New Inchgarth Website has been developed and opened which we warmly welcome as it has some new information even this website welcomes as it validates our own blog reporting.

International Scotland has given the author of that site permission to use our award winning Disclaimer notice to stop Polly Wally and his legal teams in their tracks by getting visitors to undertake certain requirements before using the site and offered advices on where to host. is the new web address of the latest site to cast an eagle eye on all things inchgarth and beyond, is it not interesting more and more people are taking a closer look at what goes on there.

We would like at this time to pass on our comments that who ever decided to let go and keep the .org version should be shot at dawn…

The management committee in our opinion should sack the person responsible as its not like they cant afford it, is it?

Many interested local web gurus are astounded as we were that these domains, rented by Mr O’Connor for the last two years and let go in this way is quite frankly gob-smacking and in our opinions totally unprofessional.

Can we ask the IMC why they were so stupid in letting this domain go, were they even consulted on their pending expiry, we also note during this articles research, inchgarth has also expired the domain name is that because you blew the chance of ever running that centre not that you had loads of chances to run it and wanted more than the council could provide, perhaps its just as well as there is no room there to build an inchgarth style sports arena unless you scrap the schools car park but then where would the fish-man go?

Our readers are welcome to visit this new website and see we were right to question some things that were happening there and may happen in the future that’s now four independent websites taking a close look at developments there from now on.