Who Actually Paid For Inchgarth Floor?

Who Actually Paid For Inchgarth Floor?

Asda’s Julie Ward stated on her email to International Scotland that the purpose of the inchgarth floor donation was in-line with her trustees purposes but we have uncovered new evidence that suggests this was a not the case at all, Asda said they were donating the entire amount of 10,000 pounds to pay for the re-covering of the main hall at inchgarth as you can see from a screen capture of the inchgarth website last May inchgarth had already laid the floor before they knew they were getting the funds this proves most of the donation of ten thousand pounds went into general inchgarth funds a breach of Asda foundation charity funding regulations.

The question being asked by many local residents is if inchgarth did not know about the funds coming from Asda foundation 10 weeks after they held a sell out crowd of 500 at 15 pounds entry fee’s and 3500 pounds bar profits and started the flooring works on the 21st of March 2012 and completing it roughly 36 hours later if the centre had no funds to pay for it themselves, its obvious to everyone reading this once the money from Asda was cashed what was the original concert funds then used for?

Inchgarth sources have said for the last few weeks that the floor never started till after they got the asda foundation funding we now know by a recent uncovering by one of the other admin team this was untrue, we were aware of this before hand but nothing to prove that till now!

Asda confirmed it had done its own inquiry and decided it was the end of the matter, where or what information they gathered is unknown at this time and they can donate to whoever they like but they say they pride in themselves for delivering to good causes and staying within their stated funding regulations of not giving donations to groups or charities to put into their general funding accounts the screen capture below proves they failed in this regards with the said donation to the garthdee based group?

 inchgarth relaid floor before asda donated the moneycapture










Just where this latest gaff from Ms Ward that it was all hunky Dorie, just wont wash!

Inchgarth says the works got done after they got the foundations money, asda says they paid for the job to get done, there was a concert held on the 17th of March for the purpose of raising their own funding which was a huge success and raised several thousands of pounds but as you can see above inchgarth and its centre users all said that the works were completed 10 weeks before Asda gave a donation claiming inchgarth was basically skint as you can see below, it just does not add up and as the inchgarth sources continue to shout out ‘you cant make this stuff up‘ yes we know!

Inchgarth - Asda story telling again picture