Scotland’s New Media

Scotland’s New Media.

Scottish news website Bella Caledonia launches ‘buycott’ plan to redirect BBC licence fee funds amid bias row.

Although International Scotland agree’s there’s lots wrong in the biased reporting of late, encouraging others to break the law is the wrong way to go at this early stage.

Young independent countries have to walk before they can run and if other of Scotlands New Media entities want to survive; this is sending all the right messages to the Westminster ellite in our humble opinions.

We are also the new breed of Scottish News Media and we to are also sickened by all the improper news reporting over the last four weeks.  This shows the BBC and others can not be trusted to report the truth of what’s really happening here in Scotland; only yesterday we reported how they missed 23,000 signatures from a current revote online petiton because their Westminster paymasters would have hated the idea Scots was continuing the fight.

We are all only 18 months away from another history making event here in Scotland where the labour and lib-dem parties in Scotland will all or completely wiped out as an political force.