Donald is the true Trump King of Spin for example even Scottish people knows the leader of the free world can’t order a wire tap.

Trump King Of Spin

Someone might have but then again given the amount of contact with the russians that we we are learning about now on a daily basis then it proves if it was not done it should have been.

Trump is way smarter then this blog writer gave him credit for, although hes not political in the real sense hes spotted if he was the king of spin he could forewarn his supporters of trouble long before it becomes the real story.

Thats a very clever use of Trump King Of Spin line plus we loved his line to congress as I speak we are getting rid of the bad guys, really, he only fills 1 plane a week full of bad guys yet Obama got rid of 2 planes a week if true that means hard ass trump is more of a pussy of aleged crime then him yet another Trump King Of Spin.

Trump King Of Spin will only get worse remember the Molly Forbes incident when trump and his sons decided the best way to get rid of an 83 yearold lady who lived in a mobile home on land she owned was two fold.

Trump King of Spin claims it was not him so heres a link to the the actual film explaining it all to all you Trump can do no wrong mob.

Trump ordered a 50 foot hole to be dug on his golf course at Balmedie, Scotland and order her water supply to be cut off, when it was reported Trump said not me GUF but we had insiders in the administration we knew the truth about what they were planning before they began digging just another example of Trump King Of Spin




Trumpgate 2017 could be much bigger than Watergate ever was when did Trump know what Flynn was upto or was he the one that ordered the sanctions fix?

Trumpgate 2017 has the potential to kill off the presidency before its even begun and the reason is someone must have told Flynn what to discuss with the Russians, its obvious he was not acting alone and one thing is for sure VP Pence knew nothing about it so that only leaves one suspect unless your thick!

The Hill smells blood and lots of it, tonight we are told it was a trust issue, whatever that means?

Lets face it Trumpgate 2017 is here to stay, why would any new adminastration be so keen to get off and running offering the ruskies a sanctions deal.

Just like Watergate the real story behind it just grew legs and arms and as the Whitehouse Leaks like a sive Trumpgate 2017 will likely follow the same way.

Like this little corker of a newssnip from the Washington Post in 2016

“Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets,” Trump’s son, Donald Jr., told a real estate conference in 2008, according to an account posted on the website of eTurboNews, a trade publication. “We see a lot of money pouring in from Russia.” REALLY!

It does not add up and Trump waited nearly 3 weeks to kick Flynn into the long grass at Menie Estate no doubt Flynn will get a retirement pass if he manages to keep his former boss from following him.

Its obvious to any reasonable person they are all in this together and now Flynn can’t rely on his employment to keep him safe from the law that Trump screams about and fully supports or so he says will make him swear on oath what his boss told him to pass on to their Russian friends.

This NSA guy must have known every word he said would be recorded by other security personnel and if not deserves to be sacked.

Yesterday Trump looked like he was out of his depth along side his Canadian counterpart and looked at times as though he was going to throw-up and be sick but none of us plebs knew what was going through his mind at the time and he did well not to be sick.

Perhaps it was the VP that set this Trumpgate 2017 all up as he knows Trump knows nothing about politics and besides if Trump goes the VP takes over, genius!

You cant say we never told you, like cutting off the water supply of an 83 yearold Scottish Lady just google Molly Forbes Balmedie here? (what a great guy)

Things will only get worse any political friends he has now will run a mile and this potential scandal will perhaps be called Trumpgate 2017.

Footnote someone has just rented

Word of warning Trump protects his name and he will be to WIPO in a flash as he thinks hes the only person that could use a domain with the word TRUMP in it, he should change his trademark to GOD because thats what he thinks he is.


I had an occasion to visit the Garthdee centre recently and boy was it cold – they are most definitely on a penny pinching exercise. I swear I saw a wee brass monkey and one of the visitors called him Poll, in fact I’m sure one of them said to the monkey Polly put that kettle on, it’s bludy freezing in here!

As if that wasn’t enough we then got fed nearly stale food that you could have bounced off the wall.

I was in Garthdee for a while and never spotted anybody except that wee brass monkey gibbering for money for coffee’s.

