Yes Scotland or The Yes Movement are so much more positive and flexible

International Scotland considered this good enough to pass on and thanks to Gordon Mackinnon’s ideas we hope this passes on gently but firmly to the Scottish voters.

Gordon Mackinnon writes;

Dear all,
I’d like you to read this.
I am a member of several pro-independence groups and communities on Facebook. My timeline feed has been filled with posts almost constantly as a result, sometimes with very similar or identical debates, pictures or trending threads. I wondered if there was a way of streamlining these groups.

So I have done some research on Facebook and have discovered AT LEAST 9 MAJOR ‘community/cause’ groups and 4 ‘public’ (forum-style) groups that are currently active even after the referendum. These are the following “causes/communities”: Yes Scotland (361, 235 members), We Are The 45% (175,346 members), We Are The 45 (3,278 members), The 45% (23,191 members), Vote Yes For Scottish Independence (7,353 members), and another one with the exact same name Vote Yes For Scottish Independence (3,262 members), another two communities with identical names: Yes To An Independent Scotland (one with 2,428 members another with 73,245 members), and Scottish Independence – Vote Yes (70,020 members).

On top of these we have several ‘public groups’: We Are The 45% (2,052 members), The Yes Movement (3,527 members) and The Forty Five Percent (4,027 members). This excludes all the smaller, more specific groups, e.g. Disabled People For Yes, Women For Independence, Scottish Asians For Independence, etc etc.

A lot huh? More than we need I think. And I can only assume that these figures include many duplicates due to some people (like me) being in several of these groups simultaneously.
So my idea is to assimilate ALL of these groups. And the reason I feel this is necessary is 1) there is too much activity to keep up with, a lot of it pointless and without direction, 2) I am seeing increasing internal squabbling because a lot of us are at a loss for what to do and are not sure how to channel their anger or frustration. So if I were a Westminster politician I would happily sit back and laugh as I watch us disintegrate, divide and fracture into an ineffectual force not worth worrying about….and I want to prove them wrong. 3) if there are activities like rallies or demos to take part in these are posted in the one group and people don’t have to trawl the web endlessly wondering if there’s a rally they’ve missed or a new policy that’s passed them by. 4) since there’s no denying people like to debate (and sometimes rant) therefore minimising time-wasting and repetition would be best done can be done by using just one ‘public group’ as a debating hub meaning activity is more easily monitored and lastly 5) many of them members of some of these groups are completely unaware that there are other similar groups around. It would make sense that they too have access to the stream of information that many of us are sharing.
So, what I would like to propose is that ALL ADMINS of these groups and communities could please contact one another and amalgamate your groups under one umbrella. And I think the way to do this would be to maintain ONE ‘community’ or ’cause’ Page and ONE ‘public group’, the former for posting news, updates, pictures, information, the latter for members to debate on and chat on. The primary Page should be for admins to post on only and I propose that ALL admins of the above groups become admins of the larger umbrella group.
If you are an admin and reading this, or if you personally know any of the admins of the above groups, please forward this request on to them as I suspect this will be swallowed up in the chaos like everything else. It is precisely this void of information I would like to see become formed and with direction. And I hope that you admins can see the benefit of this too. It will lessen each of your workloads and mean that responsibility is shared. So I will be posting this comment on all of the above pages (provided I have permission).

Finally, the name. It has been discussed in so many treads that it has become tedious but my friend the journalist Simon Stuart put it this way: “I am unconvinced by this “45” idea: why look backwards? We lost. No matter. Try again. (And fail better, if that’s what it takes!) On our feet. Let’s use the wonderful energy that we harnessed to move forwards together, not to dig ourselves into existing divisions (and, please, not to use Lord Aschcroft’s poll — based on an as-yet-unclear sample — to make sweeping statements about demographics and create even more divides)”

I must say, I very much agree. Yes Scotland or The Yes Movement are so much more positive and flexible. So, forward as one and ready to open ranks to new blood?

Onward for social change in Scotland and an independent country, whenever that may come.