chicago Tribune’s architecture critic, for stirring up controversy with his harsh criticism during the sign’s recent installation.

“If this sign was in Atlantic City or Las Vegas, nobody would care – but it is in Chicago, and in a part of Chicago full of great buildings from the 1920s to the 1960s and onward,” Mr Kamin, a Pulitzer Prize-winner said.

None of the other towers have signs on them, he added, calling the Trump sign an “egotistical overstatement”.

Story from the BBC.




You have been empowered, I have been empowered, in fact all citizens in U.K. have been given the gift and been empowered.

Wikipedia says, quote; Empowered –  “sexy superhero comedy”
This to me says it all, especially the “comedy” part.

To repeat the recent interview in the Financial Times, see if you can guess the interviewee before you read to the bottom – I bet you can!

“I’ve done a great favour to Scotland and even Great Britain …a lot of people were devastated when their houses were ruined and their values destroyed when they put up a windmill near it. But they had no voice. Now they have a voice: me!

I’ve empowered them to fight. And people are fighting these ugly monstrosities.


Donald Trump, entrepreneur and golf course developer.


Petition calling for Trump golf public inquiry

A petition has been launched calling for a public inquiry into Donald Trump’s Aberdeenshire golf resort.

Local protestor David Milne has lodged the petition against the American tycoon’s controversial development at Menie.

Mr Milne said: “Only a full public inquiry can now get to the bottom of this story.”

The Trump Organisation recently submitted plans for an 18-hole course to the south of the existing course.

Mr Milne has expressed concerns about “planning guidelines and environmental regulations”.

He said: “I would urge everyone who has supported us up to now to sign this petition and help us make sure that the Scottish Parliament’s Petitions Committee acts on it.”

The second course would be named The Mary MacLeod Course, after Mr Trump’s Scottish-born mother.

He said: “The unprecedented demand to play our championship course has accelerated our plans.”

Mr Trump officially unveiled his Trump International Golf Links in July.

He has repeatedly clashed with local residents, environmentalists, wind farm manufacturers and the Scottish First Minister since buying the land on the Menie Estate eight years ago.

Plans for a hotel and houses on the estate have been put on hold until a decision is made on a proposed wind farm off the coast of the links.

source; BBC


~~~Please remember the web is full of untruths and stories please decipher with care, if this is news to you, then you read it here first.~~~

Trump Golf Scotland.

Trump Golf Scotland.

It seems the first of Scotland’s winter storms has ripped into Trumps number 4 hole as the linked picture shows;

new golf course hazard for players at trump golf scotland picture



Many local residents tried to warn Donald about this danger but was totally ignored because the Donald knows better, not!

It does not take a genius to work out taking on the nature of natural sand dunes there will be only one winner, NATURE no matter how much dosh you throw at it!

Our advice is to stay off the dunes and stay on the firm land behind them, that’s what all the other golf clubs along the coast has done for hundreds of years because they know what they are doing!

Hopefully the second course designers will learn these important lessons and this website sorry the old one said so at the time!



Donald Trump and Alan Sugar are having a bun fight on Twitter.
Yep! it had to happen, Trump and Sugar, two power happy guys no longer living in the real world arguing about nothing important and causing the news media to report it. It has been said many times that ANY publicity is good publicity, try watching this video before you read further and see what their game is;
To add to this thread is not about the bun fight above but something else much more disturbing is happening, and that is TRUMP is asking people to stop buying a certain type of Scottish goods.
Only a few weeks ago TRUMP was attempting to incite the people of America to march on the American capital and complain about their political beliefs, after all he had considered himself fit and able to apply to “The United States of America” to be considered for a presidential candidate, so I expect he thought he must be right, how could he possibly be wrong if he considers himself fit to apply for a presidential candidacy.
The disturbing point is that a gentleman was awarded the top Scot award from a particular manufacturer in Scotland and because Mr Trump did not think this gentleman deserved the award he considered he had the right to again speak out about the injustice of someone being awarded this top honour which had been awarded from the manufacturer via the Scottish voting people. Does this mean he knows better than the Scottish people of what awards are needed in their own country? Well he must think this as he is telling everyone to boycot that particular company.
I expect he will be complaining about a windfarm or something similar next!