Prepare For War Says Boris

Prepare for War!

Prepare for War! Bonkers Boris has already pissed off half the world and he’s now our new Foreign Secretary.

OK, he never said it but we all know he will start one sooner rather than later he has as much common sense as Donald Trump and this blog has had a good few fights with that other nutter.

Boris wanted to leave the EU, no he never what he wanted was to damage Cameron and Osbourne nevermind they are both free to play down at the farm with their favorite bum chums.
May thinks she is clever getting Brexit boys good jobs but they are still toffs and silver spooners so they won’t be voting for Xmas anytime soon and it will be tatties as we say in Scotland and she will be gone.
When you think about it everytime the country gets into shit it goes to WAR so who best to start one, bonkers Boris gets our vote and the new PM.



PLP JUST DON’T GET IT and they never will.

The reason for this is simple, they don’t represent the people that put them in Westminster in the first place.

The PLP for the last 20 years has been a disaster for the left of centre voters if anyone reading this has ever been into a labour members surgery did you ever come out of there feeling satisfied chances are no!

The reason is the PLP is a Tory party mark 2, in fact it could be said they are worse than them.

The fact the labour movement supports Corbyn proves the PLP are totally out of touch with their ground soldiers and local party members.

What rubbish they are all saying it was Corbyn’s fault they lost Brexit how do they know how each person voted in each area shows they are so corrupt of thinking rationally shows they should get deselected from their local parties.

Corbyn will win no problem the people want a choice if the PLP get their way the people will get no choice just more of the same.

80% of Westminster wanted to remain 17 million people wanted to leave so who in Parliment represents the majority here, not the PLP?

Scotland is mostly a centre left Country yet how many Labour MP’s are left?

NONE, the reason is they are not the centre-left party anymore that’s why they got wiped out that’s why Corbyn got elected because he was the only left winger left.

Those fighting Corbyn wants to save their safe seats where they can swan off to London and be as lazy as lazy can be and the labours troops have had enough and the game is up for the PLP and that’s why the PLP just don’t get it!

What Chances On Brexit Now?

What Chances On Brexit Now?

What chances on Brexit now, absolutely zero now Theresa May is in charge of the country.

Theresa May may well have planned this leadership push all along and many in her party had seen this coming the way she stayed out of the status quo campaign to remain within the EU.

She told colleagues today that “Brexit Means Brexit” but the civil service office of 20 will remain the same going forward, the biggest shift in Government policy in over 50 years just shows she has no intention whatsoever that Brexit Means Brexit.

The next question is what the people think not that they have ever given a stuff to what the people really think!

Eagle launches a leadership bid and within minutes May’s direct challenger announces she is pulling out this is called a political stitch up and shows Eagle and her supporters as rather politely very naive.

As an SNP supporter, myself I think Corbyn is the only choice for Labour supporters far and wide and the labour PLP has no choice now but to back him 100%.

What Chances On Brexit Now? NO CHANCE!



Brexit will Never Happen as many in local government is releasing information saying article 50 may never be made.

Brexit will never happen because as this blog has stated many times the this stupid referendum is purely ADVISORY ONLY this means the new Tory leadership under May can stick her two fingers up to the 14 million leave voters and stay in the EU against the will of the people and theres nothing anyone can do about!

CP was the real losers at this vote and they control most if not all local councils so they and the government will do all they can to reverse this referendum result back into their favour.

Of course the unionists might prefer this option to Scotland getting another indy vote mark 2.

People reading this might think this is unlikely but given we live in a one party state given 80% of MPs wanted to remain watch this space?

We were one of the few blogs that called the right result and we know things most of you dont but please understand no-one in power wants to invoke article 50 and leave the EU.




Churchill Insurance Facebook Page is so hard to find either using Facebook or even the search engines such as Google.

The reason being they were late to the party as others got in there first and the only thing that was left was CHURCHILL THE DOG.

If your there to complain or praise them post on the top and then scrool down page to visitor posts on left and click on visitors posts.

Labour Rebel MPs in Danger of Deslection

Labour Rebel MPs in Danger of Deslection.

Labour rebel MPs in danger of deslection after a vote of no confidence on their leader Mr Corbyn.

Corbyn was set to defy the will of the rebels by stating he was elected to serve by the membership, just how they think they will win is anyones guess as its the membership that has all the power not MP’s.

Rebels might find their local party not to pleased with their MP’s and deslect them which I think Corbyn and his 40 strong loyal Labour MPs are hoping for.

People that voted to leave might not have been labour voters and if Corbyn did less the margin may have been larger, perhaps it was his leadership that produced a close run vote, the point is how on earth can the rebels claim its was Corbyns fault.

95% of Parliment backed remain before the vote 17 million voters rejected that altogether so how can anyone blame Corbyn shows they were looking for an excuse to get rid of a highly likeable working class leader and the people trying to get rid is people like Mags Hodge who was been reported as having family fortune of 2.1b and allegedly only paying 0.01% of UK tax you can start to understand why they want rid of him if he was ever to become PM?

The membership is fully aware why these rebels are so desperate to get rid of Corbyn and MacDonald as these guys can and will seriously damage their wealth going forward and thats one reason why so many labour supporters if any, deserted the labour party as a collective rather than the one, how arrogant are they?

They failed to look after the sick, disabled and unemployed and expect loyality from the masses, think again you bunch of hasbeens!

They wonder why they got trounced in Scotland and will never be trusted up here ever again….



