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ABERDEEN MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC, We say thank-you for alerting us to yet another example of local politicians behaving like little children where telling lies seems to now be the norm in Aberdeen political life.

This time its pollys side kick Gordon Townson in the spotlight, the public has pointed us to the the SNP Aberdeen website where we find one of polly’s corporate sponsors is doing a bit of moon lighting for his secret boss in trying to create the impression inchgarth is being badly treated by the ruling labour party!

He States on the SNP Blog that his secret boss was just made an MBE for services to the garthdee Community, but then adds and being “good at management of the community centre“. which after checking with both the cabinet office in London and the Scottish government is complete and utter lies!

Councillor Townson then went on to state “This is a terrible way to serve hard working volunteers.” how many times does SNP and lib dem councillors need to say this quote polly is not a volunteer hes a £27,000 pa paid employee if hes that bothered about their plight why don’t we hear him asking for fair pay to all the really hard working workers who do the same job as polly all over Aberdeen if not more yet he gets paid and they don’t, if they are so hard working then surely if there’s lots of money being generated then why is Townson and friends not asking for these people to be paid the going rate?

These politicans don’t even follow the councillors code of conduct by declaring there’s an interest with inchgarth the local register of interests is void of any such interest!

(Self-Employed) GT Eye 2 Eye a community engagement consultant Deliver enterprise in education projects/initiates involving several academies in City and Shire is a coporate sponsor of inchgarth yet he’s allowed to vote in council committees that directly involves inchgarth and never once declared an interest, why?

Does any of our readers wish to comment on these matters, how about Mr Townson?







A member of the public has contacted us and gave a link to an STV news story dated the day after the council meeting of the 22nd of November 2012, we were not aware of this report till today we wish to thank the persons for informing us of this.

In this STV report they stated a number of alleged quotes from Mr P O’Connor from inchgarth CC, these were as follows;

“We’ve created something special here, and it could all just vanish, which would be a tragedy for the thousands of people who use Inchgarth Community Centre and other places like us.

“I could walk away next week, with a decent pay-off and I would be okay. But what about those who aren’t so fortunate? I got an MBE, but it was just my face on the stamp.”

We reported this 2 weeks ago that insiders at inchgarth was letting it be known that O’Connor and others were planning an exit strategy if things went pear-shaped we were yet again called liars and now this 23rd of November STV proves yet again we were reporting the truth.

This idea of taking an redundancy payment from the centre does not add up, Mr O’Connor is a paid member of staff the only one at over £27,000 pa he claimed in council chambers that inchgarth only has an annual income of between £30,000-£40,000 per Annam how can this be true if inchgarth can afford to pay him a “decent pay off” if they only have limited funds and if inchgarth generates huge sums which this admin team is getting more and more detailed information every day since this figure was quoted it proves inchgarth was in better shape than most of the other centres to repair the building the lease from the council after all!

The council should use their new powers that leased centres have now formally undertaken to allow auditors in to investigate how much money actually inchgarth has at its disposal.

If Inchgarth can pay off its manager and afford to do this than the people of Aberdeen must have huge respect for the Rev, Cowie and Alex Mess who will walk away from the job they have been doing for more years than the janitor from garthdee with nothing how can this be just and proper, this must be the unfortunates O’Connor must be referring to?

The council needs to do this urgently because the STV report also sites the inchgarth manny saying they have 2500 members which grew 300 members in the space of 18 hours as the janitor told the councillors they had 2200 members the day before, how can this be the case, or is it a case of we can tell them what ever we like, who cares well if each member of the centre pays £5 each that’s £1500 of a difference straight off for this reason alone the council must investigate?




  • We told our readership inchgarth would sign, inchgarth called us liars!
  • We told you they would use other centres as human shields, inchgarth called us liars!
  • We said inchgarth was lying when they said they would never ever sign this new agreement if one did not sign none would, they called us liars!
  • They created an hate campaign against the labour party and said they would never sign as it was disgusting, they said the were 100% united and still called us liars!
  • Now inchgarth management committee (funny its always a collective when they are deep in their own crap) wants everyone to know they are excepting the agreement after all.


They are making noises Powis was wrong to reject the deal and should have joined them?

Word is Powis feel they have been badly let down by the protest leadership?

Inchgarth seems to think there has been no change in governance, they are very wrong.

