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Latest dangers lurking in PDF files

Latest dangers lurking in PDF files
A scary warning for our visitors, a list of PDF files which if you happen to get one of them sent to you to your favourite mail boxes, get them deleted straight away.
The list has been released from Microsoft;
The files are as follows;

New Church of Scotland Moderator.

New Church of Scotland Moderator.


The new moderator of the Church of Scotland has officially taken up her post, as the Kirk’s General Assembly gets under way.

The Reverend Lorna Hood described her appointment as an “enormous privilege and honour”.

Mrs Hood will preside over the week-long gathering of ministers on the Mound in Edinburgh.

One of her first duties will be to chair a controversial debate on the issue of gay ministers on Monday.

Mrs Hood, 60, is originally from Kilmarnock, and began her church career as a probationer assistant at St Ninian’s Corstorphine Church in Edinburgh where she was ordained in 1978.

The following year the minister went to Renfrew North Parish Church where she has served for the past 33 years.

Mrs Hood was also chaplain at Royal Alexandra Hospital in Paisley for more than two decades, where she was part of a team which pioneered a care plan for women who had suffered a miscarriage or the loss of a newborn.

Mentor Training Aberdeenshire

Mentor Training Aberdeenshire




Do you want to do something inspiring and different?



Mentoring Service within Grampian Opportunities.


Training starts June/July 2013


Grampian Opportunities is a charitable organisation

working to support and promote opportunities for

people with disabilities and mental health problems.


For more information and informal chat please call

Tricia or Katrina, Mentoring Co-ordinators on 01467 629675



Website :


Inchgarth Victory Parade

Inchgarth Victory Parade

inchgarth victory parade Capture






Never in all history of all community centres has so many new floors been laid from donations one must ask why?

The council is responsible for a least half the cost if not all but they very never asked to contribute in fact its our understanding they never even asked their landlords to carry out the work in the first place, can they confirm this?

The interesting part of the ASDA Donation picture is the fact every person in that frame knew before the cash was handed over that inchgarth had raised all the money its self prior to the funds being presented a clear breach of ASDA foundation rules.

They had a management meeting prior to the March 2012 concert where they agreed to use all their members fees which raised over the ten grand needed alone plus several thousand pounds at the concert its self.

The 50 grand BAA giveaway was meant to bring the community a dream come true but has turned into a PR disaster, this is what happens to all big businesses after taking in the centre’s over played hype and Asda has also become a victim to because they were advertising for inchgarth for free commercial activities on asda information boards claiming they were supporting inchgarth as a charity when everyone now knows it was complete lies.

Inchgarth claimed they were taking down to take off the prices but they must have went to the worst printers ever as the said bogus publications are still not been put up again.

Their AGM is not going to be that much fun either they claim the BLACK GOLD (coffee at Peggy’s Cafe) is selling like hot (sponsored) cakes and all money (profits) will be pumped back into the community where is the evidence of this?




And it could only happen here in Aberdeen oh yes at inchgarth yet again!

In it’s desire to sell even more mega expensive coffee’s to it’s centres users to boost its profits further incharth community centre has come up with a very novel and ingenuous plan they are introducing toddlers and babies to each other while parents sip a cup of Garthdee BLACK GOLD sorry coffee at Peggy’s cafe.

We all know the benefits of toddlers interacting with others and the development advantages but babies is another matter.

You need to understand how a babies immune system works in order to fully understand what potential risks there are to your baby.

The immune system of a newborn is not as strong as an older infant or child. The antibodies that it is born with comes from the mother.

The mother can only pass along antibodies against germs which she has built up and immunity to. Also the antibodies that the baby is born with are not very protective and will wane after the first few months.

Therefore one can conclude that a young infant is very susceptible to certain types of infections. Many doctor’s will tell you however that breastfeeding does help to boost your newborns immune system. So if your baby is only a few weeks or day’s old their body has not had a chance to really boost their immune system, regardless of how much breast milk they have had.

If a newborn were to catch a cold it can be a lot more serious than you may think. An infant with a cold can have feeding problems, dehydration, poor sleep, difficulty with their breathing, and ear infections. Not only will a cold take it’s toll on the baby, but it will take a toll on you the parent as well.

The best thing for any new parent to do is ask your pediatrician or GP what they think FIRST.

Its not very clear by this advert who will be looking after you toddler/young baby while you are a way enjoying your very expensive local community centre cuppa?

Its also wise for them to issue the age limits for baby ages and publish advice from local health visitors if available before offering such services so parents can better understand any potential health issues for their newborns or very young babies

On a cheery note maybe its inchgarth’s idea that these babies are centre users and as such can vote at their forthcoming AGM.

What lengths will this centre go to to get parents into inchgarth to sell and consume the new cafes  beverages!

Here Is a better idea if its true this centre is the best funded community centre in Scotland and it’s coffee cost just 6p to produce why dont they offer unlimited FREE coffee’s to it’s centre users just like almost any other much less funded centres in Aberdeen?

Its meant to be a not-for-profit community centre offering their community educational and support services not a motorway cafe business!

Footnote; Still no evidence provided that inchgarth cafe profits have been put back into the local community?

Ask them and see their reactions!



Inchgarth Under Pressure To Justify BAA Funding.

Inchgarth Under Pressure To Justify BAA Funding.


Over the last few days the pressure has been on Inchgarth Community Centre to try and justify why Aberdeen International Airport thought giving this centre 50 grand of funding to build a new cafe that was smaller than the last one which was over budget at 60+ grand and only two years old by making it the centre piece of an learning hub has now turned into a shambles.

