Scottish Vote Rigging?

Possible Scottish Vote Rigging?

Our Staff was watching the entire event live on TV and we did see these dubious examples happening from afar even the Russian’s are claiming this was against international regulations as the counting venues were far to large for party observers to see all that was going on.

As our staff have already reported, what was the Tory party members doing opening postal ballots and counting them before the official count began who gave them the authority to do that, where did it take place and when, have the police been informed, what action if any are they doing right now?

This is only the start yes campaigners across the country are as we speak reviewing their video feeds for more damming examples of possible vote rigging, this website will show every example we can find or our readers can post any links by leaving a comment above.

The Vote only finished 28 hours ago and already the world is watching this space.

Social media will track down all examples as the general media stays silent but for how long, people will be able to know who these people are if they were employed by that local authorities or perhaps they were brought in specially if so how many was there, only a very short time will tell?