Latest Free Apps, yes free apps are here to stay, windows 8 to be precise, windows 8 is now just 1 month old and already there is around 12,000 apps on its platforms most of these are free, in just 2 months time Microsoft has promised its market there will be close to 100,000 apps to choose from on Windows 8 most will be free of charge!

More about windows 8,

Windows 8 comes in around 16 versions 8 x 32 bit and 8x 64 bit OS The good thing is it will work on any laptop or desktop that is currently working in windows XP and up so old computers you thought had seen its day can easily come back to life.

Windows 8 is perfect for old CPU’s and even low memory chips of say 512MB and above should run just fine, its one of the best operating systems Microsoft has ever launched at the start of its life, well done MS and Windows 8 developers.

Microsoft is running special deals for everyone to upgrade to 8 for just £25 and this can be installed on three different computers.

To see whats on offer here is just an small collection from the best Latest Free Apps Website.