TRUMP VERSUS WIND FARMS is about all we’ve heard from the local Menie Estate (Trump International Golf Links Scotland) office. The foundations are being planned for the next part of the build. The Trump organisation have already mucked up the plans big time, for example; – the main entrance sign was twice the size they had planning permission for and their car park had extra spaces where again there was nothing on the official plans, we won’t  mention other items which have now been sorted. So as you can imagine all eyes will be making sure no deviations from the original permitted plans are accidentally altered.

Now let’s look at the big picture; the Golf Course Mr Trump is building for himself and his shareholders will in the “World” of Mr Trump be like nowhere else (yes! that’s obvious) and it will be such a success that in every way it will be the best for ever and ever and always.
Seemingly the only thing going to influence that super duper success is the “Wind Farm” which will be off the North East Coast of Scotland and within vision of the golf players on this super duper golf course.

I would personally agree with Mr Trump that “Wind Farms” will spoil the Scottish scenery and ruin the landscape but not in the same way he thinks – I couldn’t really care less if ANY golf course is a disaster. I do believe Scotland and Scotland’s people are absolutely more important than any golf course or anything else.

Take that North East Coastline that Mr Trump is vocal about; this part of the coastline should in all honesty have a three metre high brick wall from Wick in the North to Aberdeen in the North East but the problem is it’s all water, so what better way to attempt to calm and break up that cold biting gale force winter wind than swamping the coastline water with wind and wave turbines and windmills. The sea is not really being utilised so why not cover it with windmills rather than our beautiful Scottish land. To harness the power of the sea is the next stage for future generations, so it’s now things should begin, and we should ignore these people who have a vested interest and instead make Scotland strong and independent.

Which automatically asks the question;

Are golf courses more important than a way of life in the North East of Scotland?

Do we really need another golf course when we have golf links courses as good and challenging as Cullen with a round fee of only £18-00?

Do we really need reminders how wonderfully good our way of life is in the North East by a company who are continually trying the patience of every North East resident?

The Scottish government have continually said they have an agenda for long term “Wind Farms”, and similar power needs in Scotland – let’s watch with interest what they consider more important in our lives in the North East of Scotland.

If it’s news to you, then you read it here first.