Inchgarth Drive Thru.

The above headline might not be as far fetched as it may at first seem.

Inchgarth website has stated the following;

The creation of Peggy’s cafe was just the beginning of this venture and we have agreed at board level to merge Peggy’s cafe with our extension which we constructed 3 years ago.
We will be raising the money over the next year (sooner if we can) to build an extension from our main corridor to join the extension.
This will allow for another 40 seating, give access to the pool/ snooker and games hall and ensure people can access the outdoor seating area.

More on this as it developes and once more the centre doesn’t stand still, always looking to improve and make a lasting difference.

So there we have it the creation of perhaps the biggest cafe in the western world in what after all is a local community centre!

There is now three cafes built on this site over several years peggys mark 2 cost £55,000 3 years ago and shut down in April 2013 in favor of the aptly named “BAA £50,000 giveaway” where it was meant to make dreams come true for the local residents, incharth now claims it provides OAP’s  with instruction on how to use Ipads and Iphone 5’s, BAA must be highly delighted at that success!

They must also be asking themselves why they spent so much money on a project just to see it get swallowed up into a new super cafe swallowed up again by peggys cafe 2 into what will be now known as peggys cafe mark 4 by seemingly adding a corridor between cafes 2 and 3 plus adding a few tables along the way, is this what BAA had in mind 8 months ago?

If they get the go-ahead at planning stage they could ask for a hatch to be installed on the outer wall of the new corridor to install a Drive Thru.

So there we have it a community centre so small perched in the middle of no-where where outsiders could only ever find it using Google earth maps (zoomed right in) and in 4 years spend in access of £155,000+ on one huge cafe and they may say its money well spent, yes but for who?

Guinness book of records should be notified?

Aberdeen has the biggest community centre cafe in the world!

BREAKING NEWS, Stay tuned International Scotland has just been informed from our many friends of yet another linked story, more on this later after we complete our researches!