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There`s a murmur in the air. There`s a magic atmosphere. Oh yes you know it`s true. is 70,000 strong!! Join:***  ***

Here we are yet again having to do the BBC’s work for them after failing to report one of the biggest political stories of the year, that ten days after the historic referendum vote the Nationalists of Scotland the SNP now have over 70,000 party members.

This proves they are biased in their reporting as this event happened over 8 hours ago, its obvious Westminster tells them what to report and when and the last thing that needs reported to the wider UK public is this news of SNP membership surpassing 70,000 strong and that of crown office investigations about alleged postal vote tampering before the Tory conference is quite shameful and will not be forgotten.

The SNP will be singing in the streets tomorrow as independence votes go, the nationalists are usually the big losers if its a no vote at least Westminster will be glad about that outcome but fighting future battles is all about boots on the ground and 70,000 members may have extended family members eager to help out or join as well which won’t go down well with the unionist parties who could be in line for being wiped out altogether and they only have themselves to blame.

At the current growth of SNP join-ups 100,000 members in a few weeks time looks very likely indeed and sends out the message to everyone that nationalism in Scotland is not dead after all.

If you want to join the SNP please follow the red links above, remember it’s only £5 and £12 depending on your situation.

Latest update at 1900 on the 29/09;

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Monday, Monday, so good to me. 46,806 new members, it was all I hoped it would be. Total now 72,448. Join us