Labour Party Clueless, it was not Corbyns fault the peasants revolted it was the consertives greed and Common Purpose and their new world order agenda

This can be proved by the fact the very first person to pop up was the true leader of common purpose in the UK Lord Mandleson who stated Corbyn should go!

These are Blaire supporters is it little wonder they all shared the same platform on the remainers side, most leavers were not CP.

MOST REMAINERS were and are Common Purpose members or at worst supporters and if that was not bad enough most Banks and the power brookers in the City of London are also CP and just when you think it cant get any worse most of European leaders are all CP as well.

TIPP is now dead and the knives are out for the labour leader as an act of revenge but we ask why, the reason it happened was every outer is sick of the way the country was going.

How is it 17 million votes who voted to leave is being totally ignored by rebel Labour MP’s shows these nutters should not represent the people they say they do.

Corbyn got it spot on and good on him out of the entire UK parliment 95% wanted us to remain in a corrupt EU and who was it that represented the views of the 17 million who wanted to leave?

In effect it showed there has and always has been a one party state and the only thing they had in common was common purpose and the reason they hated Corbyn was he was not a member as far as we know….:-)

As you can see this Morning OSBORNE said nothing of note or even substance and suddenly the City backs his stance and the value of the pound and shares goes up in the real world this would be a disaster but as everything is CP these days this could be just a fight back by the new world order only thing is the only way to get their plans back on track is allow Scotland to remain in the EU.

This would drive a wedge between UK countries and force a EU wide revote to take place.

More information



We Live In A One Party State

We Live In A One Party State.

We Live In A One Party State and labour party member David Lammy says the EU vote was only advisory and wants parliment to overturn it next week.

We live in a one party state in the UK because 90% of all elected members wanted to stay members of the EU.

There was a 72% turnout and the people voted 52% to leave in all the UK in Scotland 62% of all votes were for remain.

The people of Scotland is more confused than ever before now we have it from the unionists the only way for Scotts to be in Europe was to vote NO in the 2015 indy vote only to now find out that was one big fat lie!

It now turs out Scottish labour and Scottish Tory activists now wants to have another indy vote to stay in the EU Family.

Of-course we were told in 2015 if we left the UK we were also out of Europe, yet here we are now being told by some EU sources we would be welcomed with open arms and legs.

Project fear and the leader of the free world stated the UK would be at the back of the cue 48 hours later now we are being told that was wishful thinking, what is going on here?

Was we all told a pack of lies?

Jim Sillars predicted all of this and the SNP leadership said he was crazy, perhaps they will be eating their words now, moreover if the SNP wins the next indy vote the chances are England will see the benefits of staying in and its in the EU’s best interests to see Scotland remain in the EU family and not get thrown out along with the rest of the UK.

We Live In A One Party State as labour/Tories are one of the same, Scotland is in effect a one party state right now with the SNP in charge.

If there is another indy vote its a fact SNP will win but this blog thinks any other EU vote will also fail as most supporters of remain only did so to force another indy vote and the one party states never mentioned this thus far!

Cameron and Osborne Must Go

Cameron and Osborne Must Go.

Cameron and Osborne Must Go and sooner the better, project fear has failed, Tory heartlands has rejected their stupid arguments and wants to take back control of their own fates.

Cameron and Osborne must go because the people of England apart from London which only voted to remain because of the labour party.

Cameron and Osborne must go because Scotland will now hold another independent vote which will result in a breakup of the Union.

Cameron and Osborne must go because Common Purpose will not be happy they have taken this to a stupid vote and the chances of others in Europe wanting to go down the same route is now a certainty to happen.

Cameron and Osborne must go because they are the worst two people in the UK to go to Brussels and ask/request an article 50 to leave the E.U.

Cameron and Osborne must go because they are not interested in the sick and disabled or the little people or working class and it comes to no surprise to this blog that payback was going to be like this, this is the end of that Tory model attacking the poor, sick and working classes.

Cameron and Osborne must go because they threatened an emergency budget to tax our OAP’s which was the most stupid scare story in the campaign which Cameron fully supported so shame on them both.

Cameron and Osborne must go because he’s lost the trust of his own party and supporters.

Cameron and Osborne must go because it was their idea and if the world markets crash today it was these two chumps ideas they did not have to do it but they know best they are after all from univeristy after all.

Cameron and Osborne must go because in 24 hours’ time the Tory party will be at each other’s throats and staying in post will only upset international traders even more and serve no purpose.

And this blog told you so long ago?



Odds on Brexit happening seems to be shortening by the day, Cameron’s and Osbourne’s plans on operation fear is not working and it looks like Scotland is heading for another let’s get out of the union part 2.

Odds on Brexit is now a reality worth considering and its all the fault of David Cameron and his CP chums, operation fear was a great success in Scotland but they have went too far with their scare, doom and terror stories made up as they go-a-long thinking English voters were as dumb as some Scots were in believing their crap.

In recent days the pollsters have been carrying out proper phone polling and its clear the people are backing Brexit and leaving the EU party forever and not before time.

Just why Scottish votes should stay loyal to the EU is beyond some of this blogs admin team, the EU has destroyed our fishing industry, killed off steel-making in this country not to mention our once proud ship building yards.

There is not a lot worth saying other than some farmers becoming very rich to the detriment of others.

The only thing that will now stop Brexit from happening is dirty government tricks and of course the postal ballot fixing that perhaps happened in Scotland last year but many observers now know what to look for!

The examples would be no police presence at the polling stations, check the back of the ballots and make sure they have the correct stamps just a few of the things to look for?

ODDS ON BREXIT as far as the bookies are concerned are getting shorter by the day and for very good reason




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