Treasury insists its tax powers offer is “logical and fair”

Peter A Bell

Peter A Bell

Story by Peter A. Bell
Treasury insists its tax powers offer is “logical and fair” but MPs back SNP government’s stance

Treasury insists its tax powers offer is “logical and fair” but MPs back SNP government’s stance | Politics Scotland |
DAVID Cameron’s compromise deal on Holyrood’s new tax powers would have given Scotland more money since devolution than the current Barnett Formula has, according to the Treasury.

But this claim contrasts with Nicola Sturgeon’s view that Whitehall’s current offer could leave it £3 billion out of pocket over the next 10 years.
Peter A Bell’s insight:
The very fact that the ‘deal’ on the financial framework is open to such widely divergent interpretations clearly demonstrates that it is fatally flawed. We may have to accept that it simply isn’t possible for the two governments to reach agreement on this because each is approaching the negotiations with irreconcilable imperatives.

The Scottish Government’s imperative is to repatriate the powers of the Scottish Parliament.

The UK Government’s overarching priority is preservation of the structures of power, privilege and patronage which define the British state.

There is no possibility of an ‘enduring settlement’ here. There are only increasingly uncomfortable and short-lived compromises.

The Scottish Government has a solemn duty to ensure that these compromises are not seriously detrimental to Scotland. The British establishment is either indifferent to Scotland’s interests or actively seeks to use devolution as a weapon against a Scottish Parliament and Government which is now regarded as a significant threat to the British state.

What we are witnessing are the inevitable consequences of a No vote gained on a prospectus which was never subject to any scrutiny by the mainstream media. The result of the referendum stands. But we cannot pretend that No voters made an informed choice. The situation in which we now find ourselves was easily foreseen. But those with a responsibility for informing the electorate were disgracefully derelict in their duty.

Independence is inevitable. That should now be clear to any rational mind. Devolution simply won’t work. And great harm may be done by clinging to something which is so obviously failing.

Devolution is dead! Independence! Nothing less!



Inchgarth Community Centre last week had a committee meeting and decided to discriminate against a national political leader who was elected by the local community not like most of the other co-opted members and ban the entire Garthdee Community Council from using Aberdeen City Council’s owned building for their official meetings.
What some might find as bizarre is the fact this community centre is run by the exact same treasurer and chairperson (life partners) that also do the same jobs on the community council in the same catchment area has asked the said community council not to attend and find other accommodations for their deliberations in future.
It therefore begs the question whether these two gentlemen can still offer their services to the community council and whether it would be in the best interests of the Garthdee community and resign from these posts?
Inchgarth Community Centre in this websites opinion does not have the right to discriminate against any legal political national leader because of their beliefs any more than the other way round and even more interestingly gave no indications of any right of appeals which proves the point that many have been saying for years there seems to be a direct conflict of interests so much so we would like to see the minutes of this 4th of Feb meeting, to ask whether the chair and treasurer noted their interests prior to the vote taking place?

Some might think this was an attempt to get rid of the elected member but there is no chance of that happening anytime soon.
It’s also worth mentioning this same chairperson was found guilty of the councils own regulations and found to be in breach of a code of conduct towards this member by calling him a LITTLE BASTARD any other things that showed he had clear and present anger management issues in the National Scot publications which clearly shows bias towards this elected member of the Garthdee community!
Should anyone that holds an MBE, Burgess of The City of Aberdeen and director of several organisations behave in such away no matter his own personal and private views?
He also runs a centre with very vulnerable clients and runs lots of children’s activities.
Aberdeen City Council has rightly offered him advice on his future conduct but doubt he will take it.
Inchgarth Community centre has a moto “for the people by the people” yes just as long as YOU agree with OUR political views which is perhaps called Inchgarth Community Centre Discrimination!

More info on what was alleged to have been said on the national Scot with quotes HERE!

The Truth Is Out There

The Truth Is Out There!

The Truth Is Out There in Garthdee, a tiny hamlet of Aberdeen, the place time forgot and the place where one man used to rule could soon be a thing of the past.

Now one person has shifted the balance of power and opened the entire community to a new life of scrutiny and open debate like never before.

Today the self proclaimed god king removed certain social media postings which for the uneducated in these matters makes no difference as Facebook and twitter keeps copies of all postings made and deleted on their servers, unlucky.

