Aberdeen’s Latest Gossip

Aberdeen’s Latest Gossip

Welcome to Aberdeen’s latest Gossip page where we let our readers get the heads up in any new development that may at sometime in the future impact on their lives then again it could be just a load of crap.

First story this week actually came to our news desk last week but we have only just been able to stop the laughing out loud caper and we waited till we heard it from a different source.

Have you heard the gossip about an City organisation is on the look out for a new head of service, we hope they don’t spend to much on advertising the post as certain City leaders and local politicians have already ID’ed the person they want to take over this high profile post, apparently its because this person is very good at fund raising and that’s why this person is in such high demand?

Our information leads us to say this person does not require any further qualifications for this job offer or if they feel the need to apply which is just as well because our information says this person has no formal qualifications anyway!

We can’t say who it is in case we have another fit of the laughter’s like before, all we can say we told you so.

It must be stated that if this gossip is in fact true the people of Aberdeen can rejoice and acclaim “your right it could only happen here in Aberdeen”!