David Cameron Attacked in Leeds

David Cameron Attacked in Leeds

Nothing like the best secret services in the world allowing what looks like an innocent kid running into the prime minister which you can see comes from at least 30 feet away and got so close to the PM he could have done anything he wanted.

Press reports says there is no motive or whether it was even meant at this stage.

Questions on close security is bound to be asked now within Westminster circles.

Lets hope the lad is not of Scottish birth or this young looking lad (28) may never be seen again.

Latest news;

Jogger runs into PM on way to gym, perhaps the young lad should take his security detail with him as he’s faster than them to react…..I bet they never even checked on his gym membership but at least there is no mention he could be Scottish, well not yet!

When you see the footage it seems by the camera angle the jogger went for him as he does look like he took three steps to the left and bundled into him, good excuse though just to brush it off as an accident rather than real intent on the PM.

Yet more latest news;

Mr Cameron wishes to thank his security team, for what making him like look a right plonker? Any self respecting bar bouncer could have done a better job perhaps he does not want an enquiry in case they replace this A team with the worse B team, its just a thought!

Mr Cameron does this all the time he thanks everyone that does a crap job like the chancellor of the exchequer for example he thanks him almost every day for attacking the poor and disabled while still allowing the richest 1% by not collecting billions in tax evasion schemes!