Below is an account from the website wings over Scotland which reports on leaked emails that seems to put the daily record of making the whole vow pledge an editorial mock up which had no basis in fact of any kind and was backed up by the three political leaders as a good idea to hoodwink the people of Scotland into voting no, surely not, how could they,


The labour party says no official document is available as it was all made up by the Daily Record and this is the reason the labour party can’t hold the tory party to deliver on a pledge written on less than a fag packet?

This deserves a revote as the people of Scotland were sold on a lie to beat all others, if true the so called professional reporters of the Daily Record should be ashamed of themselves and hang their heads in utter shame!, after all it’s Scotland’s people who have been putting food on their tables since they joined the supposed Scottish newspaper. I wonder how many more Daily Record readers intend to boycot this rag?

Its impossible for the Labour party to do anything these days that can be in the public interest good job it came from a non-political source.

When confirmed if accurate, and there is no doubt it looks genuine research from the source then the SNP can ask for a new indy vote anytime they like and it will be a landslide in favour of a YES!


Scottish websites and political blogs are going nuts today and demanding answers, this site has sent email to sky news desk asking for them to do the right thing, watch this space?

(Real) email correspondence forwarded by an alert reader:

From: HARTY, Sam
Sent: 21 October 2014 16:58
Subject: Official Copy of Vow;

Dear Ed

Mr Clarke has a constituent who would like a formal copy of the Vow that was made prior to the Scottish Referendum.

Is it possible for your office to provide Tom with a copy for his constituent?

Thanking you in anticipation of your co-operation.



On behalf of


DAILY RECORD SCOTTISH VOW LIE CaptureAnd here’s the response:

From: WILLIAMS, Angie
Sent: 28 October 2014 11:19
To: HARTY, Sam
Subject: RE: Official Copy of Vow

Hi Sam,

There is no official document, it was something that the Daily Record mocked up. My best suggestion would be to send them the attached. We won’t be producing anything more official.