Inchgarth Victory Parade

Inchgarth Victory Parade

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Never in all history of all community centres has so many new floors been laid from donations one must ask why?

The council is responsible for a least half the cost if not all but they very never asked to contribute in fact its our understanding they never even asked their landlords to carry out the work in the first place, can they confirm this?

The interesting part of the ASDA Donation picture is the fact every person in that frame knew before the cash was handed over that inchgarth had raised all the money its self prior to the funds being presented a clear breach of ASDA foundation rules.

They had a management meeting prior to the March 2012 concert where they agreed to use all their members fees which raised over the ten grand needed alone plus several thousand pounds at the concert its self.

The 50 grand BAA giveaway was meant to bring the community a dream come true but has turned into a PR disaster, this is what happens to all big businesses after taking in the centre’s over played hype and Asda has also become a victim to because they were advertising for inchgarth for free commercial activities on asda information boards claiming they were supporting inchgarth as a charity when everyone now knows it was complete lies.

Inchgarth claimed they were taking down to take off the prices but they must have went to the worst printers ever as the said bogus publications are still not been put up again.

Their AGM is not going to be that much fun either they claim the BLACK GOLD (coffee at Peggy’s Cafe) is selling like hot (sponsored) cakes and all money (profits) will be pumped back into the community where is the evidence of this?