They have only signed an extension to the 31st of Jan 2013 along with 5 other leased centres all saying last Thursday, WE WONT SIGN IT.

279 People supported the no campaign on facebook yet there are no apologies for letting them all down at least these people believed in their cause, inchgarth and other centres used it as a means to an end without telling their disciples anything, just shocking!

How can anyone who has been awarded an MBE and holds a Burgess award claim they somehow hoodwinked the City councillors into submission and thinks the people of Aberdeen will support them over time?

The truth is and always will be 7 leased centres tried to bully the council and its officials into a back-down only for Tillydrone to break the protest and for all others to capitulate sign a lease they hate with all their hearts and thinks the council will forgive are living on another planet!

This statement does not say what the new agreement means for all leased centres most of which leased centres will try to bargain away between now and the end of January they have had a year to do this another 2 months wont make any difference but one difference will be they will all be fighting their own corners as trust between these seven centres can never be rekindled and the council will no doubt pick them off one at a time, moreover this is because they are all on new terms of service which they deliberately fail to mention for good reason.

All leased centres can now be entred at the councils whim, including ordering centre Audits, HMIE inspections, following the public pound, child protection issues and a host of other measures not in the old lease agreements and the very reason most centres started a protest site in the first place.

The maintenance issue was always a red herring to get the attention away from things centres just did not want any changes.

One example of these changes will show at inchgarth, Mr O’Connor will no longer be called the manager and chairman at the same time as this has been removed in the new agreement not that it will make much operational difference other than his Eggo having to come to terms of being classed as the full time janitor and if hes really lucky maybe centre co-ordinator as some insiders have quoted as being his new official title!

Inchgarth has lied so many times and are now proven liars how can anyone think they are telling the truth now?




No not to be confused with the man of no honour, Paul O’Connor MBE!

Don’t say we never told you so, it was reported today that 6 out of the 7 leased centres had after all signed up to except the new ACC leased centre agreements after all saving the inchgarth leaders reported £27,000 annual salary.

Only a few days ago the Support Aberdeen Community centres headed by a bully boy and best mate David Forbes stated ”

Folks the council votes to evict 7 centres on Thursday , then another 20plus centres in February . On Monday night a meeting of centres was held, if the council evict one they evict every centre. They stand as one. We meet councillors today, let us see what a new day brings. Tomorrow they vote and the people of every community are watching , a city is watching and the tsunami of public fury will be massive. Councillors, support your communities and city, do not destroy it!

279 peple supported the NO CAMPAIGN!


Only Powis community centre stood firm so much for loyalty, loyalty is but a £27,000 janitors job!

Paul claimed no-one would sign if 1 said no they all said no!

Where does this leave inchgarth now, well no one is going to fall for this crap again and we did say this would happen and it was all bluff by them in any case and when it came down to it inchgarth would have signed it even if 6 centres never!

Paul O’Connor can never be trusted again his word of an MBE award holder means nothing at all he tried to bully the council and it backfired!

David Forbes stated “we will not back down” leader of the disabled charity Future Choices, will he walk away from inchgarth now hes been stabbed in the back by his so-called friends!

Will sitting labour disabled MP Anne Begg remove her support from the leader of Future Choices for backing a hate campaign against the ruling Aberdeen labour party administration?

Support Aberdeen Community centres on Facebook” totally discredited for attacking Aberdeen City Council, will this page now be taken down.

279 supporters putting their name to a protest that was merely an attempt to bully a council any apology to them?

Any apologies to the leader of Aberdeen City Council Mr Crockett?

Any apologies to the city officers the no campaign berated?

Any apology for the Aberdeen men of true honour the Rev Cowie and Alex Ness who showed honour and virtue is prized above rank and fortune and should be applauded for standing firm unlike the inchgarth bully boy?

Oh yes there was so much lost today, personal credibility, pride, truth, honour and virtue of which the people of Aberdeen can now see and know that International Scotland will always provide true and accurate reporting!

Who would want to be associated with a centre like this now or in the future?

When playing a high stakes game of poker players need to know they have the cards to win and the only thing incharth had was a joker!



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Following on from the disastrous drubbing the Aberdeen Labour Party gave Dug lover Mr O’Connor double 0 nothing last Thursday evening Polly gathers his troops at a birthday bash in aid of light relief and relaxation in Aberdeen’s west end and leaves with money peggy!

