Ian Duncan Smith is about to get the kicking of his life as the petition to raise 500,000 signatures he claims is a stunt is about to back fire big time, he has claimed he was unemployed twice and can live on 53 quid per week if he had to well he’s now less than a day away from having to prove it as the magical 500,000 target is about to be reached.

So what happens if he ignores the peoples wishes, nothing, other than being forever known as a man with no morals or worth and should offer a retraction saying he was sorry for being so stupid in the first place.

They shouted loud when 300,000 turned up a square in Cairo and claimed it was time for that government to go they have a bigger population so if 500,000 asked a simple question you would expect IDS to do it or FOREVER shut up?

This whole saga proves the Government is out of touch with the people and only strengthens the SNP call for independence as nothing they do in the future can be worse than this!

If you want to add your name to the 500,000 time is running out;.