Best Place in the World to go Busking?

Best Place in the World to go Busking?


Only a few days ago this site decried the local Aberdeen City Councillors for coming up with a crap idea of making all buskers professional buskers, yes that’s right there was a better than good chance of professional buskers begging for money outside trumpties golf properties and the best site in central Aberdeen and no-one could do anything about it, including the Donald and he thinks he has problems with wind farms.

Buskers across the world are set to invade the streets of Aberdeen this year in the hope of getting the new and exclusive badge of honour all buskers can claim to fame, one of the first professional buskers ever, they can add it to their CV’s, frame it to their walls even sell it on ebay?

This is great at getting people into the city centre it will be like the Edinburgh festival only right through the year, the idea was to stop begging in the streets but where will all these professional beggars sorry buskers sleep?

Of course there is a few details to consider like if these buskers become professional buskers will they have to join the performing actors union or similar, will they have to pay tax on begging incomes the biggest questions are who will judge if they are good enough and if they make it who will get the prime spot at union terrace gardens UTG.

There’s a piper fae tilly there now he wont give it up lightly fight, fight!

About the only other place that tried this idea was in Dublin it was called approved street performer/s

Joking aside the council better take this story serious or don’t say we never told you so!