Scottish Social Media Leading The Way.

Scottish Social Media Leading The Way.


Scottish Social Media Leading The Way where the BBC has failed the people of Scotland yet again.

Where Scottish people is trying to come to terms with everything the Westminster village has done or might have done the Scottish 45 and many other dissapointed no-voters are gathering their thoughts towards some sort of justice for our proud nation the BBC and other UK media are ignoring brand new grassroots Scottish movements any fair media coverage, is this the non-biased reporting everyone in England is trying to defend up here if so its not working.

Yesterday in Scotland the BBC online stated Jim Sillars had asked for a vote rigging enquiry but they never stated this live on their networks and stated only 70,000 had signed the petition when it was nearer 90,000 when their version of the story was published, now approx 93,000 and soon 150,000 milestone would have been reached with many more petitions already gaining huge local and international support.

They show their bias towards us in other ways, huge rally’s are planned all over Scotland this weekend and beyond yet no reports are given and they wonder why so many of our fellow Scots are running for the hills or joining pro indy political parties with huge numbers joining the true protectors of Scotland the SNP and Greens.

Its almost as if they are trying their hardest to hide what is going on on the ground and hope no one will take any notice, Scotts dont care about such things they are more honest about themselves than that and this to wont work.

PLUS FIVE DAYS and we are stronger now than we was leading up to the 18th and will only get stronger, calls for boycotts on some social media networks are already being felt across our country against those that threatened to leave or bump up costs and calls to not vote for unionst parties ever again already being made the preasure will only increase if they break even more promises of change.

If your over 65 or unwaged you can join the SNP for only £5 PA which will really scare Westminsters elite’s.