Scottish Vote Shambles

Scottish Vote Shambles

We keep saying Social Media is very powerful and hard for the truth not to get out in the end.

Here is what we have learned 9 days on from the Scottish vote from Social Media Sources;

Blank voting cards where we put our crosses on, no barcodes or stamps (open to abuse)


If boxes of ballot papers were switched who would know and moreover how can it be verified later on???

No seals put on ballot boxes? (open to abuse)

Ballot boxes un numbered. (open to abuse)

No police escorts or very little for delivery of said ballot boxes to counting centres? (open to abuse if true!)

Bags of only Yes voting papers found but not counted shown on this website here!

Postal votes fully opened up and counted {tallied up) confirmed by Ruth Davidson and one other No Campaigner on BBC TV (open to abuse)

Fire alarms going off in Dundee yet officials seen on TV moving ballot papers and no explanation given on why the alarms went off? (very strange)

Voters feeling they were lied to (nothing new there)

95,000 Petition asking for a Scottish revote so far and counting?

Election Scotland claims nothing happened out of the ordinary, really?

If this is what we know after a week what will it be like before the end of a month of Social media frenzy, its going to be very interesting times indeed.