We have yet to report on the full details of this said event that caused this massive sea change but rest assured we will!

 The Truth Is Out There if one is brave enough to search for it!



The SNP has welcomed confirmation that Labour’s leader in Scotland will back the Scottish Government’s position in the negotiations on the Fiscal Framework – as the consensus against Tory plans to cut Scotland’s budget by the backdoor grows.

As confirmed in a Twitter exchange last night, Kezia Dugdale agrees that the Scottish Government’s preferred option of a per capita index reduction model is the best deal for Scotland.

Ms Dugdale is the latest person to join the growing consensus in favour of the Scottish Government’s position – joining the likes of Grahame Smith of the STUC and Professor Anton Muscatelli of the University of Glasgow.

Commenting, SNP MSP Mark McDonald said:

“Labour’s backing for the Scottish Government’s position in the fiscal framework negotiations is very welcome – and shows the growing consensus right across Scotland against Tory plans to cut our budget by the backdoor.

“People in Scotland are right to expect that every party in the Scottish Parliament would back the best deal for Scotland – now that Kezia Dugdale has made her position clear, Ruth Davidson must confirm whether she backs a deal in Scotland’s interests, or whether she will continue to take her orders from the Tory Treasury.

“This isn’t an argument about how much financial detriment or what size of cut to Scotland’s budget is acceptable – the Smith Agreement said no detriment and that’s exactly what the UK Government must agree to.

“The SNP in Government will never agree to a deal which would allow the Tories to cut Scotland’s budget by the backdoor – and it’s very welcome to see that Labour in Scotland have backed this common-sense position.”

Year Of The Dad Official Launch

Year of the Dad Official launch

Families in Scotland celebrate power of ‘the dad effect’.

  • Father-of-three Peter Airlie who became a dad aged 14 talks openly about positive benefits of ‘the dad effect’

Families from across Scotland joined by The Minister for Children and Young People, Aileen Campbell MSP, gathered at Edinburgh Zoo today to officially launch ‘Year of the Dad’ – a celebration of the difference a great father figure can make to children’s wellbeing, confidence, and educational attainment.

Organised by Fathers Network Scotland and supported by The Scottish Government and partner organisations, ‘Year of the Dad’ aims to support families and organisations to help dads to have a positive involvement at home.

‘Year of the Dad’ is a nationwide campaign reaching out to individuals and communities across Scotland, of all ages and from all backgrounds. Activities will include a conference in February with international partners including speakers from Iceland who consistently top the gender equality index. Collaborators, many of whom are charities and public sector organisations providing services for families, will be holding their own events across the country to create a ground swell to accelerate positive cultural change.

Sam Pringle, acting ceo of Father’s Network Scotland commented: “Research overwhelmingly shows that children, families and society as a whole benefit from the positive involvement of fathers – the “dad effect” – and ‘Year of the Dad’ has been created to raise awareness of this contribution a father figure can make.

We are asking people and organisations to sign up to the campaign to create a united voice for father figures – sharing their knowledge and experiences for the benefit of Scottish society as a whole. Whether it’s negotiating flexible working or finding out about dad friendly groups local to them, we can resource families with relevant information from our network. “

One dad attending the launch with his family was Peter Airlie. Now a twenty-five year old father of three, Peter from Edinburgh was 14 when his girlfriend fell pregnant. He was shocked but determined not to be a “deadbeat dad”. A decade later, speaking at the ‘Year of the Dad’ launch, Peter believes fatherhood turned out to be the making of him:


“I vividly remember standing in my front room, crying while telling my Mum what had happened. I knew it was going to be a tough road ahead, with sacrifices, but I always knew I wanted to be there for my kids. It’s the small things that matter, whether it’s helping the kids to cook a meal or kicking a ball around the park with them. Whenever people compliment my family I know it’s all been worth it. At the end of the day, it’s a team effort – myself and my wife now have three children. Things can be manic but I feel exactly the same as I did when I stood in my Mum’s living room ten years ago. I wanted to be part of them growing up and the rewards are there every day as they learn and develop. I know first-hand that dads come in all shapes, sizes (and ages) but ‘Year of the Dad’ is a great way of remembering what really matters.”


