Scotland decides after 300 years

Scotland decides after 300 years whether to vote YES or NO to independence and I have just watched Sky TV interview with Alex Salmond cut off in mid sentence in favour of adverts.

No real surprises there then, the bias showing now is insulting from all quarters.
Better together have been telling everyone that our NHS in Scotland is fine, until the day that is when a so called document( – which incidentally was a normal NHS report -) and then the Better together shifted position and jumped on this red herring report.
If Scotland votes “YES” – it’s good to know any tax I will be paying is going to stay in Scotland – I have been paying Westminster for the best part of fifty years, and I dread to think how much I have given them over the fifty plus years, and yet we still get huge companies who don’t pay tax?
We in Scotland have been well and truly insulted, why? because 800,000 people have already voted and yet the Westminster Government, ie; the Tories who will keep their jobs whichever way the vote goes, Liberal Democrats who will be unlikely ever to get into power ever again, and the Labour Party who are fighting for their existence, all these parties have come together along with the media and newspapers including TV and radio which includes Radio Scotland to run down Scotland’s independent voters – the thing that sticks in the throat is these political parties have got absolutely no right and no say in this independence vote – this vote is for people who live in Scotland only, I repeat this vote has nothing to do with anyone except people who live in Scotland and that genuinely have a vote.
Voting “YES”, ensures all taxes get paid into Scotland’s treasury, Voting “YES”, ensures our NHS will be made part of the new Scottish constitution, Voting “YES”, ensures something productive is done about the awful food banks, Voting “YES”, ensures our old and disabled are properly looked after, Voting “YES”, means you are not voting no.