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Inchgarth chairman Paul O’ Connor MBE has been elected as the chairman of the Federation of Aberdeen community centres.

Paul said- ” this is an exciting time for all members of the federation. This new organisation means that together we will have a stronger voice while having complete autonomy while running our own centres”
Further he said ” This gives us a great opportunity to raise our combined profile, raise standards of practice and pathe the way to work better with our partners in the city council”

Lets look into this further, when the leased centre management committees were asked to attend their meeting in Torry it was found that on their invitations that Paul was already their elected chair before there was even a vote?

Many centres have questioned why each centre had to pay £100 each for a federation membership fee what will they do with this money or moreover who will hold it?

According to the inchgarth twitter feed inchgarth is yet again in dispute with ACC officials how does that square with the statement above of raise standards of practice and pathe the way to work better with our partners in the city council” Are they sure they have elected the right person to be their spokesman?






A composing competition for a bagpipe tune for Wimbledon Champion Andy Murray by The College of Piping in Glasgow has been welcomed by Stuart McMillan MSP today, who represents the West of Scotland.

Mr McMillan, the only MSP who is a piper, said:

“A pipe tune for Andy Murray is a fantastic idea by the College of Piping, and they are to be congratulated for such a creative initiative.  I am sure it will capture the public’s imagination – and it’s bound to be a smash!

“Andy Murray has made history with his outstanding Wimbledon victory, his second Grand Slam, and his Olympic Gold.  I have no doubt that the calibre of tunes that will be composed will be befitting of Andy’s phenomenal achievements.”






Its this time of year again where the good folks of Garthdee gets about the only freebie of the year when inchgarth community centre rolls out the red carpet and the Masses get to sing the praise’s of the unelected leader of Garthdee while dishing out cheap vino, cheese and crackers what can be more fun?

The past 12 months has seen great changes take place they got rid of one £55,000 cafe and replaced with a smaller one for, well no-one really knows the answer to that question, maybe tonight they will actually tell us?

Inchgarth has had almost more new floors laid than the poor has had free coffee’s as very little of that is spoken about these days!

Inchgarth has also updated its toilets to be according to the latest information the most salubrious in Aberdeen great if your in a five star hotel not really sure about its value in a community centre.

BAA donated a whopping 50 grand for the new cafe and learning hub hopefully inchgarth will be able to evidence how this has transformed the centre given there was over 60 computers already on-site before this new money was donated WHAT PROOF IS THERE that peoples life’s has changed for the better?

Inchgarth has made several comments this last year on their own website that they are in fact an NPO Not For Profit organisation NPO’s have to keep all their own monies and can not help the local community this has to be clarified for the local area residents?

Also for an NPO inchgarth sells the most expensive beverages of any community centre in Scotland, we have reported this many times and we have never been challenged and no proof offered we are telling lies or god forbid another centre charges more?

We have been told they might break a tradition and actually do an open vote for election of all office bearers in front of the membership but we don’t really believe it at this time?

We have been told the AGM will release full profit figures of what the centre made last year, now that would be a novel idea indeed!

Finally can someone ask them why ACC is so upset with inchgarth again as reported by them on their recent twitter accounts, is it about why the chairman is still listed as the centre’s manager, the only place this happens anywhere whether its a community centre or an NPO or is it something else, why does ACC want to remove inchgarths new 2013 lease?

Some things will never change no matter how good the spin is!

Of course perhaps the local elected Councillors can grow a backbone of sorts and ask at least one or two difficult questions?

Sorry, what was we thinking there?