While the NO Campaign remains tight lipped about possible criminal charges being brought to their doors following the latest postal vote scandal it must be stated that Ruth Davidson has never stated she was present but on the other hand it seems information was indeed communincated to her of such importance and this could answer the big question why all three political leaders rushed to Scotland weeks before the 18th of never!

The No Campaign would have a had huge political advantage and helped them before the vote on the 18th but if Ruth was not there who was, she stated on TV that her mottly crew was at many councils, were they labour/lib-dems or conservative controlled how many party workers were there, did these councils monitor their activities, did they have full access to the voting papers without proper controls given these votes totalled nearly 20% of all votes cast thats over 800,000 ballot papers for Ms Davidson to claim they were in the lead means they must have counted over 500,000 of them which means the whole vote must be thrown out and re-done or no-one in their right minds will ever trust a postal vote ever again.

We the people of Scotland demands to know which councils allowed these actions to take place?