Crown Office Investigates Postal Votes Scandal

Crown Office Investigates Postal Votes Scandal



The Crown Office has been called in to examine allegations that pro-Union campaigners breached electoral secrecy law by examining referendum postal ballot papers to gauge how well the Better Together campaign were doing before the vote on the 18th Sept 2014.



RESULTS INSIGHT: Tory leader Ruth Davidson was encouraged by ballots.
RESULTS INSIGHT: Tory leader Ruth Davidson was encouraged by ballots but was she ever at any of them?.

Complaints were passed to Police Scotland and elections watchdog the Electoral Commission.

These arose following comments made by Ruth Davidson, the Scottish Conservative leader and prominent supporter of the Better Together campaign.



Ruth Davidson said during TV coverage of the referendum, 45 minutes after the ballots closed, that the No camp had been “incredibly encouraged” by the results of a “sample opening” of the postal ballot that she said had taken place around the country over the few weeks prior to the poll closing.



How the Westminster Mob can say this was a fair contest and totally above board proves how out of touch they are with reality and the pressure of sites and other social media sources are now putting them under the microscope like never before.



This is no small matter if Better Together had inside information that proved they were in trouble before the 18th of Sept 2014 and used it for their own ends.



If proven, inside information was used weeks before then a revote would be on the cards as this would be an insult to democracy. Why has Ruth Davidson not been put under temporary suspension while this cloud hangs over her ?



Will our lovely BBC report this latest very troubling developments or will they be told to stay silent on the matter, and for how long?