Speaking in advance of the UK Government’s Queen’s Speech, Scottish National Party Westminster Group leader Angus Robertson MP said that the SNP offered a sustained and effective opposition to the Tory government – compared to a leaderless Labour Party which is debating moving further onto Tory policy ground. Mr Robertson said:

On a range of issues – such as gaining a Commons debate on the whistleblower report about the security of Trident nuclear weapons, to demanding urgent action on the Mediterranean refugee crisis – the SNP group of 56 are already a strong and effective opposition to the Tory government.

That will be demonstrated further in our response to the UK government’s Queen’s Speech.

“Our priority is ending austerity, and the damage it does to people’s lives.

The Tory government’s priority is ending human rights, and we will work across party lines and with colleagues in the Scottish Parliament to stop them scrapping the Human Rights Act.

To a large extent, the Labour Party leadership debate at Westminster is focussing on Labour moving yet further onto Tory policy ground. During the election, it was the SNP – not Labour – which proposed a real alternative to austerity, and we received the mandate of 56 out of Scotland’s 59 constituencies.

Opposing austerity will be at the heart of our response to the Tories’ programme for government.

And since the election, we have seen Labour u-turn to back the Tories on a European referendum – and support their ridiculous and discriminatory position of allowing some but not all EU nationals to vote.

“In terms of more powers for Scotland, it is an early test of the UK Government’s good faith that the Scotland Bill lives up to both the spirit and the letter of the Smith Commission.

The Scottish Government has already set out the shortcomings of the draft legislation published in January, and submitted detailed amendments to the UK Government to bring their original proposals into line with Smith, so there can be no excuse.

“This is the first key test. And as the First Minister agreed with David Cameron, the Scottish Government will also put forward proposals for a transfer of powers beyond Smith for discussion between the Scottish Secretary and the Deputy First Minister – for which half of Scotland’s electorate voted.

The people of Scotland have spoken, and Westminster has a democratic duty to listen. “In these and many more important areas, the real opposition to the Tories at Westminster is coming – and will continue to come – from the SNP.”

Migrants Not Allowed To Vote On EU

Migrants Not Allowed To Vote On EU.



Migrants Not Allowed To Vote On EU membership but Migrants was allowed to keep Scotland British is this fair?



So its OK for the English to come to Scotland for work and stay here and vote whether we stay in a Union that does not work and thats OK because it served the purpose of the union when everyone knows it should have only been Scottish born who had the vote.



So the different migrants coming into the UK might swing in favour of a no vote because lets face it if they vote to leave the union its bye bye them back to where-ever they came from, nothing like the Government stacking the deck the same they done in the Scottish indy vote.



If the Migrants are from EU states what is the difference with them voting on EU membership and other non-Scottish voters voting in the indy vote last year, double Westminster standards yet again!



When the next vote comes along Westminster would be crazy to try and block all Scottish born to vote on their countries future and us alone, if its good enough for an EU in out then so be it for the people of Scotland.




The following video is part of the secret videos released to BBC Alba viewers, yet strangely enough it was never shown in BBC Scotland.


The video itself throws into complete disarray recent MPs comments leading up to the last vote on the 7th of May 2015 and also the Independence vote last Sept the 18th 2014.


The video also shows the lengths the government and their puppets will go to, to keep everything as “Status Quo”


The video proves how much the voice that Scots really have in the affairs of running their own Country…at present it is legalised robbery!


Hopefully the SNP MPs will strengthen the voice of Scotland


Scots subsidised the U.K. to the tune of £27 billion

Scots subsidised the U.K. to the tune of £27 billion.

Scots subsidised the U.K. to the tune of £27 billion.

Scots subsidised the U.K. to the tune of £27 billion…read more!

