Aberdeen Masonic Choir will this Sunday afternoon release Scotland’s first ever Masonic CD featuring some of the best known Scottish Freemason hymn’s and songs.

The choir was made up of most of the Aberdeen Freemason Hall’s collection of lodges, old Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire East, West and Kincardineshire province brethren there is even a well known piper brother taking his part.

This is the first time this has ever been done and was the brainchild of Bro. Neave PM 1451, it was his vision that started nearly 2 years ago along with a dedicated local masonic committee.

The purpose of this masonic CD production is to raise funds for the Aberdeen Freemasons Hall in crown street Aberdeen, Scotland.

The CD which is priced at £10 where all profits will go to help the upkeep of one of the world’s top dedicated freemason halls built in 1903 circa and has been lovingly kept in its original state by the present brethren.

Aberdeen Masonic Choir wishes to ask all our brethren from around to support this event and share this link with all your masonic contact sites so this famous masonic hall can survive for another 100+ years.

For more information please contact;