New Council Management Agreements.

New Council Management Agreements.


On the eve of the New Aberdeen Council Leased centre Management Agreements we thought we would give our readers a little time to reflect on the main players who have caused the most trouble for zero benefits that being one Polly the wally fae garthdee.

He was the main trouble maker along with his political friends from the local lib dems/ SNP, WHO SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER?

For over a year polly kicked and screamed he was not signing the new agreement unless it was on his terms and his terms only, what he feared most was giving the council full powers to tell them what they wanted not what they had been allowed to get away with for years, they were so scared they even resorted to facebook hate campaigns and promised other centres to stand as one but even this strategy failed when one of the leased centres jumped ship leaving the rest floundering on the rocks its was capitulation time or game over!

Tomorrow we have been told by our inside sources which there are now many that leased centres are going to do what this site always said they would do, they are going to sign the new leased agreements.

They have got nothing they wanted no matter how they wish to dress it up, taking on the administration was a very bad idea but Polly always comes up smelling of roses and he will sign tomorrow of course it must be said that although their leader will take centre stage its his poor committee that will be taking on future liabilities not Polly himself and he confirmed this on his facebook page last year, this is what he said and we quote from the 2nd Oct 2012 ”

Paul Poc Lesley, thank you for the nice comments. Don’t worry, it won’t be people like your group that has to raise the money for these repairs, it will be my volunteers on my committee, who cannot sign up to that. (but they are about to) Your group are so welcome to use the centre and we will fight tooth and nail to ensure this madness is never accepted. Lesley, unless fairness and common sense prevails then a battle is coming and we will rely on everyone who cares about justice and community to fight for the futures of centres. Volunteers cannot sign, it’s not that we do not want to, it’s that we cannot be burdened this way or burden future committees in this manner. They would look back and wonder what kind of fool accepted the extraordinary burden of having to raise money to fix council owned buildings.”(inchgarth management committee is about to)
Polly said it not us!!!
The last part really sums this person up and the truth is he was right!
We have never said this idea was correct, in fact we have said we don’t think it should have even been entered into!
All that’s happened here is inchgarth lost the plot completely and their own greed sealed theirs and their fellow leased centres fate but its OK for Polly hes safe knowing hes covered, fully protected as he is an employee and the new agreements forbid him from being both the committee chairman and centre manager at the same time so no prizes for guessing which title he will dropping tomorrow when he fulfils his last committees duty!
Who was it who said this again, “They would look back and wonder what kind of fool accepted the extraordinary burden of having to raise money to fix council owned buildings.”
Well it wont apply to Polly will it but bet he still takes the credit, typical stuff really!!!
Result is Aberdeen City Council and officials win and tomorrow when the fat lady sings sheds of people putting in a raft of FOI requests that will have to be answered due to the nature of these new management agreements they fought so hard to keep out and for good reason!
Plans/Costings/new floor repairs for new cafe first on the list we think?
*****Please remember the web is full of untruths and stories please decipher with care, if this is news to you, then you read it here first!