Cameron and Osborne Must Go

Cameron and Osborne Must Go.

Cameron and Osborne Must Go and sooner the better, project fear has failed, Tory heartlands has rejected their stupid arguments and wants to take back control of their own fates.

Cameron and Osborne must go because the people of England apart from London which only voted to remain because of the labour party.

Cameron and Osborne must go because Scotland will now hold another independent vote which will result in a breakup of the Union.

Cameron and Osborne must go because Common Purpose will not be happy they have taken this to a stupid vote and the chances of others in Europe wanting to go down the same route is now a certainty to happen.

Cameron and Osborne must go because they are the worst two people in the UK to go to Brussels and ask/request an article 50 to leave the E.U.

Cameron and Osborne must go because they are not interested in the sick and disabled or the little people or working class and it comes to no surprise to this blog that payback was going to be like this, this is the end of that Tory model attacking the poor, sick and working classes.

Cameron and Osborne must go because they threatened an emergency budget to tax our OAP’s which was the most stupid scare story in the campaign which Cameron fully supported so shame on them both.

Cameron and Osborne must go because he’s lost the trust of his own party and supporters.

Cameron and Osborne must go because it was their idea and if the world markets crash today it was these two chumps ideas they did not have to do it but they know best they are after all from univeristy after all.

Cameron and Osborne must go because in 24 hours’ time the Tory party will be at each other’s throats and staying in post will only upset international traders even more and serve no purpose.

And this blog told you so long ago?



Odds on Brexit happening seems to be shortening by the day, Cameron’s and Osbourne’s plans on operation fear is not working and it looks like Scotland is heading for another let’s get out of the union part 2.

Odds on Brexit is now a reality worth considering and its all the fault of David Cameron and his CP chums, operation fear was a great success in Scotland but they have went too far with their scare, doom and terror stories made up as they go-a-long thinking English voters were as dumb as some Scots were in believing their crap.

In recent days the pollsters have been carrying out proper phone polling and its clear the people are backing Brexit and leaving the EU party forever and not before time.

Just why Scottish votes should stay loyal to the EU is beyond some of this blogs admin team, the EU has destroyed our fishing industry, killed off steel-making in this country not to mention our once proud ship building yards.

There is not a lot worth saying other than some farmers becoming very rich to the detriment of others.

The only thing that will now stop Brexit from happening is dirty government tricks and of course the postal ballot fixing that perhaps happened in Scotland last year but many observers now know what to look for!

The examples would be no police presence at the polling stations, check the back of the ballots and make sure they have the correct stamps just a few of the things to look for?

ODDS ON BREXIT as far as the bookies are concerned are getting shorter by the day and for very good reason







Its Time To Say No To the EU dream, the stay in Mob can’t help doing the project fear they tried in Scotland last year and won they want to try it again.

Enough is enough and this blog says we support the SNP but staying in a corrupt and undemocratic organisation is a complete waste of time.

The in to remain mob is so full of utter crap no-one believes a word they say anymore, the labour leader secretly wants to leave he always has been, half of all conservertives are likewise minded, most SNP activists are only hoping we vote to remain while England rejects the stupid EU project just so we can force another leave the union which sounds great but the truth is our votes to stay in might swing it for the whole of the UK and thats bad news for everyone including the SNP going forward.

People are getting fed up with all crap being spoken from all those in project fear, the people are not stupid if Cameron and Co thought it was so risky why did they ever agree to it in the first place makes no sence.

People want to know facts before they make-up their minds if the dont get the information they will think the in-camp has something to hide and vote to leave, its that simple!



Lexus GS450 hybrid heater problems, a general warning no heat on passenger side could cost over 7k just to determine what’s wrong and not covered under any warranty cover.

Lexus GS450 hybrid heater problems, if your LEXUS GS450 HYBRID has problems transferring heat to either the drivers or passenger side it could cost over £7000 just to find what’s causing it.

That’s what has happened to one luckless Scottish customer who has been told they will be charged over £105+ VAT per hour to check if their cars heater core is faulty that will take approx. 22 hours labour to get to and worse still if that’s working it can only to the motor behind it which takes over 50 man hours to get to that works out at over £5250 +VAT plus a new motor that has no part number as LEXUS never thought it would ever fail!

Lexus UK has been next to useless, they first promised to do it for free as there has only ever been 4 heater core failures and no main motor failures worldwide.

Perhaps they know this a lie and keeping these very costly failures to themselves, it seems these components are built so deep into the GS450H structures it makes them uneconomical to repair if the car is over 3 years old.

All potential Lexus GS buyers needs to be aware if your car develops these heater faults they can take it to any Lexus service centre but if it’s not the normal directional heater motors which takes £525 + VAT plus parts to get to the core and main motor has no Diagnostic program written for this fault according to Lexus Technical your looking at a massive repair bill that’s perhaps beyond economical repair!