Minister for Children and Young People Aileen Campbell said:

“I’m delighted to support and help launch the ‘Year of the Dad’. I’m pleased to see ‘Year of the Dad’ recognises families come in all shapes and sizes and is about celebrating all important father figures, whether they’re step-dads, adoptive dads, granddads or a whole range of other male role models. The year will continue to promote this government’s equality agenda and will have widespread benefits for families across Scotland. I hope the events will be embraced by dads, families, services and employers across the country.”

Sam Pringle, concluded: “We believe we’re at a tipping point. Over the past 50 years we have seen striking cultural changes from a time when many dads weren’t even at their children’s births, to the present-day reality when 98% are at the birth and many father figures are fully involved in a nurturing and caring role. The old stereotype of male breadwinner and disciplinarian no longer serves us in an age of increasing diversity and gender equality. But the launch today is more than just about fathers. It’s about recognising and celebrating the role everyone plays within the family and wider community. We’d encourage mums, dads, employers and services to all to get involved and benefit from the ‘dad effect’.

For further information, please contact:



Fergus Reid/Lynne Hughes/Nicola McArthur


T: 0141 222 2040; M: 07971 583 535


Where can we get more information?

We have a wealth of information available at including a directory of dad-friendly groups and organisations across Scotland, fact sheets and inspiring stories of other dads who have done things differently.

But this is not just for dads, who need society-wide support to fulfil their crucial role. We’d encourage mums, dads, employers and services to all to get involved.

Employers have a big role to play here, what are you doing to engage them?

Many of the most proactive employers are already embracing this change and supporting their dads with enhanced paternity leave and pay, dads’ representatives at executive level, and paid attendance at ante-natal appointments, for examples check out the Scottish Top Employers for Working Families Awards for some great examples.

We know employers are key to this shift, and we’ve been doing extensive market research to find out what could support them in taking steps to create a more diverse and inclusive culture. So we are working with organisations to create dads’ networks, workshops for new fathers and to share how they use policies and benefits to create more family- friendly culture and a better work life balance for employees.

We are asking employers to sign up to Year of the Dad and share what they are doing.

Sunday 24 January 2016 offical Scottish Government press release.


Paul O’Connor MBE Faces Vote Of No-Confidence.

Paul O’Connor MBE Faces Vote Of No-Confidence.


Paul O’Connor MBE Faces Vote Of No-Confidence at his local Garthdee Community Council after Aberdeen City Council finds he breached the code of conduct.

It’s not the first time this blog has raised severe questions of Mr O’Connor MBE in the past five years but now he has been found Guilty by Aberdeen City Council’s legal and democratic services because of a complaint made by Mr David MacDonald that Mr O’Connor MBE had made comments to the national scot publication and on Mr O’Connor’s personal Facebook page. He was quoted as saying on the National Scot “It just goes against the grain with me. I just want to sit there at the meeting and say, ‘look here you little bastard’. I can’t help it. I’m sitting there with someone that’s so openly hate-filled and it’s really difficult. Something’s going to explode in one of the meetings. He’ll say something wrong and it’ll just hit the button.”

If that is not an implied threat then what is?

Below this was passed on to us from a concerned Garthdee Local.

Click on graphic to enlarge?

