William Wallace Day 18th of September

William Wallace Day 18th of September.


William Wallace Day



William Wallace Day from this day on should be remembered for all the right reasons, the day that over 80% of our countries voters had the courage and conviction to put their marks on a ballot paper to change how our country is run till the end of time shows we are ready to govern ourselves without Westminster stealing our resources and giving us sweeties in return.

The last day of campaigning saw tens of thousands of our fellow country men and women come out in force of todays historic independence vote which may see Scotland breaking free from a 300 year slavery of sorts.

Yesterday Thousands of yes voters on the streets of Aberdeen as shown above and on Friday many more might perhaps be in even greater numbers.

We think if Mr Wallace could see the vision of his country folk right now he would be proud as punch as we are on this website.

We just want to be free and govern our own country ourselves and the way things are going in the rest of the UK is going the Bank of England wont have to worry to much of being the bank of last resort as there will be no UK nothing soon.

Of course if that happens and England takes it over then we will know they were never really independent in any case!

International Scotland wishes to offer its many thousands of loyal readers an heartfelt thank you for supporting and visiting us and we hope all our yes voters will have a safe journey to their local polling stations and VOTE YES and get ready for the biggest street parties ever, we say hopefully!