We recommend you take out an extended Lexus warranty for as long as you can to avoid this massive repair costs on something so simple to fix in other cars.

Have you experienced any Lexus GS450 hybrid heater problems yourself if you have please add your comments and costs if any here.

Argos Overcharging At Checkouts

Argos Overcharging At Checkouts.


Argos overcharging at checkouts, this is new development is left to the customer to chalange and if they don’t tuff luck!


Argos overcharging at checkout counters, so here is how they are doing it.

The next time you reserve an item on argos website and you wish to collect it in store you might be in for a huge surprise argos is now stating their prices can change on a daily basis.

They have now decided this also includes any order purchased online at any given price can change by up to 25% difference, last Friday we reserved online a nutribullet juicer at £80 online went into our local argos store gave the reserve code and told the price we had to pay was now £100.

When we chalanged this the Argos rep then had to access another system to find out we were correct and told us its up to the customer to chalange as there normal systems wont show the prices online orders were made on.

Hopefully Sainsbury’s will sort out another pure example of rip off britain in action.

When Is The Best Time To Get Car Insurance

When Is The Best Time To Get Car Insurance?

When Is The Best Time To Get Car Insurance well whatever you do don’t get at the weekend as it could cost you over 25% more.

When is the best time to get car insurance any other time other than a Friday, Saturday or a Sunday, the reason this is so is that this is the busy time for online quotes as thats the time most cars are purchased by private buyers and the best time for consumers to shop around.

Try it out yourselves, enter your car details on a Sunday night at 11.50pm then refresh your quote at 12.10 am on the Monday morning and see the results, this is pure profitering by the insurance companies and should be outlawed but won’t and we all know why, pure greed!

The News The BBC Does Not Want To Report

The News The BBC Does Not Want To Report.


The News The BBC Does Not Want To ReportThe news the BBC does not want to report happened on the 16th of March 2016 when over 7000 junior Doctors demonstrated outside whitehall, London.

You can look if you want but you cant find any referrence to this gathering shows the BBC are so up the Governments rear end its getting scary.

When they interview ministers they never give them a hard time, Steal is a hot topic and what does the BBC report, oh its Europes fault, our utility bills are to high or even cheap steal from Asia but never the Government even russian state TV has less bias towards its leaders its getting to the point of the BBC News team not being fit-for-purpose!

UPDATE; Last weekend over 50,000 marched through London demonstrating against Austerity Cuts but hardly any media outlet reported it, we ask why not?

We are been force fed rubbish and media can not be trusted anymore to report what is really going on on the streets of the UK.



Should Bouncy Castles Be Banned?

Should Bouncy Castles Be Banned?


Should bouncy castles be banned, given all the injuries and the recent UK child death we think they should.


UK wide calls for an all-out ban on bouncy castle use should be issued as soon as possible thousands of children are injured in the UK every year, yes its great fun but is it worth the huge risk factors envolved, not in this blogs humble opinion.

UK Government Bouncy Castle regulations.

Government statistics indicate that every year there are a large number of accidents resulting in injuries to children arising from the use of inflatable bouncy castles within the UK.

Most of the injuries are caused by children bouncing off the inflatable on to the ground, being hit by other children or just falling awkwardly. Many of these accidents could be avoided by effective adult supervision.

Follow our advice if you are thinking of hiring inflatable bouncy castles as part of a fundraising event, a fete or a private function, such as a birthday party.

Before hiring

The equipment should be hired from reputable hire companies, and wherever possible, set up, operated and supervised by the hire company’s own staff. This is particularly important if substantial numbers of children are likely to be present.

Before hiring a bouncy castle, ensure that the hire company:

  • Fully complies with the safe use and operation of play inflatables, including bouncy castles guidance issued by the PIPA Inflatable Play Inspector Scheme. This guidance can be downloaded from
  • Employees are suitably experienced and well trained adult personnel, where the company is responsible for the setting up, operation and supervision of the bouncy castle
  • Provides evidence of a current Public Liability insurance policy with a limit of indemnity of at least £2 million. This insurance is to cover the liability of the hire company. It is unlikely to extend to cover the hirer of the equipment.

Self operation

If you are to operate the bouncy castle, ensure that you are provided with written instructions about the safe setting up, operation and supervision of the equipment, and that the name and address of the manufacturer or supplier is clearly marked upon it.

