Robert Peston on Scottish Vote

Robert Peston today tweeted that mark Carney thinks no home nation will be able to use the pound sterling if Scotland wins it’s FREEDOM in next’s weeks vote.

This means that Westminster can’t tell us what to do and worse can’t tell us we can’t use sterling anymore than the rest of the UK ┬ápost the 19 September 2014

Has any of our readers noticed how biased all media reporting has become over the last 24 hours totally towards the yes campaigners?

This site is 100% YES and proud the BBC is doing a sterling job for the no campaign but us Scott’s are not brain dead yet not to see what’s really going on and the offer of golden honey tomorrow when all we get is cheap jam every day of the week with no change after the vote is not very appealing to middle aged voters who remember the days of the Tory party poll tax days of old.