No not to be confused with the man of no honour, Paul O’Connor MBE!

Don’t say we never told you so, it was reported today that 6 out of the 7 leased centres had after all signed up to except the new ACC leased centre agreements after all saving the inchgarth leaders reported £27,000 annual salary.

Only a few days ago the Support Aberdeen Community centres headed by a bully boy and best mate David Forbes stated ”

Folks the council votes to evict 7 centres on Thursday , then another 20plus centres in February . On Monday night a meeting of centres was held, if the council evict one they evict every centre. They stand as one. We meet councillors today, let us see what a new day brings. Tomorrow they vote and the people of every community are watching , a city is watching and the tsunami of public fury will be massive. Councillors, support your communities and city, do not destroy it!

279 peple supported the NO CAMPAIGN!


Only Powis community centre stood firm so much for loyalty, loyalty is but a £27,000 janitors job!

Paul claimed no-one would sign if 1 said no they all said no!

Where does this leave inchgarth now, well no one is going to fall for this crap again and we did say this would happen and it was all bluff by them in any case and when it came down to it inchgarth would have signed it even if 6 centres never!

Paul O’Connor can never be trusted again his word of an MBE award holder means nothing at all he tried to bully the council and it backfired!

David Forbes stated “we will not back down” leader of the disabled charity Future Choices, will he walk away from inchgarth now hes been stabbed in the back by his so-called friends!

Will sitting labour disabled MP Anne Begg remove her support from the leader of Future Choices for backing a hate campaign against the ruling Aberdeen labour party administration?

Support Aberdeen Community centres on Facebook” totally discredited for attacking Aberdeen City Council, will this page now be taken down.

279 supporters putting their name to a protest that was merely an attempt to bully a council any apology to them?

Any apologies to the leader of Aberdeen City Council Mr Crockett?

Any apologies to the city officers the no campaign berated?

Any apology for the Aberdeen men of true honour the Rev Cowie and Alex Ness who showed honour and virtue is prized above rank and fortune and should be applauded for standing firm unlike the inchgarth bully boy?

Oh yes there was so much lost today, personal credibility, pride, truth, honour and virtue of which the people of Aberdeen can now see and know that International Scotland will always provide true and accurate reporting!

Who would want to be associated with a centre like this now or in the future?

When playing a high stakes game of poker players need to know they have the cards to win and the only thing incharth had was a joker!