Last Thursday proved to be a turning point for double 0 nothing as yet again his counting was way out of sink with reality, he told the councillors inchgarth has a footfall of 120,000 a year now lets assume they pay just £2 per go that equals £240,000, he then told the people of Aberdeen he had a profit of £30,000 from just his first six months at peggys cafe, he then gets over £10,000 pa just to agree he can open the centre late at night, another £10,000+ from concert take-ins and he gets £10,000 for council grant, all together adds up £300,000+ PA and nowhere near the £35,000 pa he claimed to councillors last Thursday afternoon, Mr O’Connor thinks the people of Aberdeen are stupid!

Furthermore he pays no rent, tax, rates and the council pays all utilities including gas electricity and phone bills nice work if one can get it but this is the latest garthdee news and it will get worse before it gets better!

Heres the problem if the centre has a footfall of 120,000 the sums just dont add up?

This means each user is just paying the centre 25p per visit, does anyone think this is the right conclusion given his evidence to the council committee?

Most other leased centres are in the same boat just on a smaller scale!




Manchester man jailed for sexual abuse of two girls.


Ronald Marsden
Ronald Marsden admitted the charges against him at Manchester Crown Court

An 80-year-old man who sexually abused two girls aged four and five and took pictures of them has been jailed.

Ronald Marsden, 80, of Baguley, Manchester, was arrested in August after one of the girls told her mother she had been assaulted.

He admitted two counts of sexual assault on children and six counts of making indecent images of his victims.

Marsden was jailed at Manchester Crown Court for 32 months and ordered to sign the sex offenders’ register for life.

Det Con Emma Cochrane, of Greater Manchester Police, Public Protection Division, said: “Marsden committed the most reprehensible crimes against two young, innocent girls and this is nothing short of a living nightmare for them and their families.

“Both girls have been supported by specially trained officers throughout and they will continue to get this help going forward.

“They have shown incredible bravery, dignity and cooperation for girls so young and I hope that it is of some comfort to them that their parents can now tell them the person responsible is in prison.

“We will thoroughly investigate any and all such reports and if anyone has been a victim of sexual assault, regardless of when it happened, please contact us in complete confidence.”




News source, BBC Manchester.





Past visitors to International Scotland would know this subject was very close to our hearts, below is the offical press release from ACC which spells out the council case exactlly and as our local media has refrianed from reporting it in full we will so no-one is in any doubt what hoops leased centres have to jump through, our comments, if any are in bold type!

Members of Aberdeen City Council’s Education, Culture and Sport Committee today [Thursday 22 November] heard an update on the current position in relation to moving community centres to the ‘leased’ type model.

The committee heard that since they had last met in September [2012] four Management Committees have signed up to the ‘leased’ type model. These are Mastrick Community Centre, Northfield Community Centre, Seaton Community Centre and Tillydrone Community Centre.

Tillydrone was one of the seven that David Forbes (Future Choices) and Mr O’Connor of Inchgarth (Support Aberdeen leased centres facebook campaign group) claimed would never sign the new agreement including inchgarth CC.

The report also provided an update on the six community centres which have leases that are operating on the basis of tacit relocation and are due to come to an end on Wednesday 28 November 2012. Tacit relocation is a principle in Scots law in which leases of land or buildings are renewed on the same conditions and previously existed if no notice of termination is given within the requisite period. The six community centres are Balnagask, Balgownie, Catherine Street, Froghall, Inchgarth and Sheddocksley.

Deputations were heard from those representing the six management committees and from representatives of groups that utilise the facilities of the six community centres still to sign up to the lease agreement.

Following a lengthy debate in which amendments were put forward by Councillor Jennifer Stewart and Councillor Gordon Townson, Convener Councillor Jenny Laing’s motion was agreed 14 votes to nine.

