NHS biggest sell off ever!



NHS biggest sell off ever!



Yes it’s happened, although no one is talking about it – especially our Westminster controlled bought and paid for British Broadcasting Service – our beloved NHS which we were all told is not being sold or dismantled.

The Tories and the Liberal Democrats have once again for the umpteenth time stabbed their great British voters in the back and sold off our one and only “Crown Jewel”, the NHS – they signed a deal for the obscene amount of £780 million split amongst 11 organisations – it is also suggested that some of the eleven different companies have dodgy records so it seems that only money was the deciding factor and not the voters who put them there.

Yet again Joe Public is a spectator watching the antics of an out of touch government who are under the misapprehension that they know what they are doing.

Surely this great British public will never vote them in again? Surely this great British public are not that idiotic? Surely that great British public know they have destroyed all social justice and the welfare state? Surely the great British public know by this time we should be able to vote for a cardboard box and receive a better run country, Surely???

Try here for the story not being told!




U.K. politicians starting to get worried about the election outcome – as predicted, we did suggest that the heavyweight big guns would be due out to squeal about the injustice of the voting methods in Scotland.

If as many have predicted that the SNP get anywhere close to the fifty MPs it’s suggested they will get then Westminster will be very close to a hung parliament – it is in this entanglement that voting for what is good for the country as whole will be acceptable to the SNP as long as it is good for “social justice”, for the whole of the United Kingdom – if they attempt to bring in further austerity it will be tackled face on and stopped.

It will be good for the whole of the U.K. if we can get rid of these “food banks”, and it will be good for the whole of the U.K. if Scotland starts to dig themselves out of this eternal pit – why are these politicians so blind?

Only today we learn that Scotland has the Worlds finest tea of all things – judged by experts from all the different teas from around the World, Scotland now has the best!

We now need to watch and learn exactly how Westminster and their tricksters attempt once again to alter the outcome of a Countries future – what monster lies will they tell? What dirt will they dig up which stains the character of those we in Scotland believe in? What evil plan will be hatched to make sure Scotland is not the one which will return the U.K. into a civilised society with citizens who care about “social justice”.

Climb-Online.co.uk 2014 BBC Apprentice Winner

Climb-Online.co.uk 2014 BBC Apprentice Winner.

The winner of last years BBC Apprentice Mark Wright has been rightly savaged by the real SEO experts in the UK.

Below is the next incarnation of this business model that promotes top quality SEO with claims of;
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First its a new business just how they can claim to be the leading

company for Paid Search, Organic SEO and Social Media Marketing Services is beyond anyone in the SEO industry.

If they were so good you would think they would get the basics right first, we were once Google Webmaster Gurus and just like there our advice here is free;

Our advice in blue;

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coding for HTML5 based websites and designs.

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Generic coding for english, our advice should be always state clearly your target country, search engine bots hates the TAG lang=”enbecause simply put bots needs to know how content is spelt in the country you are operating from and you target audience.

Of course if you were the leading SEO company you would know this to be true.

The correct meta here should be lang=”en-GB“>

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Generic coding for all types of browsers

Starting with IE11, edge mode is the preferred document mode; it represents the highest support for modern standards available to the browser.

Use the HTML5 document type declaration to enable edge mode

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This part above is correct!

<title> Climb Online® Official Website | SEO & PPC Agency </title>

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<!– Meta –> <meta name=”descriptioncontent=”Climb Online® Official Website – The UK’s leading company for Paid Search, Organic SEO and Social Media Marketing Services. Generate More Leads Online!“>

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The site in general has very little content of note but it does have 99 w3c CCS 3 errors


Even more worrying is the fact it has over 38 w3c HTML5 errors and 5 warnings on its front page.


Front page errors is not good in best practices for SEO purposes as it makes the job of search engines harder to read the said content if any.

Problem with title is its not generic enough, no one in a years time will remember it won the apprentice show so say you have never heard of climb online and you want SEO help for your website the last thing you will type is CLIMB ONLINE into the search engines.

Just had a look at their twitter feed and all is revealed, climb online is so good at SEO they got another web design company to use their own templated website changed the content and graphics slightly and apparently took 6 weeks when we could all do it in less than a few hours.

So Climb-Online.co.uk dont seem to know to much about on page alt tags, meta tags, H1,H2 tags or validated websites and its usages how can they claim to be an leading SEO company baffles us in the field of SEO in our humble opinion.

If your thinking of using these guys talk to us first, we give this sort of advice for free as we would if you were asking for general advice on SEO matters within Google Webmaster Forums.

UPDATE; climb online’s newest clients are STAR51.co.uk if you look at its website coding its seems very familiar already. Star 51 is so unusual a name its garrenteed to be placed number 1 on any search engine no matter what SEO was applied, the trick will be what else in search generic terms will it show up for?

Strangely it does not show up for STAR 51


To the people at star 51 here is one example of using no keyword meta on page.

