Aberdeen’s Most Successful Business

Aberdeen’s Most Successful Business.

inchgarth the most sucessful business in Aberdeen Capture

You will be very surprised to learn its not a local brand name that gets this award its the treasure trove of inchgarth community centre.

Inchgarth is rolling in dosh as you can see by the above screen capture inchgarth says its at 90% capacity which is wonderful news but it also means large sums of money are flooding in yet they told Asda only 7 months ago money at the centre was very tight indeed.

This means inchgarth halls charge around £25ph for the large hall and £15ph for the small hall the centre is open 9am-11pm 7 days so that’s 14 hours per day, seven days a week = 98 hours times two halls = 196 hours a week @ 90% capacity = 175 hours approx.

So we have 175 hours x an average of £20ph that’s around £3,500 per week just for 2 halls times that by 50 weeks the centre is open per day and its taking in over £175,000 at least if what inchgarth is telling the public is the whole truth and nothing but the truth!

Of course this is only two halls inchgarth lets out many more rooms than that and if the have over 200 sessions a week as they claim at say £10per let that’s at least another £2000 per week and with over 3000 footfall its little wonder they need a second café to keep up with demand!

Peggys café mark 1 made at least £40,000 and was tucked away at the back of the centre but the mark 2 café is going into the prime location at the front door area so should if managed correctly take in another £70,000 easily!

Please keep in mind there is only a select few at the centre is on the payroll including Mr O’Connor £30,000+ approx.

The chef, Mr O’Connors long-term partner the centres treasurer and one other, although this centre is huge they get over this hurdle by offering work for free volunteer placements where normal employers cant normally tap into a great resource like this it OK for a community centre!

Of course we are only scratching the surface here on top of this income generating machine we also have all the private functions and the bouncy castles, loads of them!

They also have corporate sponsors now the last time inchgarth released information, now completely removed from their site they said to be one you had to make a donation of £2000 pa approx.

Most of the income is not from the above it comes from grants, private funding and other charity type donations which can really add up and no one apart from the management committees but they are only told if the centre manager want to inform them of all details, that’s why the council did not want the centre managers and management committees chairpersons to be the same person but as luck would have it Aberdeen’s most successful business has this in place as O’Connor is both, go figure?

To complete this picture readers need to understand that this centre gets all its heating and electric bills paid by the council that’s why if you ever go around there late at night all or some of the lights are on all the time, some say this is to prove they are open as they get a grant to stay open late at night to the tune of another £10,000+, they don’t even pay for broadband or phone bills what other company would not want to jump into their shoes.

So what does the council who own the building get out of this arrangement? Good question, well nothing really, they pay the rates, they get no rent what so ever, and no commissions ever!

It gets better for one of Aberdeen’s most successful businesses over the past 10 years this business has had over £1m of refurbishment work paid for by the local tax payers.

Some of these works have went to family members and more money had to be spent on repairs but if they had their way no one is allowed to say these things.

Of course we now come on to internal works Asda gave them £10,000 because inchgarth told them money was hard to come by, WHAT?

Asda swallowed this line hook line and sinker!

We can prove this CLICK HERE

Here is the inchgarth/ asda statement;

This is a community centre mainly run by volunteers and has been operated this way for the past 17 years by a really dedicated team for the local community.

They have between 20-30 different groups using the centre per day/night from elderly groups, art classes and dance classes. It is a real central point of the local community. However as they try and keep charges for the venue and activities low so that it is available to all they do not have a lot of spare funds for repair and décor. (who is telling who porkies here)

The Foundation agreed to donate £10,000 towards the cost of the main room’s new floor as this is the most used and was starting to become a health hazard. (this was the responsibility of the council not asda or inchgarth’s)

Not now they can now have a new floor for the kids to dance away.

You may have noticed asda stated 30 groups a day use the centre so if pinky and perky wish to comment please refer to this comment above is true you will be asked?

Then we have BAA giving away 50 grand to a centre who claimed in their press release they were in fact a charitable association when we all know it was complete fiction on inchgarth’s part how can anyone trust a manager of this centre again for telling such blatant porkies, bad pinky!

The big question here, and both BAA and the centre refuses to answer, did incharth tell BAA this information before or after the said application was formally handed in?

This donation was meant to be for the benefit of local people but all that it will do is help the centre make even more profits, if its for the community will they be providing free tea and coffee for their centre users because they should?

The donation was meant to be for their benefits not the centres management team who will use it as an excuse to be paid even more salary!

You would think the person behind this centre an MBE holder would be happy to answer any questions about this, Aberdeen’s Most Successful Business but alas no chance the place is as secret as you know what!

But we have no doubt the next award will probably be the Queens award for industrial because if it was a registered business it could help pay our national debts!

An other question must be where all this cash goes because if they want something they just apply for grants all over again and as its not-for-profit association as we have been informed by ACVO where does the money go to?


Story source 100%; inchgarth.org