Westminster Backtracking On Devo-Max Already.

Westminster Backtracking On Devo-Max Already.

Its only been a few hours since the no-campaign won an historic Scottish vote on Independence and already Westminster has started to retract their pledge for more devolved Holyrood powers.

If all three unionist parties fail to secure more powers for the people of Scotland the Labour party in Scotland will be wiped out in two years time and we will be back to square one with many more shouting for an independent Scottish Country.

The labour party is already in turmoil their leaders promised the world now they have the chance they don’t know how much or if they can deliver any of their pledges at all, where this leaves the Tory party is very unclear but because Scotland was offered it all parts of the UK now wants its share which we in Scotland cant blame them for.

Westminster MP’s are now claiming they were never informed prior to the offer for Scotland to keep the Barnett formula and are threatening to vote against it which would cause a constitutional crisis not only in Scotland but effect all parts of the UK.

Many are speculating that any offer was on the table to save this union but thought it would never happen, now it has they have no clue how to deliver it?

Scotland wont take this lying down with a record breaking 86% turn out and over 2 million voting for DEVO-MAX option the Scottish people wont be hoodwinked ever again.