Postal Votes and the Royal Mail?

Postal Votes and the Royal Mail?

Scottish Social Media is reporting strange occurrences with Scottish postal votes being put into special RM sorting bins and shipped south of the border to be verified is this true?

Scottish royal mail workers are now claiming the first batches of completed postal ballots were not sent to local authorities but may perhaps sent to somewhere in England first before being sent back for the official count, if this is in fact true no postal votes should have been used in the official count period!

Has Election Scotland been made aware of these illegal allegations if so how many ballots have been tainted?

How many different complaints has now been received by election Scotland since the 18th and how many has already been passed on to the police service of Scotland and then over to the crown office thus far.

The biggest problem with the above is the fact most are all government agencies already investigating themselves.

Perhaps the Royal Mail would like to comment, they can use the email below as well?

This website would like to know if there is any more merit to this report please email us in the strictest confidence to