We have said this all along it was but a pipe dream, it seems the best way to promote this new cafe was to have a coffee morning then a baby walking session followed by more coffees and refreshments, anyone can do this on their own as there are 4 places to drink a coffee within half a mile and every other place is cheaper!

They have just announced that they have purchased 6 ipads for its cafe customers to use notice the part where if you purchase products first then you can get access to the ipads it does not say this but visitors are been told this is the rules.

BAA stated this was the best option for their 50 grand giveaway is this really what they had in mind?

We have been informed prices are OTT for what is just a small local community centre in the middle of nowhere with wall mounted TV’s, iPads and a coke machine, how can this be a vision for a learning hub that will make a huge difference to its local community when they already had over 60 laptops already in place before another 50 grand was spent again was a waste of charity investment with nothing to show for it other than programs being advertised with before and after buy the dearest biggest profit cup of coffee in Aberdeen.

For every coffee sold inchgarth is making around 141p in profit! – What other outlet makes this much profit even top London stores makes less profit.

What does BAA think about giving money to an inner city community centre only for them to make more in profits selling coffee than even their own coffee in their own airports?

Does BAA think this was a wise investment given they said it was help the garthdee community not make them poorer?

If it only costs 6p per cup why do they need to sell it at such a high unit cost given they are not for profit organisation?

In another twist we hear the home bakes are sponsored from places in the community is this true?

They claim profits are going back into the community for the less fortunate where is the evidence of this?

Buzzwords and slogans including soundbites sound great but where is the evidence?

Why are the council allowing this kind of profiteering to take place and investigating where new lease agreements have been broken given they said one can not be a manager and chairman at the same time, if they dont then other centres will say their management agreements don’t mean a thing and the process was a waste of time!






We have received a number of comments claiming we are wrong about the price of Coffee’s at Peggy’s Cafe PLC number 3, and the true cost is one pound and 50 pence – £1.50 wow! £1.46 clear profit per cup OMG was its users aware of this?

If your a bit hungry you can get surprised by the unconfirmed colossal three pounds and fifty pence – £3.50 for a basic toastie, top restaurants in Aberdeen would love to get these sort of profits – don’t forget this is a business with over a million pounds turnover and not a charity, and don’t forget this community centre does not pay for rates, electricity, etc…and because of this surely it’s time the Aberdeen City council stepped in or woke up out of their prolonged hibernation.

We would like to know how youngsters and their long suffering parents visiting this so called community centre can be expected to find this sort of monies for their snacks? Are all their parents millionaires?

We have also been told the cafes prices are way to expensive for what is after all just a simple and typical Aberdeen community centre wee drop in although we can’t confirm this as the centre has not made their food and other beverages and food prices public outside Inchgarth which seems strange, what does our readers think about their pricing, if anything?

This must be the most profitable coffee shop in Europe where the Aberdeen City Council have allowed a non-profit-organisation the rights to sell coffee and other beverages in an area that already has a number of suffering business’s that are forced to compete with inchgarth on a non level playing field except unlike Inchgarth who pay nothing to anybody these business’s have no choice but to pay proper staffing costs, electricity, heating, business rates, water rates etc… and to repeat the City Council pays all these charges for Inchgarth means the likes of starbucks and Costa coffee can’t even compete.

The next question people have been asking is where all the profits from this centre will be going to, good question we say?

Inchgarth is a NPO (non-profit-organisation) yet the council have allowed this centre to employ staff on the payroll which is not allowed under the rules and therefore taking advantage of this setup.

We have also been told (unconfirmed at this time) that inchgarth may have signed a deal with Caber Coffe if true and depending on the details if correct might be a breach of their ACC management agreements as it may be deemed a sub-let! (subject to a FOI request soon).

Of course if this part is true then BAA never paid full cost for the new Peggy’s cafe so where did their 50 grand really go?

Inchgarth claims profits will go back into the community yet there is no evidence this will happen or has ever happened to date, they are planning clothes banks, food banks and other banks but this will only increase and benefit inchgarth PLC why does mostly everything inchgarth does is money orientated when the city council already pay( ie; you and me) for everything so where does all the revenues go?

As the monies to run the Aberdeen council comes from you and me then surely it’s time the answers to these and other questions were answered for all to see, after all it’s your money!!!

Whatever the answer is one thing we do know the chef used to get around £25,000 and at the same time its manager got over £30,000 and several others also getting paid out of something proves this centre generates huge cash-flows which also means the centres treasurer an ex banking financial consultant must be a very busy boy!

Can Inchgarth management confirm all their cafes prices please on their facebook, twitter or inchgarth websites for our and your future customers perusal?







Inchgarth is so desperate to get people into Peggy’s Cafe supplied and fitted by Caber Coffee Ltd and not solely by BAA Funding alone, inchgarth is offering the poor and needy people of Mastrick to come down the big hill to sample the delights of the new peggy’s at your cost of-course.

Peggys coffee is the most subsidised coffee in the entire mainland of Scotland if not Europe and costs less than six pence to produce its little wonder the centre is planning bus trips departing from Mastrick and all other areas in Aberdeen of course should you be tempted to try out this offer please remember the chances are your own local community centre will in most parts give you free coffee and teas and still give you a better deal than that at inchgarth but if you feel you need to go there the best day to go is when the fish man is on the official centre program, no its not a tropical fish expert but the fish man in a van selling dead fish for your tea such is the peculiar inchgarth programs they provide.

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