Credit to; – Allan Patterson

JOHN JAPPY is a retired civil servant from Head Office in London, Accounting Division – linked to the Treasury


Scotland’s demand for “Full Fiscal Autonomy”

Friday, 1 May 2015

During the Referendum campaign various promises were made by the Unionists to keep us from voting for Independence; in the case of Gordon Brown a late intervention of a guaranteed promise of “Full Fiscal Autonomy” (FFA) if we voted to stay in the Union; which in simple terms means to give Scots the ability to keep, and spend as we wish, all taxes raised in Scotland.


But now we are seeing the same desperate scare stories that we saw in the later stages of the Independence Referendum campaign to prevent us achieving this. Why should this be so? The Unionists know that achieving FFA at Holyrood will result in huge benefits for Scotland – leading to an unstoppable surge for full Independence.


Before each Westminster Election, the Party in opposition always says the same thing, namely “once we get our hands on the books we will be able to tell you what we will do”.


This of course to a large extent is true and we can only consider pre-election promises of major changes in policy as “speculative”. Politicians are not accountants and can often ignore sound advice given to them by Civil Servants, and at the highest level can often panic when things don’t work out as expected. One incident comes to mind which shows how easily this can happen.



Whilst a Civil Servant and working on taxation figures for the National Budget, I received a phone call from a very anxious Chancellor of the Exchequer, who enquired why the Tax Revenues collected to date were only 50% of the expected figure of 60%. It gave me much pleasure to tell him that due to a Scottish bank holiday the figure of revenues from the Scottish Whisky Industry had failed to arrive in time to be included in the current total. The next week the figure shot up to 72%.


Whilst times have greatly changed and payments from most large companies go directly to London, (which will cause some disentangling problems when we get Full Fiscal Autonomy) but the bottom line is always the same: Only by getting full control of both tax raising and spending powers will Scotland thrive. The unionist media are scared stiff of this happening and, as they do know the position of Scotland’s hidden wealth, we will see an even wider fear campaign leading up to the 7th May.


Some facts that emerged prior to the Referendum are worth recalling.


Firstly. Scottish taxpayers have for the last 33 years paid more tax per head of population than their counterparts south of the Border.


Secondly. The “Financial Times”, a newspaper which values its international reputation for honesty and integrity above any political expediency, published in detail on 2 February 2014 how much better off Scotland would be from Day 1 of gaining Independence (my article was printed in the Scots Independent of February 2014 and can also be viewed on my blog at


Most senior Westminster politicians that I encountered during my career had scant knowledge of how the financial system works. One of the best current examples is Danny Alexander, whom in a letter I sent to all Highland local newspapers he was described by me as “a mere puppet, reading from a script given to him, whilst his Tory masters pulled the strings” (only the Danny loving “Inverness Courier” failed to publish).


Now we are back to pre-referendum scare mongering in a last ditch effort by the pals Labour and the Tories to prevent the SNP from sweeping the boards on May 7th and lead the way to fiscal autonomy with our powerful presence in Westminster.


Let us take one example of their false manipulations. The fall in oil prices has been seized upon with glee to claim that this would bankrupt an Independent Scotland. Nothing could be further from the truth. From the start of the “Oil Boom”, some £250 billion of Scottish Tax Revenues have gone directly to the London Exchequer and added directly to the Consolidated Fund (containing taxes raised from all other sources), resulting in only a minor addition to the funding given to Scotland through the Barnett Formula. However, with either Independence or full financial control through “Full Fiscal Autonomy”, every penny would belong to Scotland. Even if the financial yield were to fall by 50%, it would result in a vast improvement to finances to what is currently provided through the Barnett Formula. This is just an example why the Unionists will not give Scotland full fiscal control.

Where are you hiding Gordon Brown?



Scotland, England, Ireland, Wales going to get stripped bare – positive!

Scotland, England, Ireland, Wales going to get stripped bare – positive!



Scary stuff readers but it’s about to happen – the section reference Queensland is especially uncomfortable to hear about, we are next!



Just when you thought things could not get any worse the water we drink is in grave danger of being poisoned…this of course will have dangerous effects on our foodstuffs!



