Scotland’s Independence Vote in September the 18th 2014.

Scotland’s Independence Vote in September the 18th 2014.

The vote for possible Scottish independence is something which has been close to many a true Scots heart for many generations. My Father suggested I may be lucky enough to see it in my lifetime. I regret my Father is no longer alive to witness what will now become an inevitable occurrence in his and my Grandchildren’s lives.

For those of us who have been kicking for a few years still remember clearly personal and national injustices caused solely by different political parties who have proven repeatedly year in year out that Scotland needs to be controlled from Scotland.

Colour, creed, religion, sexual orientation, Country of origin etc… do not come into this, we are all as they say “Jock Tamson’s Bairns”.

When I vote yes for independence on Sept18th I will be content in the knowledge I am trying to make a difference for my Grandchildren as my Father before me would also have done.

I think it’s important to say that it will be inevitable that Scotland becomes independent now that it is being forced into the political arena – so the quicker this process is started the better, – I do not agree with the SNP political line that the timescale for setting Scotland independent will take 18 months – it will take years and years, as each and every independence manoeuvre will be harassed from Westminster suits in retaliation towards Scotland voting “Yes”.

Scotland will not change overnight if the vote says “yes”, – nothing will change to begin with except perhaps those poor people who cannot afford the so called bedroom tax – no other changes are likely to actually see, so all these scaremongers who are spouting doomsday for Scotland should be ashamed of themselves.

The number one positive in Scotland voting “yes”, is my beautiful family and all my friends will see what generations before them understood.

Scotland once again is the guinea pig testing platform for independent states within the U.K., if Scotland votes “yes”, then next will come Wales and the rest of Ireland and finally England – the way it should be, and the way it will work better than today.

A true Scot would always vote “yes”, – a true Scot in conscious thoughts cannot vote any other way!