Ka-ching another quid hits the till as yet another citizen gives extra to support those in need at the Ka-ching centre.
Ka-ching, yet another money grabbing  stunt hits the floor running, sorry pardon the pun or should that be the pound as yet another floor in the Ka-ching empire gets planned up for the neat future – Ka-ching, Ka-ching, Ka-ching.
If your a kid, Ka-ching, or disabled, Ka-ching, Ka-ching then it looks good for a planned tuck shop – Ka-ching, Ka-ching, Ka-ching goes the Ka-ching, Ka-ching, Ka-ching community centre near Kaimhill.

In the Ka-ching, Ka-ching, Ka-ching community centre needy folks can get a free Ka-ching, tea and a Ka-ching sandwich supplied by the good people of the Ka-ching, Ka-ching, Ka-ching community centre – how many Ka-ching sarnies and Ka-ching teas have been given away?

The leader of Ka-ching, Ka-ching, Ka-ching community centre is leased to the Ka-ching, Ka-ching, Ka-ching community council led by the Ka-ching, Ka-ching, Ka-ching high priestess (I say priestess because of the VPL* showing)  bossing and Lording over lots of spineless “I’m all right Jack”, Ka-ching, Ka-ching, Ka-ching wanna be’s.

In the World of Ka-ching, Ka-ching, Ka-ching territory money will always come first and ethics and morals don’t really exist. Those who understand the moral depths and depravity to which they have sunk must have problems sleeping at night and live in complete oblivion never understanding that what goes around comes around and what comes around goes around so their positions are only temporary in the fantasy world of Ka-ching, Ka-ching, Ka-ching.


Ka-ching, Ka-ching, Ka-ching represents a community centre which could possibly be in your area or even their area but they live in the pretend World of if it’s in your area or it’s in their area then it must be in a somewhere else area, if it’s in a somewhere else area then it cannot be in this area, or your area or even their area, but whatever the area we say, Ka-ching, Ka-ching, Ka-ching.


If it’s news to you? then you read it here first!


*VPL – visible panty line.