Scottish Labour Party Paying The Price.

Scottish Labour Party Paying The Price.

Scottish Labour Party paying the price of getting into bed with Clegg and Cameron.

Labour is in total disaray, leaderless and without a clue, they thought saving the union would kill the nationalists and its had the oposite effect with the SNP heading for 100,000 members and ground troups for the next two elections its game over for the labour party in Scotland.

Next general election where no ballots will be blank this time around most MP’s from Scotland will be from a nationalist party demanding yet another indy vote as yet again Westminster fails to honour said vows and promises before May 2015.

The out-going leaded has been kicked in the teeth and the last place she should have been hit but will she let slip what deals and offers were made in the last days of our indy vote?

Bet she loves the idea of spilling the beans on the greatest lie ever to be told to Scottish labour heartlands who will never forgive them getting betrayed by their westminster masters.