Perhaps you like the idea of pipes running all over the place like a spiders web covering the surface of the planet – I don’t !



Will you stand by and watch the destruction of our planet? Will you stand by and tolerate what is happening in the future of our children and Grandchildren? – we are responsible, not our offspring!


Watch this video and think for yourself, 1, what is happening to our country? 2, Why is this being continued without public consultation? 3, Is money their first priority? 4, Have we got the right government looking after our interests? 5, Is the Scottish Government doing enough for Scotland?

Do these people who are responsible for this idiotic industry think we in Scotland are stupid?






THE SNP has surprisingly won its first election in England – at a primary school in Norfolk.

Pupils in Year 5 at Peterhouse Primary Academy in Gorleston took part in a mock general election last week, with pupils put forward as party members and candidates campaigning for votes.

Along with campaign posters, six students representing the leaders of the six main parties, took to the stage during assemblies and delivered speeches based on actual education policies.

The Tories were represented by Danny Docwra, aged 9; 10-year-old Charlie Jordan campaigned for Labour; Riley Coe, 10, took on the role as Liberal Democrat candidate; Travis Trussler, also 10, stood for Ukip while Connor Dutton and Emily Stonehouse, both aged 10, represented the Greens and the SNP respectively.

 The pupils were instructed to research each party’s policy on education, and deliver them to the school before a secret ballot was held.

After the votes were counted up, the SNP candidate Emily Stonehouse was declared the winner.

Emily told the Great Yarmouth Mercury that she was ‘overjoyed’ at her victory.

When asked what she thought helped her to success, she added: “The policies, which included free nursery places for three and four-year-olds.”

Her deputy, Keegan King, said: “They had a lot of support in the other years within the school, including Emily’s brother and sister who were behind her all the way.”

The SNP’s ‘victory’ comes just days after it was revealed that Nicola Sturgeon was the ‘most Googled’ party leader in some English constituencies including Sefton Central, Maidenhead, Leicestershire South, Louth & Horncastle and City of Chester.

Story from the



Newly elected MP for Dunfermline and West Fife Douglas Chapman has written to Defence Secretary Michael Fallon calling for action on reports that shipbuilders in Rosyth are losing their jobs and being excluded from employment opportunities.

Concern has also been raised about migrant workers being taken on to work longer hours for less money.

On his first day in the House of Commons, Mr Chapman has written to Michael Fallon calling on the Ministry of Defence to take urgent action to stop migrant workers being exploited and local workers missing out on employment opportunities.

Commenting, Douglas Chapman said:

“We cannot have local workers losing out on the back of the £6.2 billion UK Government defence contract to build two new aircraft carriers – and the UK Government has a duty to ensure that migrant workers are not being exploited.

“I am deeply concerned about reports that shipbuilders in Rosyth are losing their jobs and being excluded from future work opportunities. I have been equally alarmed to learn that migrant workers are being taken on to work longer hours for less pay.

“These issues need urgent investigation – and I am urging the Ministry of Defence to release the relevant sections of the aircraft carrier contract to establish whether there were workers safeguards put into these huge multi-billion pound contracts – originally signed off by Gordon Brown.”



Introducing Scotland’s 56 newly elected Scottish National Party MPs earlier today, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said:

“I am absolutely delighted – bursting with pride even – to introduce to you for the very first time as one assembled group the fifty six men and women elected on Thursday to make Scotland’s voice heard.

“The people of Scotland have spoken and the people have placed their trust in the SNP to represent Scotland at Westminster as well as at Holyrood – and just as voters in almost every part of this nation of ours chose the SNP – our pledge is that these 56 SNP MPs will represent the interests of all of Scotland.