We get over 1 million page views on this blog each year lets see if we generate more traffic than elsewhere; STAR 51 CLOTHING Company can be found at www.star51.co.uk

Just check your web servers for this referral external link








Has any of our readers over the last few years ever had to change their bank details on Paypal and later found out they took £1 to confirm your bank details but on checking your bank statements they never put refunded this money unless you ask them for it first?

On checking my online accounts this has happened 3 times in a row OK its not the end of world but they must be raking it in they only need a few million to change their cards and hay presto instant cash cow and they get an instant 99% profit as they give you 1p back before your £1 spend to them.

Why dont they give us the £1 to start with and when we give them the 1 pound we are all square, because its not in their interests is it?

If you have recently changed your credit card details with paypal please check your bank statements and see if you have been diddled out of cash, it might not seem alot but paypal is not one person there millions of different accounts.

Horror story now the responsibility of those running the BBC

Horror story now the responsibility of those running the BBC


The BBC is being watched very closely after the latest reports – an ex military Officer has researched the “Establishment”, the ” Government”, and beyond.

Whatever political party is running the country, the quicker they act the better – we have been told swift action will be taken, that was months ago – what will it take for them to do something constructive?

We felt the story was so stomach turning it needed to be told, so read the whole story yourself and you decide;







Labour are now Scotland’s public enemy number one, clever forward thinking voters say that anybody who spent months attempting to make Scotland a district of England needs to be treated with the contempt they deserve. Have you noticed how we have seen the upsurge in using the heading with the words, SCOTTISH labour, especially when Scotland’s labour councillors are the dogs-bodies of England’s Westminster puppets.

Conservatives are next in Scotland’s public enemy list, reason says that although the Tories have been booted out of Scotland (it’s amazing the Scots woke up to them years ago!) we still get inundated with the Tory leader Ruth Davidson who always got more air time than Scotland’s past First Minister Alex Salmond, in fact Ruth Davidson is a perfect example of the Westminster manipulation of the BBC in Scotland attempting to keep the Tory flame alive.
Liberal Democrats are such a bad choice of Councillor it speaks volumes about the type of person who are voting for them – the Liberal Democrats will go down in history as the partners in Government who systematically destroyed the “Welfare State”, introduced by the true Labour Party after the last war. The Liberal Democrats will also be remembered by the introduction of over a million U.K. citizens having to line up at “Food Banks”.

Scotland is in desperate need of change today – social justice – getting rid of food banks – affordable heating – preserving the NHS, are all priorities which need urgent attention. These things need to be settled before social unrest becomes the norm, Scotland has been subject to lies, lies and more lies – it comes from all directions but usually in the shape of a brass necked politician whose roots are in Westminster.
2015 could possibly be one of the most important political years with respect to Scotland’s future. It is very important to note that we are being faced very early with the Westminster controlled press so at the risk of sounding paranoid – here we go again fellow Scots! We can expect every political heavyweight crawling out from under their stone with negative comments and threats more horrible than ever before hitting Scotland and Scotland’s citizens.






The SNP is reiterating its call for a full investigation into reports that DWP staff are pressured into applying sanctions.

New research published this week has shown that lone parents in Scotland will be around £1,800 worse off annually as a result of Westminster welfare cuts – before the impact of sanctions are even taken into account.  Research published by the Scottish Government in 2014 found that the proportion of sanctions applied to lone parents increased from 0.5 per cent in 2008/9 to 4.8 per cent in 2013/14.

The Scottish Government has already taken strong action to mitigate the impact of welfare cuts on lone parents – with figures showing that the Scottish Welfare Fund has helped more than 8,000 lone parents since 2013.

The financial loss to lone parents has also been mitigated due to Scottish Government action on Council Tax benefit cuts and the Bedroom Tax – meaning that the overall loss for lone parents in Scotland is £180 less for parents with one child and £270 less for parents with two children, compared to the UK average.

Commenting, SNP MSP Kevin Stewart said:

“Westminster’s welfare cuts are hurting families in communities across Scotland – and new figures show that lone families in particular are suffering not only from cuts but from the unfair sanctioning agenda imposed by the DWP.

“The number of sanctions being imposed on lone parent families is deeply worrying – but particularly so in the context of reports of DWP staff being pressurised into imposing sanctions. That’s why there must be an extensive independent investigation carried out into the imposition of sanctions – to examine whether staff are under pressure and to look at the impact the sanctions regime is having on vulnerable people in Scotland.

“The Scottish Government is doing all it can with the powers it currently holds to mitigate the worst excesses of Westminster’s cuts – and figures show that more than 8,000 lone parent families have been helped by the Welfare Fund why long parent families in general are at least £180 better off in Scotland than in the rest of the UK thanks to Scottish Government action.

“But it is clearly that more needs to be done to make the welfare state fair and fit for purpose.  The General Election in May is Scotland’s opportunity to hold real power at Westminster – and put an end to the unfair cuts which are hurting lone parents across Scotland and ensure full powers over welfare are in Scotland’s hands.”

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