A member of the public has contacted us and gave a link to an STV news story dated the day after the council meeting of the 22nd of November 2012, we were not aware of this report till today we wish to thank the persons for informing us of this.

In this STV report they stated a number of alleged quotes from Mr P O’Connor from inchgarth CC, these were as follows;

“We’ve created something special here, and it could all just vanish, which would be a tragedy for the thousands of people who use Inchgarth Community Centre and other places like us.

“I could walk away next week, with a decent pay-off and I would be okay. But what about those who aren’t so fortunate? I got an MBE, but it was just my face on the stamp.”

We reported this 2 weeks ago that insiders at inchgarth was letting it be known that O’Connor and others were planning an exit strategy if things went pear-shaped we were yet again called liars and now this 23rd of November STV proves yet again we were reporting the truth.

This idea of taking an redundancy payment from the centre does not add up, Mr O’Connor is a paid member of staff the only one at over £27,000 pa he claimed in council chambers that inchgarth only has an annual income of between £30,000-£40,000 per Annam how can this be true if inchgarth can afford to pay him a “decent pay off” if they only have limited funds and if inchgarth generates huge sums which this admin team is getting more and more detailed information every day since this figure was quoted it proves inchgarth was in better shape than most of the other centres to repair the building the lease from the council after all!

The council should use their new powers that leased centres have now formally undertaken to allow auditors in to investigate how much money actually inchgarth has at its disposal.

If Inchgarth can pay off its manager and afford to do this than the people of Aberdeen must have huge respect for the Rev, Cowie and Alex Mess who will walk away from the job they have been doing for more years than the janitor from garthdee with nothing how can this be just and proper, this must be the unfortunates O’Connor must be referring to?

The council needs to do this urgently because the STV report also sites the inchgarth manny saying they have 2500 members which grew 300 members in the space of 18 hours as the janitor told the councillors they had 2200 members the day before, how can this be the case, or is it a case of we can tell them what ever we like, who cares well if each member of the centre pays £5 each that’s £1500 of a difference straight off for this reason alone the council must investigate?