LABOUR AND THE DAILY RECORD have made a mockery and a laughing stock of the people of Scotland.

The biggest and most important vote ever in Scottish history on the 18th sept 2014 and Scotland and Scotland’s people have been well and truly shafted by the Labour Party in collussion with the Tories, the Liberal Democrats, the English Labour Party and to cap it all; Scotlands so called working man’s newspaper the Daily Record, I am ashamed to admit for many years I contributed to putting food on the table of these so called professional reporters connected to the Daily Record – it was bad enough leading up to the 18th of Sept 2014 that all the Scottish Newspapers took the stance against their own people with no attempt to remain balanced and undecided – the “YES” campaign had one solitary newspaper which was the Sunday Herald who backed them and supported them.

Those who actually own the Daily Record made it obvious they want nothing more to do with the Scots and Scotland simply by their antics over the last year – was it a last gasp attack on the people of Scotland before their newspaper goes to the wall? or was money the guiding light to this eternal and everlasting Scottish damage? We in Scotland will remember this and we in Scotland will simply boycot this newspaper for all time – perhaps they should pack up and get out of town now, before we get every lie under the Sun (pardon the pun) making excuses for their unprofessional behaviour.

The axe should fall on the Daily Record editor for allowing this, no excuse can be given for doing this dirty underhanded confidence trick on the people of Scotland.