GAY GAMES FOR ENGLAND – homosexual and lesbians have been pushed to the forefront of segregation towards heteresexuals with the latest publicity hunters Boris J and U.K.’s Prime Minister Cameron backing the so called “Gay Games” for London in 2018.
I say segregation simply because the gay community have employed all sort of means to get recognition of their sexuality within the population, but the name “Gay Games”, probably another hairbrained scheme from the U.S.A. will undoubtedly cause grief in the U.K. as more and more pennies are being squandered into MP’s (32% rise)greedy pay packets coupled with lunatic ideas.
Publicity seems to be the name of the game but the homosexual and lesbian community are obviously going to alienate themselves with many questions to be answered, for example if they hold in 2018 “Gay Game”, does this mean it’s only open to lesbians and homosexuals? or did the 2012 London Olympic Games bar homosexuals and lesbians? and to make it more obvious, will qualifications for entrants or competitors in the “Gay Games” bar transexuals?
Conclussion; the idea of “Gay Games”, will give nothing but grief for those lesbians and homosexuals who have tolerated bigotry and homophobia as it gives those with homophobia the ideal excuse to shout heterephobia.
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