Rally For A Revote Facebook Page

Rally For A Revote Facebook Page

Rally For A Revote Facebook Page Capture

Rally For A Revote is the new face of Scottish voters in general asking the questions regarding possible and alleged vote rigging and asking for a new vote to take place?

You just cant stop social media when it gets going, governments are powerless to do anything about it and this story just wont go away.

Scottish people from all over the world wants to know if the Scottish vote was carried out fairly, and why not it’s our country!

Three days on and no-one wants to answer the Ruth Davidson question?

Ruth Davidson stated on National TV that her people had access to some councils postal votes and we can say the NO’s are in the lead she was asked what she meant by that and you could see she knew she had let the cat out of the bag.

When postal votes comes in they are opened but only to see if its been signed the inter part where the x marks the spot is NOT OPENED yet she claimed on TV that most of the 100,000 postal votes that had been submitted the No Campaign was in the lead, how can she have possibly known this just after the vote actually closed?

If you want to join the Rally for a Revote you can do so HERE!