Review Scottish independence Referendum

Review Scottish independence Referendum

Petition by

Ryan McNaughton; Glasgow, United Kingdom

There seems to be clear signs of possible electoral fraud in the Scottish Independence Referendum of 2014, however there is something we can do about this!

Under the Scottish Referendum Act 2013, Section 34, Paragraphs 1-3, we have six weeks to petition the court of session to launch a judicial review on the results.

The official wording of the act is as follows;

“Restriction on legal challenge to referendum result

No court may entertain any proceedings for questioning the number of ballot papers counted or votes cast as certified by a counting officer or by the Chief Counting Officer under section 7(2)(b) or (as the case may be) (4) unless—

(a) the proceedings are brought by way of a petition for judicial review, and

(b) the petition is lodged before the end of the permitted period.

In subsection (1)(b) “the permitted period” means the period of 6 weeks beginning with—

(a) the day on which the officer in question makes the certification as to the number of ballot papers counted and votes cast in the referendum, or

(b) if the officer makes more than one such certification, the day on which the last is made.

In subsection (1), references to a petition for judicial review are references to an application to the supervisory jurisdiction of the Court of Session.”

We believe that this is the right thing to do, and we request a public judicial review of the whole system, the results and the vote as a whole.


The undersigned.
Court Of Session
Review Scottish independence Referendum

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