• We told our readership inchgarth would sign, inchgarth called us liars!
  • We told you they would use other centres as human shields, inchgarth called us liars!
  • We said inchgarth was lying when they said they would never ever sign this new agreement if one did not sign none would, they called us liars!
  • They created an hate campaign against the labour party and said they would never sign as it was disgusting, they said the were 100% united and still called us liars!
  • Now inchgarth management committee (funny its always a collective when they are deep in their own crap) wants everyone to know they are excepting the agreement after all.


They are making noises Powis was wrong to reject the deal and should have joined them?

Word is Powis feel they have been badly let down by the protest leadership?

Inchgarth seems to think there has been no change in governance, they are very wrong.

They have only signed an extension to the 31st of Jan 2013 along with 5 other leased centres all saying last Thursday, WE WONT SIGN IT.

279 People supported the no campaign on facebook yet there are no apologies for letting them all down at least these people believed in their cause, inchgarth and other centres used it as a means to an end without telling their disciples anything, just shocking!

How can anyone who has been awarded an MBE and holds a Burgess award claim they somehow hoodwinked the City councillors into submission and thinks the people of Aberdeen will support them over time?

The truth is and always will be 7 leased centres tried to bully the council and its officials into a back-down only for Tillydrone to break the protest and for all others to capitulate sign a lease they hate with all their hearts and thinks the council will forgive are living on another planet!

This statement does not say what the new agreement means for all leased centres most of which leased centres will try to bargain away between now and the end of January they have had a year to do this another 2 months wont make any difference but one difference will be they will all be fighting their own corners as trust between these seven centres can never be rekindled and the council will no doubt pick them off one at a time, moreover this is because they are all on new terms of service which they deliberately fail to mention for good reason.

All leased centres can now be entred at the councils whim, including ordering centre Audits, HMIE inspections, following the public pound, child protection issues and a host of other measures not in the old lease agreements and the very reason most centres started a protest site in the first place.

The maintenance issue was always a red herring to get the attention away from things centres just did not want any changes.

One example of these changes will show at inchgarth, Mr O’Connor will no longer be called the manager and chairman at the same time as this has been removed in the new agreement not that it will make much operational difference other than his Eggo having to come to terms of being classed as the full time janitor and if hes really lucky maybe centre co-ordinator as some insiders have quoted as being his new official title!

Inchgarth has lied so many times and are now proven liars how can anyone think they are telling the truth now?