Scotlands New Currency, The Smackeroonis

Scotland’s New Currency, The Smackeroonis

New Scottish Currency.International Scotland exclusive, even when the UK government is promising the world to us poor Scots with their latest bribe to the Scottish people including keeping the Barnett formula which every English Tory MP hates and wants rid of.

Before this vote the Scottish Government asked for all these pledges to be put on the ballot papers to which they flatly rejected yet they never thought the Scottish people would have the nerve to go it alone.

Today we are now being asked to believe these politicians that their pledges are genuine, none of these new pledges have been voted on in Westminster which means it might never happen!

Smackeroonis Sterlino issued from the Royal bank of Salmond PLC might be a laugh but to most YES voters its more believable then the offer of more powers been given to Scotland from David, Ed and Nick Clegg, remember Nick Clegg was the one who said I wont budge on tuition fees and we saw what happened there, did we not!