Safety instructions

The safety instructions should include the following points:

  • Children should not be allowed to use the bouncy castle if there is a high wind or in wet weather (inflatables can flip over, and slippery surfaces may cause injury)
  • The castle must be adequately secured to the ground and sited away from obstacles such as fences or overhead power lines
  • Soft matting covering hard surfaces must be placed adjacent to the front or open sides
  • Ensure that the blower is situated at least 1-2 metres from the inflatable – serious injuries may occur if a user strikes the blower unit
  • There should be responsible adult supervision, paying close attention to the children at play at all times during its use
  • The number of children using the bouncy castle must be limited to the number

    recommended in the hire company’s safety instructions. There must be no overcrowding

  • A rota system for different age or size groups should be operated, together with the observance of an age limit of users
  • All children must be made to remove footwear, hard or sharp objects such as jewellery, buckles, pens and other similar pocket contents. Eating while bouncing or performing acrobatics must not be allowed.


Stephen Crabb DWP

Stephen Crabb DWP

Stephen Crabb, the new secretary of state for work and pensions has already proved himself clueless about how employment and support allowance (ESA) works.

Last week, before Crabb replaced IDS at the DWP, his constituency office was graffitied with the words ‘Why do you hate the sick’ after he voted in favour of cuts to ESA.

In a Facebook post responding to the vandalism, Crabb wrote:

“Any disabled person who is unable to work due to ill health or disability is in the Support Group of ESA. They are wholly unaffected by the change, as only those who are fit to work and actively seeking work are included in the Work Related Activity Group.”

The reality, as most Benefits and Work readers could have told Crabb, is that claimants in the work-related activity group (WRAG) have been found to have limited capability for work. If they had been found “fit to work” they would have been refused ESA entirely and have been forced to apply for JSA.

Limited capability for work means that the claimant may be able to undertake some limited training or work and may one day be able to take up full- time work.

But in many cases WRAG claimants will have degenerative conditions, such as multiple sclerosis, and they will never be fit for work again. It’s just that their condition is not yet severe enough to meet the strict criteria for the support group.

The fact that Crabb happily voted for cuts on the basis of his profound ignorance of how ESA actually works is concerning enough.

That he is now in charge of the entire benefits system is terrifying.

He will be judged by his actions just like IDS before him, just because they dont vote for their party or any party that might change next time around.

His background check by others says hes a scammer by all the things hes done with second homes and the likes although his body lingo says he knows hes untouchable so he should prove hes leadership material and do the unthinkable, actually look after the sick and disabled rather than more attacks on the sick and rises in foodbank usages.

Interesting point of view.

The MP employed interns in his parliamentary office through a scheme organised and funded by Christian Action Research and Education (CARE). CARE has previously sponsored events which refer to gay and bisexual people as “sexually broken” and advocating that they can become “ex-gay”. The organisation has funded internship places for young people to be placed with MPs as researchers or interns.

The above information will surely interest some of the Garthdee mafia in Aberdeen who will no-doubt shout their usual homo-phobic insults at Steve!



Ian Duncan Smith a Scottish born super hero in the making that may have destroyed Common Purpose’s agenda of getting rid of the sick,  disabled and the poor.

Common Purpose is a charity, what did we say, yes there the only UK charity that has nothing good to say about the sick and disabled or even the poor for that matter and fully supported by the Tory Leadership of Cameron and Osbourne.

Common Purpose is desperate for the UK to remain within the EU and its now obvious IDS is not playing the game any more, which to us bloggers is a real shock as he was obsessed with the fatuous mantra ‘making work pay’ when it does already pay.

Jobseeker’s allowance is £71.70 whilst the minimum wage pays over £250 per week.

The Tories’ business is to demonize the unemployed to distract attention from their uselessness as a government.

They are trying to pretend that the jobless are the reason for the nation’s ills.

In reality – a place In Denial Smith is not acquainted with – if one million people came off jobseeker’s allowance tomorrow the saving would be £72 million a week or, as near as dammit, £1 a week for everybody in the country. It is not going to change your life or anybody else’s including his or his many CP chums.

Moreover we spend less on social security – what Smith calls welfare – as a % of GDP than any comparable European nation.

The idea that the welfare bill is out of control is the big lie of this government.

It is not out of control and IDS has just proved it by telling all of us what we have already stated for years its a political choice to attack all that cant fight back or giving a stuff for people that wont vote for us shows they are not fit to govern period!

One question the Tories have yet to graptle with is what there going to do with their ATOS and MAXIMUS PIP contracts that wont now happen?

CP are well intrenched in these companies so it looks like the Tories will still pay without a return, but unlike the plights of the sick and disabled we wont hear about it, not a peep!

Osbourne should go but then again so should Cameron and as the Tories have no likely super hero’s left in Government and full of yes men the only thing left is for England to leave the EU what IDS always wanted anyway, IDS an unlikely hero or was it a master stroke of a quiet man?

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