Inchgarth Flooring Costs Revealed

Inchgarth Flooring Costs Revealed.

Inchgarth supporters has over the last few days been plucking up the courage of coming clean over the true nature of the works carried out last year, tonight they have claimed the old inchgarth wooden flooring was ripped up and renewed like for like, before we go any further is the correct, yes or no?

Only it was not wooden flooring was it?

Yet again the truth kills them here’s a flavour of shorty at 7.51pm on another thread/topic “So yes folks, Hunter the Clown once more, goes down the path of claiming once again, that inchgarth have not renewed thier hall floor, can anyone believe this Clown lol lol”

Here’s the link to that posting.

Come on inchgarth release the paperwork?

If you cant tell us that how about how many square metres was re-laid?


***UPDATE*** It had to happen sooner or later the main culprit for the abuse on this site has just admitted that an we quote, full text published below “seems all funding came from  thier own Funding concert & Asda”.

So there we have folks incharth Supporter admits that the floor was paid for using a combination of Asda, concert and their own funding which means asda lied the purpose of their funding was not for the full cost of the 10,000 Clair bush was telling the truth after all just like we said she was £6000 went to pay for the floor £4000 into GENERAL FUNDING!

We used to say polly was a liability now his brother is as well!