Law Firm Celebrates No Win one Day Early

Law Firm Celebrates No Win One Day Early.


We have been tipped off from several readers of this blog over the last few days that a famous law firm with offices in certain Scottish Cities including Aberdeen held NO Campaign victory celebrations with magnum champers no-less, one whole day early and before the vote even took place!


This is what we call in Scotland “taking the P*SS far to far”.

If that’s not bad enough one famous bookmaker was paying out the punters betting on a NO vote a whole two days early to punters in the south of England which has alleged very close links to the NO Campaign in England, where have you ever heard of that before on what the general UK media was hyping as too close to call!

Was this the reason no exit polls were allowed to take place anywhere in Scotland as the yes campaign would have walked the vote after polling stations closed and the end result could have been over 20% out of sink and they could not answer why they were well off the mark as exit polls are never more than 1% wrong in any recent elections around the entire world?

We are getting lots of reports of similar party events either well before or just after the polls closed, when you look at the body language of the No campaigners at their party they held in Scotland after the vote closed everyone saw they all knew the scale of the result before a single vote was counted and many behavioral experts have stated this since.


With growing evidence by the day their was some sort of fix in place calls for an urgent inquiry into possible vote rigging will only grow louder, all parties should be very worried by everything and all evidences of rules and regulations being fully investigated as it seems certain government insiders knew no matter what Scottish Voters did, the Yes Campaign was never going to win, its high time the the Yes Campaign stood up for the people of Scotland and demand inquiries take place or perhaps they were on in this cosy fix as well?


Had this vote taken place anywhere else the UK Government would be shouting from the rafters proclaiming it was a banana republic fix yet here we are less than a month old and most Scott’s think we have been conned out of self government and perhaps even from the sides that said they wanted to win most bottled it and perhaps took the offer from others of federalism rather than take the risk of losing everything of course if this was the case they knew at the time this was a win, win, win, for them as Westminster would never deliver on their pledges which we are seeing now and the next referendum would be a walk over as it will turn out to be.


Of course if we and other bloggers are wrong about this idea you would have expected at least the SNP leadership to shout from the rafters about all this injustices but what have we heard, not a sound, oh except one, Jim Sillars on twitter JUST 2 DAYS after the count “we need an inquiry into possible vote rigging and not a squeak since, makes us wonder about things how about you our loyal readers?