How Many Poor Has Gained From Suspended Coffee?

How Many Poor Has Gained From Suspended Coffee?


The centre with more new cafes than Starbucks and more new floors than General Georges has now claimed they have helped countless poor and needy users, this was compounded by the local rag at the weekend by publishing a letter from an alleged would be supporter of the centre with more new eateries than Micky Dee’s.

We don’t say this suspended Coffee idea is wrong in principle its just that since it started no-one has been told how much revenue has been raised or the extra pound has bought 1 cup or 10 cups at the 10p cost price?

No information has been released therefore its either lies or its open to abuse?

We are asking this centre to come clean how much have they raised in donations and how many has since been given free coffee’s and sarnies?

Publicity works both ways by only giving one result means the other is non-existent, if no information is provided?