No One Wants To Lead Scottish Labour

No One Wants To Lead Scottish Labour.

Five weeks after it was all smiles in the now discredited no-campaign till today no new labour pretender wants the task to lead the labour party north of the border.

Its amazing to think they managed to convince 2 million Scott’s that they had all the answers when they joined forces with the Tories when they all knew¬†their party was about to shatter into bits.

Gordon Brown has said “don’t look at me I have lied more than enough in the last three months to last a life time” so I am very sorry I cant save you guys from political annihilation in Scotland even though I may have caused it, somewhat!

Plus I cant even get even get 1000 of the 100,000 votes, even from English labour voters that I needed to get the Tories to honour the VOW promise we said we would honour and deliver!

Yet another reason ex no voters cant trust labour to do right thing for Scotland or its people means Scotland will send the most amount of SNP members of parliament ever in all its history thanks to the Scottish Labour Party.