Unless your keen to get a dose of the cold or flu it’s worth keeping well away from that Centre – you could wear a heavy coat or even a scarf and gloves – just remember this; it was freezing the day I went but inside it was even colder. What a memory..:)




Get Jarvis 16.1 APK

Get Kodi Jarvis 16.1 back on your android device the easy way.

How to get Jarvis 16.1 back onto your Android Devices after Google pushed an update thats still in Beta form has dismayed users of the open source app


How to get Jarvis 16.1 back, all Jarvis 16.1 users that has had this update forced on their devices because users got it from the play store and because the app asked for your permissions to update the app thats what happened!

But not all is lost the same play store is there to save the day.

We can all argue why Google was faced to do this, one reason could have to do with pending court action.

The genie is now out of the bottle and it will never come back as the source code is out there now and to stay.

CyberGhost is a 1-click solution for your all your privacy needs.


For educational purposes only


Point your Kodi 17.0 App towards the official Kodi app in the Google Play Store, once there click the uninstall tab, this will delete Kodi 17 from your device all together.

2/ Open your devices browsers and do a manual search for Jarvis 16.1 APK or simply click this link.

3/ Once downloaded go to your devices file manager and look for the last download which will be the above file.

4/ You may have to go into your settings and tell your device to allow other sources.

5/ Click on this file and install it.

6/ Open 16.1 as you could have done before and install your addons as before.

7/ Normal service has been resumed and because its a stand alone app only you can update its source and Kodi cant access it or anyone else for that matter!

Because this is an open source file anyone can distrubute it from now on so its pointless to try and stop or even block it as others will simply upload it for others to openly source it from other websites.

Google might even approve in its usual silent way as Kodi is the reason Andriod has such appeal over Apple IOS.

Any questions on How to get Jarvis 16.1 back just ask here?

European Euro-Millions Winners Get Paid More

European Euro-Millions Winners Get Paid More.


European Euro-Millions Winners Get Paid More, last week UK winners with 2 balls got £2.60 in a prize German players got 4.20 Euro’s.

The exchange rate is around 1.16 to the pound so how did the european players get an extra 60p?

Why did UK players pay an extra 50p per ticket for lower prize money something does not add up here?

The only way this would work is if they paid more for their tickets but can find no evidence this is so in either case all players should pay the same and get same rewards if they win that’s only fair is it not?

Ridiculously Rich Cakes

Ridiculously Rich Cakes | Ridiculously Rich by Alana

Ridiculously Rich Cakes, Ridiculously Rich by Alana  wins this years BBC The Apprentice Show and yet again like last years shows all thats wrong in its delivery.

Ridiculously rich cakes by Alana and the second placed candiate did what happened last year after the win all contenders all failed to make sure both brand names were available on the domain market, they are meant to be the brightest business minds in the uk.

Yet again both contenders that was so sure of their business plans failed to secure their brand names and more importantly the entire range of domain registers like the, as these are already registered.

The same happened last year when the chosen winner was climbonline who ended up with a stupid domain name with a hyphen in it and then tried to convince many they were SEO experts!

A quick look at the search engines for Ridiculously Rich on Google shows its going to be tough going as that keyword term will also bring up a certain type of models so it makes more sense to name it Ridiculously rich cakes

What business in this day and age gets so much publicity for so long and does not forward plan and by up loads of domain names for the future winner of the show which is something they are going to have to put right next year as this comes across as amature in the extreme.

International Scotland wishes Alana all the sucess in the world with her Ridiculously rich cakes/Ridiculously Rich by Alana.



Scotland’s September 2014 Independence vote was rigged and as expected afterwards there were shouts of fix, rigged etc… which led to certain individuals looking into very strange voting habits which had never ever been seen before.

After comprehensive research those doing the voting research found strange voting patterns in certain areas of Scotland.


They decided after research that the Independence vote was rigged, and rather than look for proof they researched the vote enough to find that the result was impossible, which in turn automatically proved that the Independence vote in September 2014 was rigged.

You can find the story and proof of establishment interference at this website, now when you talk about the September 2014 Independence vote you can pass on to your children and Grandchildren the way the English establishment ran a rigged vote to stop Scotland getting it’s independence.