“We will represent – in Westminster  just as we do in the Scottish parliament – people in every corner of our country. People who voted yes in the referendum as well as people who voted no. People who voted for us on Thursday and people who did not. Our job is to repay the trust you have shown in us – and I pledge today that is exactly what we will do.
“Scotland has given the SNP a mandate on a scale unprecedented for any political party- not just in Scotland but right across the UK. We will use that mandate to speak up for and protect the interests of Scotland. And let us be very clear the people of Scotland on Thursday voted for an SNP manifesto which had ending austerity as its number one priority – and that is the priority these men and women will now take to the very heart of the Westminster agenda.

“Now, after Thursday, and as I told the prime minister when I spoke to him yesterday it simply cannot be and it will not be business as usual when it comes to Westminster’s dealing with Scotland. Scotland this week spoke more loudly and more clearly than ever before – and my message today to Westminster is this : Scotland’s voice will be heard in Westminster now more loudly than it has ever been before .

“As we promised in the campaign, that strong voice will be a voice for more progressive politics. We will continue to seek to reach out to people of progressive opinion right across the UK so that we can put ending austerity, investment in our public services – like our precious National Health Service, investment in a stronger economy to get more young people into jobs. We will work with others to put those priorities right at the heart of Westminster.

“That is what the people in Scotland have tasked the SNP now with doing. I want today to thank everyone across this country who placed their trust in the SNP on Thursday. We will not let you down. That is our promise. To those who didn’t vote SNP we will work every single day to win your trust. That is our promise to you and our message to Westminster is simple – our message to the politicians of the other parties at Westminster is this one : no longer will Scotland be sidelined or ignored in Westminster – our voice will be heard – our interests will be protected – that is what voting SNP is going to deliver. Thank you all very much indeed.”



2015 Election Rigged Evidance has started to be shown on YOUTUBE very strange how we Scots never got told and about the missing & stolen ballots in London.

Funny how the English said we were not robbed when it was our turn in the indy vote but very keen to now say it was!

Stick with this video and UKIP might have a case of their leader being robbed of a seat its bad enough the Government has 55 SNP plus one Alex but how unbearable would have been for Cameron and co having to suffer Farage at the same time?

Postal votes can no longer be trusted and open to megga abuse as we saw in Scotland last year and we still dont know what happened when the Tory party was opening postal ballots in England last year and admitted to from Ruth Davidson on live BBC TV just after the vote fills no-one with confidence, does it?









British Polling Council launches pollsters accuracy inquiry after “They couldn’t have got it more wrong, scenario”.

It was only after 10 pm on the night of the election it was revealed that the Tories were expected to win.


I wonder if their enquiry will cover how the Tories scared the English voters into not voting for Labour using the SNP as their big stick?


As the BBC South East shows in the graphic above – this was nothing more than bare faced bias which is part of the agenda designed by the Tories to terrify the English. How could the BBC say this is not bias?

Will they enquire into why the Tories don’t want proportional representation? The last thing the Tories want to see in the U.K. Can you imagine the panic if they removed all the regional boundaries which the Tories and Labour have been moving about like chess pieces for years south of the border.
I think we can forecast that any inquiry that’s held will come to zilch, after all we know if Scotland is involved it’s better scuppering any inquiry that may show up as dirty politics.
Although in Scotland the majority have now realised the SNP are for the people of Scotland there is still remnants of other political parties in certain parts of Scotland – I’m still amazed there are some who vote for the Tories in Scotland – I mean why? is it bloody mindedness?
The Scots once again are trying to lead from behind with progressive politics, will they be allowed to exert their political agenda with the sitting maniacs in Westminster? We shall see!
Anything that Scotland gets via the SNP will be an uphill struggle as the status quo is exactly what the Tories want to keep – the SNP or should that be Scotland? are rocking the financial boat.
Surely, the people of Scotland can see that independence is looking ahead, hopefully the Westminster government will realise Scotland needs lots more powers or they are just going to be one big pain in their behinds.
By giving Scotland much more powers it does not take a genius to work out this may be enough to stave off the progress of independent thoughts for Scotland – or will it?

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