The Convener’s motion which was approved by the committee:
a. Notes the progress of the following centres, where the leases are continuing on the basis of tacit relocation, onto the new lease and management agreement arrangements: Balnagask, Balgownie, Catherine Street, Froghall, Inchgarth, Sheddocksley.

b. In respect of these centres, where the Management Committee has been unable or unwilling to sign up to the new lease and management agreement prior to 28 November 2012, for each of these community centres, to:

i. Instruct officers to provide a temporary licence for the Management
Committee, within the same terms and conditions of the new lease and
management agreement, through to 31 January 2013 (with the exception of
constitutional requirements; the association may still be in the process of
amending their constitution to one that meets the requirements of the lease
and management agreement), subject to clause 5.2.9 in this report.

c. Notes the progress in relation to moving the remaining community centres onto the new lease and management agreement.

d. Instructs officers to introduce a scheme (including setting criteria) whereby associations will be invited to apply to the council around about Nov/Dec for financial assistance/contribution towards any outstanding or identified external repairs for which they are liable, but are struggling to afford.

e. Approves the transfer of the funds from the former Ruthrieston Management Committee to the current Ruthrieston Management Committee.

f. To instruct officers to offer Management Committees who do not wish to sign up to the Lease and Management Agreement, an alternative option whereby the affected community centre would still require to sign a licence to occupy prior to the 28 November 2012, but once the lease expires on 31 January 2013, would be operated in the same way as a community centre attached to a school: ie it would be run and managed by the council, with the Management Committee inputting into the development of a programme at that site. In this situation, the Management Committee would no longer be entitled to a Development Grant (from 1 Feb 2013 onwards) but would still be eligible to receive £625 per year for the purpose of purchasing insurance. It is understood that the transition to such a model may require a reduction in programme at the affected site.

Aberdeen City Council’s Education, Culture and Sport Committee Convener Jenny Laing said: “I have the highest respect for the dedication of everyone involved at all community centres. I firmly believe that the arrangements that we have put forward are the best which could possibly be offered and I would strongly urge the remaining community centres to sign the lease and management agreement or opt to operate like a community centre attached to a school.

Vice-convener Councillor Ross Thomson said: “The new lease and management agreement is fundamentally important to ensuring proper governance and protection, and will ensure safeguards are in place which will protect volunteers and users of community centres. Volunteers do a fantastic job and their efforts were applauded by all at the committee. Today’s decision will make our community stronger with all these protections in place.”


Leased centre inchgarth, through their unkown web friends seems to be claiming full success but everything they did not want to sign up to they will now be forced to comply with from the 29th of November on.

Further it would be very strange for the council to allow certain activities from being allowed to contine as presently is the case, We still think Inchgarth will never capitulate fully to the best practices the council want all communities to now adhere to going forward and we think the people of Aberdeen will thank the labour party in the years ahead for taking on such bullying tactics from some leased centres.

The biggest problem for all centres refusing to except these new terms of service agreements was the fact they were telling locals their respective centres were to close down this threat is no longer valid so public outcry is no-longer on the agenda and this puts management committees at a huge disadvantage and has completely wrong footed David Forbes support Aberdeen leased centres hate campaign on facebook against the Aberdeen labour administration!

Admin 2



New statistics from the European Commission have revealed that the UK takes the highest proportion of taxes from both petrol and diesel in the EU.

The figures show that tax represents 59.7% of petrol prices and 57.7% of diesel prices, a higher percentage than in any other EU country.

The SNP have repeatedly called for action to be taken to address sky-high fuel prices, including through the introduction of a fuel-duty regulator that would see increased Treasury receipts brought in from high oil prices used to fund a corresponding reduction to fuel duties.

Commenting, SNP Treasury Spokesperson Stewart Hosie MP said:

“High fuel prices hit households and businesses, yet thanks to Westminster we face the highest rates of taxes on petrol and diesel in Europe.

“Those high fuel prices are a barrier to economic recovery and are driving up the cost not just of motoring, but of everything we buy in our day to day lives.

“High fuel prices also have a disproportionate effect on the budgets of households and businesses in rural areas, yet despite all of these facts the Scottish Government is prevented from taking action to address the situation.

“Decisions made at Westminster mean that people in Scotland face paying the highest rate of taxes on fuel in Europe.

“Those decisions on the levels of tax paid at the pump in Scotland should be made by people in Scotland and only a Yes vote in 2014 will secure the independent Scotland we need to give us that opportunity.”


INTERNATIONAL SCOTLAND’S “NEW LOOK“, has been needing a clean up for some time and we felt that before the new year was the best time to “Spring Clean” the website.

We have taken on extra Admin and we are fortunate enough to have two from the States who have already contributed some of our information. At present we are in consultation with friends in Manchester England who are also keen to bring us some of the Lancashire news. As many of us have family members in Manchester it seems a logical thing to do so that we can all keep abreast of the U.K. National gossip.

Keep your eyes on the website for all the latest news and info.