Read about how they fixed the election here, if like me, you will consider if every voting in the U.K. is already fixed and decided?

Trump Dissaster For America

Trump Disaster For America.

Donald Trump will be a disaster for America and the rest of the world as he now finds himself in a hotseat he never expected to fill.

He wants to build walls, he wants to protect American jobs and his ego is bigger than all the heads in the world put together.

When he gets the keys to the whitehouse he will be told just like everyone before him, this is what we will allow you to do not what you want to do which will shock him to his core.

We said he was a nutter with good reason, to put it mildly he will piss off a world leader there is no doublt about it remember this man bullies his way through life at every turn.

He dug a hole so big just so he could turn off the water to Molly Forbes caravan at Balmedie while she was 83 yearsold and then tried to make her bankrupt at the court of session in Edinburgh just so he could steal her land.

Last night America was awash with demonstrations and hes not even in office till Jan 20th 2017, just how bad its going to get by then is the really scary thing for all the people of the world.

Of course it gets worse the more you think about his control of our nukes, the quicker we get rid of them the quicker we will become even safer!

Trump has never ever worked with others he does not know the meaning of working together which means as soon as he does not get his own way he will do what he has always done, he will sulk like a little child and hit out and it wont be pretty.

Of Course Kennedy was of the same ilk by all accounts and when he went off the reservation we all know what happened to him.

The biggest problem Trump has got is his own self rightous ego, if he fails to build the wall and we all know he wont because Mexico wont pay for it the people who voted for his protest vote will be back to square one and all of America will be on the streets demanding his head on a spike and shows just how dump, stupid or just how desperate people wanted to vote for him.

Clinton was not much better, just how these two clowns was the best America could muster just shows how bad America has become?

The best bit of news for Scotland was the fact TIPP is now dead CP – Common Purpose plans for the last 20 years is now dead for at least 5 years and NHS England wont be privitised just run into the ground instead.

International Scotland is rarely wrong so watch this space, Trump Will Be A Disaster For America.

Scottish Government Childhood Flu

Scottish Government Childhood Flu.


Scottish Government Childhood Flu

Prepare kids for the fight against flu in Scotland this winter.Parents in Scotland are being urged to prepare their children for the fight against flu as the latest national childhood flu vaccination programme gets underway.

Prepare kids for the fight against flu this winter.

As health professionals warn there is the potential for this year’s flu season to be serious, children aged 2-5 can get vaccinated at their GP practice from October.
Every year in Scotland, children are hospitalised for treatment of flu, or its complications.
The vaccine helps protect children against flu, and is given as a painless nasal spray.

It only takes a few minutes, and provides protection for around a year.
To find out more about the childhood flu vaccine and its benefits, visit or call NHS Inform on 0800 22 44 88.



The bad news is there is no Brexit Latest News other than the Government and its ministers are completely useless and at odds with the PM.

Britain’s prime minister has said Brexit Minister David Davis comments on the European Union single market are just “his opinion” and not government policy.

The rift between UK PM Theresa May and Davis highlights the fact that even the highest echelons of government are still not clear on what exactly Brexit means.

Of course International Scotland told everyone including our loyal readers this would happen, in fact we will stick our necks out and say the chances of an article 50 in 2017 is even more unlikely.

Even if its triggered the chances of it going through before the next election are now rated by us as Zero.

No one in Government wants this to now happen, the SNP does not want it, 80% of Torries says no and Labour (who are they again) says they want another vote.

Labour states today the want the final deal to go back for yet another Ref vote, they are nutters!

Scotland wants another indy vote and would win it hands down, the conservitives are fully aware it would lose the Union but if they fudge Article 50 the SNP might not get another mandate like the last time so its a win, win for them!

Then there’s the total rubish by the stay camp of gloom and doom of a economy in a nose dive, project fear is now the real victim that if the Tory Party ever attempts project fear again that vote will only ever go one way, Scottish home rule for sure.

Brexit Latest News, are wont be Brexit Latest News for sometime to come or of any real substance and that will be by design.

read more here.

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