Paul O'Connor MBE Faces Vote of No Confidence

Aberdeen City Council also seems to agree fully with Mr MacDonald but what is baffling is the fact three local councillors wants to continue to support this MBE and City Burgess award holder no matter what he says or does.
Locals might want to reconsider sending their children to Inchgarth Community centre where the chair person is all the very same Mr O’Connor.
Is this the kind of thought process that goes on with the mind of a community centre leader that has obvious anger management issues?
Perhaps this is the reason the centre is having a hard time getting Volunteers to run their Youth programs that they may be forced to close their doors for good.
Of course behaviour such as this won’t come as any surprises to regular readers of this fact finding blog, readers will remember how inchgarth and its political friends managed to dupe Asda Foundation into giving inchgarth £10000 for a new floor even though locals turned up for a concert months earlier to pay for it (5th avenue) along with 2500 members fees of course they told us we were liars then only for us to be told Asda won’t support them anymore.
BAA gave them £50,000 for a cafe’ mark 3, inchgarth spent over £125,000 on three cafes in a building only leased to them, just plain crazy!
Then there was the complaints from Aberdeen council officials who alleged Mr O’Connor threatened to not only get his inchgarth youths to arson another council drop-in in another part of Garthdee but also get ex-con councillor Cassie to block the said development which did indeed take place which was against the rules.
This information came to us in a leaked document, we approached the council who confirmed it was genuine and gave us express permission to publish it on this blog June 2012.
FOI requests pointing to council staff complaining to their bosses of the treatment being dish out over the years.
Mr O’Connor sent out email to all community centres CLD staff and told them they were lazy and should all be sacked, he only had a year to wait for his mates to make most of that dream come true and was a massive error of judgment which the council and its tax payers are still reeling from today!
Of course it could be fairly stated he only wanted one centre to survive, his?
Then they tried to steal £80,000 of Kaimhill CC by getting Cassie and his mates to try and takeover which ended up costing the council a small fortune in legal fees only to lose the case and all because inchgarth their next door centre wanted to use funds he thought was his on a mini-bus which is still going strong today.


Inchgarth CC is also funded by other high profile businesses who must be wondering if they can continue to support this MBE holder with obvious anger management problems!


Mr O’Connor is also an Aberdeen City Burgess to now be found guilty by the very same body for a breach of conduct must surely raise question marks over whether this honour should be removed if after all appeals should fail in answering this code of conduct violations?


Will Mr O’Connor resign from these entities or soldier on regardless and what will this say about his supporters who have backed him all the way.

Stocks Worldwide Massive Selloff.

Stocks Worldwide Massive Selloff.

Stocks Worldwide Face a Massive Selloff as there is no growth, everytime we get forecasts from the IMF all their previous growth numbers are revised downwards.

Stocks Worldwide Massive Selloff, as an ex currency trader many moons ago I can say this entire market is fixed and its easy to see why.

Fareast stock markets dont trust China’s growth claims every indicator in China shows its slowing more than they claim and no-one says a thing.

The pound is now trading at $1.42 this figure is just plain crazy.

Inflation figures around the world is almost zero unless you live in Russia yet we are told growth stands year to year at 2.4% yet inflation is set at just 0.2%?

Employment figures in the UK stands at 5.1% of the working age yet there is falling wage growth, so we are told theres all-most zero employment with everyone not asking for a pay rise which is unblievable and has never ever happened before, not ever!

Wholesale gas prices has fallen nearly 50% in one year and no-one says a thing on domestic energy prices, why?

Uk petrol stands at 0.997 a lt cheaper than a bottle of tap/spring water by a margin of 100% and no-one says a thing?

The barrel that holds the oil is three times more expensive to produce and no-one says a thing, why?

Austerity is a massive failure that has only produced one result worldwide it has made the richest 1% equal to the 99% rest of us and no-one says a thing, why not?

Austerity is what the rich use to make people poorer and the above statement proves it?

Stocks Worldwide faces Massive Selloff because the bubble of Austerity only feeds the 1% of the “greedy want more” plebs who also run world Governments most by the backdoor.

50 MILLION YANKS use FOODBANKS, Austerity in full action!

UK Foodbanks in greater use week on week, day on day is a national disgrace and very few say anything or nothing at all, why not?

Stocks Worldwide Massive Selloff, after reading our opinions does anyone think we got it wrong?.




Donald Trump the international blackmailer tells the Scottish people, ban me from Scotland and say goodbye to 700 million of inward investment.

His people claim it is mearly free speech and the Donald is just expressing his views.

International Scotland wishes to express our thoughts, the guy is a complete ar*ehole!

Who does he think he is, he is not investing for our good, hes doing it to further his massive ego and blackmailing the Scottish People just shows he deserves to be banned from Scotland for life.

He attacked 83 yearold Molly Forbes, cut off her water supply then took her to the high court in Scotland and then tried to bankcrupt her in order for him to steal her families land next to Trump International golf course at menie estate, in Scotland some might call him a poultice (draws out poison).

The UK parliment is scared he becomes the leader of the free world, if that happens he will know doubt annoy another countries people and start WW3 before he gets the chance to revisit Scotland.

