Reality of Scotland under Westminster austerity!

poor children
Picture of poverty in Scotland

Only this week an official UK-wide survey revealed that nearly a third of all children in Scotland live in the country’s poorest households which have almost no wealth. The Wealth and Assets Survey also shows that the wealthiest 30% of households own more than three-quarters of all private household wealth in Scotland, while the least wealthy 30% of households own less than 2%.

The poster of the needy child spells out the reality of Scotland under Westminster austerity: “As you read this one in five children in Scotland are living in poverty.

“But if that’s not shocking enough, the figures could get dramatically worse with a No vote in the referendum on independence.

“According to the Child Poverty Action Group in Scotland, by the year 2020 up to 100,000 more children could be pushed into poverty by Westminster austerity policies.

“Think for a moment. Those could be the kids down your street, or next door. It could even be your own children or grandchildren. There is only one guaranteed way to reverse the growing number of children living in poverty. We must have complete control of our own economic resources.