Argos Facebook Page Funnies

Argos Facebook Page Funnies

Argos Facebook Page Funnies – This will be updated daily with all the funny comments posted by disgruntled customers who cant get a refund or goods they ordered in good faith.


Christmas is over and now the anger of customers and how they have been treated is starting to boil over and today Argos seems to be telling punters that they alter daily prices to suit supply and demand.

Argos supply and demand price hikes



Funnies has changed to despair for thousands of Argos customers who have ordered goods in good faith only to be told a few seconds later there is no stock and refunds wont happen for at least 7 days.

Argos putting people into Christmas hardship.

Argos putting people into christmas hardship Capture



Argos customer care perhaps not buy tv get 4 inch knife for free as Harrison Boddington and young family found out to their costs tonight.

Argos customer care perhaps not buy tv get 4 inch knife for free

Not so funny for this couple or his disabled family, Liam Frederick with a disabled partner and a visually impaired child left high and dry by Argos customers services Thursday 17 12 2015.

Argos forgets these are real people paying them for a service and getting treated like they dont matter at all.

Liam Frederick with a disabled partner and a visually impaired child left high and dry by Argos customers services


Tuesday the 15th saw just how bad things are getting for Argos and their hard pressed customers poor Matt Hyatt got a text message to collect his order from the Local Sunderland Argos Store but hes not from Sunderland or lives near there and to top it off never even ordered anything scary stuff indeed.

Argos Fuuny of the day Tuesday.


Monday saw Argos Customer Servives admit they were online selling when they knew goods were not in stock.

Proof Argos is selling goods online when they know they are not in stock.

Saturday mornings will never be the same again with all the funny comments about argos customer services where loyal customers get so much pain its scary Where loyal Argos Customer Andrew Hopkins found out to his cost this morning!

Andrew Hopkins Saturday morning funny on argos facebook pages Capture

My own Argos latest refund news 11.12.15

argos latest refund news Capture

Argos delivery drivers aleged to using disabled parking zones.

argos drivers using disabled parking zones

Argos Online Customer Monica Hollaway funny as hell Capture.

argos funny as hell Capture























Posted by Sarah Underhill Nuneaton on Argos Facebook Page Funnies.

Sarah Underhill Nuneaton on Argos Facebook page Funnies










Honestly you cant make this stuff up, at this rate we will need more admin staff on here.

Posted by Kirsty Ferguson-Smith on Argos Facebook Page.

you cant honestly make stories like this up.

you cant honestly make stories like this up.















Michelle Jordan on argos facebook page had a very luck escape only mouments ago…..?

She should be thanking her lucky stars.

She should be thanking her lucky stars.















Not a happy argos customer, Corrianne Payne.

Not a happy argos customer bunny Corrianne Payne








Monica Hollaway is not happy but very funny on argos facebook page.

Monica Hollaway is not happy but very funny on argos facebook page

Trump Will Never Play Golf In Scotland Again

Trump Will Never Play Golf In Scotland Again

Trump Will Never Play Golf In Scotland Again- what a neap heed he turned out to be.

We are sorry we once supported this guy, we thought he would be good for the people of Aberdeen and Scotland but that was before we knew if he did not get his own way he would bully an 82 yearold woman and countless other local property owners just to get his golf resort hotel built proves without a shadow the Scottish government got it right today and wants his business links to this country removed stone dead, Robert Gordons wants his honary business degree removed (we did say they were nuts to start with) and now more than 150,000 UK residents wants him banned from entering the UK all together.

This numpty might be the worlds next leader, we blame his past german father and his past Scottish wee free mother would be going mental right now if she was still alive today!

He even tried to bully us and stealing a few domains from us through WIPO (turns out he was one of the founders) and making it up as he went along he even asked an Aberdeen web designer to lie for him so he could steal prized domain-names he needed for his golf course, he should be ashamed of himself and hang his head in shame?

We owned so they had to start with we had the history of trump cards in Scotland on it and told him the history of Scotland was far more important to us than his commercial interests and told him and his sidekick Dod sorial to get stuffed!

Vote for the trumpee and the yanks would be voting for world war 3 because he would never last 4 years without annoying some world power into a rammy with his big gobbo!

Trump Will Never Play Golf In Scotland Again, do we really care, nope we dont!

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